Sade / Promise In Tokyo / 2CD

Sade / Promise In Tokyo / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 11th May 1986 STEREO SBD



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Official recorded Made in Japan is the appearance. SADE hero of this film, which was the world by storm in the 1980s. Of the second Japan tour is stereo sound board album that contains the “May 11, 2011 – Nakano Sun Plaza concert 1986”. On this day, it had been a professional recording for broadcast, we directly dubbed the master cassette from the open reel has been unearthed.
The sound that has been flowing out of the 30-year-old master cassette, beautiful sound enough to forget even to breathe. Was playing in the hope only in the perfect mix and ultra-high-quality sound referred to as “the sound board of the official recording,” but the expected even was far beyond. Well, but we also use the word “official-class”, and was of course the official board of the world also Pinkiri, some famous name sound in the world, there is also a mediocre sound. This work to say in the criteria Uaimh sound without hyperbole. I’m also a little afraid to affirm, but Chaimashou said another clearly. Everyone loved that masterpiece good sound …… than “PROMISE”.
Of course, there is no Capillaria going to put a stingy to studio work of contemporary stamp. However, the sound of this work is beautiful so much. Ennui singing voice of Sade Adu, of course, the sound of glossy fretless, delicate synth of depth, even delicate sound …… all of its percussion is far deep, dense. Whether this sound was possible recording in analog era, and what can be played on CD. Anymore, it dimension of sound to doubt the sound and recording technology. Moreover, the it can be realized in the field that such a concert of Nakano Sun Plaza. For many years, we have to deliver the work of the myriad of band / artist the number of stars, there was no high-quality music panel so far.
Easily to be drawn by the sound even be hesitation that spell as “amazing”, the world of which swept the era “DIAMOND LIFE,” “PROMISE”. First visit to Japan in September 1984, there is also the fact that a month or so from the debut of “DIAMOND LIFE”, was about 45 minutes of the showcase gig. However, this re-visit to Japan is with the passage of six months from the release of the second “PROMISE”, global star which is not press also pressed also. The full show I make me hear plenty. In fact, Shaw solidify the “DIAMOND LIFE” five songs + that in the balance “PROMISE” cover of William Devon to 6 songs “Be Thankful for What You Got”, “DIAMOND LIFE” in the first half, “PROMISE” in the second half of the configuration. Two of the name board the world in one stage it flows like a river flow.
Playing spin the world also, there is no stagnation. Although I feel the ability that was Tokushutsu also artful, great expressive power more than anything else. This work is not just a sound board, for it has been the audience applause and cheers also carefully mix, enough to forget that the venue is not quiet and thin, it is a live album until Bubbly between songs. During the first visit to Japan is, Sade is also seems to have surprised the Japanese distinctive mood, unfazed at all in the second time of this work. And feel the power of concentration of the audience in silence, such as its breathtaking, 1 voice, pouring a concentration of performers in 1 sound. While listen to one to and relax and be heard even in the gentle melody, a sense of urgency that was taut and pin dwells. That touches if broken will likely mood. This is what, Japan unique, live music unique,’s the excellent sound world of this work unique.

I think that Bale is to intelligent people, so I will honestly confess. We spent a great time to write up here. Great sound overwhelm to spirit, before the performance, or should I tapestries and what kind words. While wrapped in happiness of sound, inconvenience to the music to the words, there was also a live album to despair to lack of Hitsuryoku. Music of charm have avoided betting on obstinacy and pride, which has been in character words, we come upon a work that deserves to devote finally. It is “beyond description one”. Only music is reportedly polar world and the emotion that can be expressed. Sound fully draw its utopia. By all means, you also please your experience.

★ shop in all the titles that have been released so far, is the most excellent sound quality? Can feel the greatness of broadcasting for the open-reel, is enough for ultra-high quality sound that really stunned.

★ The two-track second intro “(the curtain) Sorry for the delay, in the jet lag. But does not anymore this kind of thing. I promise.” Spoke with, is amazing also the place to enter as it is the song.

安易に「凄い」と綴る事さえはばかられるサウンドで描かれるのは、時代を席巻した『DIAMOND LIFE』『PROMISE』の世界。1984年9月の初来日は『DIAMOND LIFE』のデビューから1ヶ月余りという事もあり、45分ほどのショーケースギグでした。しかし、この再来日はセカンド『PROMISE』のリリースから半年が経過しており、押しも押されもせぬ世界的スター。そのフルショウをたっぷりと聴かせてくれるのです。実際、ショウは『DIAMOND LIFE』5曲+『PROMISE』6曲にウィリアム・デヴォーンのカバー「Be Thankful for What You Got」というバランスで、前半に『DIAMOND LIFE』、後半に『PROMISE』を固める構成。ワンステージの中で2枚の名盤世界が河の流れのように流れていくのです。


★今まで当店がリリースしてきた全てのタイトルの中で、最も優れた音質では? 放送用オープン・リールの凄さを実感出来る、本当に唖然とする程の超高品質サウンドです。


Disc 1(43:14)
1. Why Can’t We Live Together 2. Cherry Pie 3. Smooth Operator 4. Be Thankful for What You Got
5. Hang On To Your Love 6. Fear 7. Never As Good As The First Time

Disc 2(43:50)
1. Your Love Is King 2. Mr. Wrong 3. Instrumental 4. It’s A Crime 5. The Sweetest Taboo
6. Jezebel

Sade Adu – Vocals Paul Denman – Bass Andrew Hale – Keyboards
Stuart Matthewman – Guitar, Saxophone Martin Ditcham – drums, percussion
Gordon Matthewman – trumpet Jake Jacas – trombone & backing vocals Leroy Osbourne – vocals
Gordon Hunte – guitar


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