Sade / Night In Jones Beach / 2CDR

Sade / Night In Jones Beach / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Translated Text:

Live At Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY September 3rd 1993. Audience

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From the 1992 American tour of Sadey who has been drawing attention with its unique sophisticated sound since debuting in the 1980’s, September 3 New York · Jones · Beach Performance appeared in the complete collection of audience recording master! It is now a valuable record on the tour after the 4th album ‘LOVE DELUXE’ will be released. Collector’s item first debut is a live tone generator!


01. Sweetest Taboo
02. Keep Looking
03. Your Love Is King
04. Feel No Pain
05. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
06. Smooth Operator
07. Haunt Me
08. Like A Tattoo
09. Kiss Of Life
10. Nothing Can Come Between Us

01. Cherry Pie
02. Pearls
03. Bullet Proof Soul
04. Instrumental
05. This Is No Ordinary Love
06. Is It A Crime
07. Cherish The Day
08. Paradise
09. Jezebel
◆Live At Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY September 3rd 1993

Midnight Dreamer. MD-892A/B

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