Rush / Exit Stage Left Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVDR

Rush / Exit Stage Left Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVDR / Non label
Live at the Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 27th March 1981 PRO-SHOT
Taken from the original laser disc (SM058-3021)


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1981 RUSH was in the middle of the heyday of the historic masterpiece “MOVING PICTURES”, which was sent to the 3rd place in the United States. The official video that symbolizes that is reprinted. The true identity of this work is the masterpiece “EXIT … STAGE LEFT”. This is a multi-camera pro shot released as a video version of the live album of the same name. The main live album version was combined with “PERMANENT WAVES TOUR”, but the video version has only one performance. It was shot at “March 27, 1981 Montreal Performance”. First, let’s look back on the schedule at that time and confirm the position of the show. “February 12” MOVING PICTURES “released” ・ February 20-April 26: North America # 1 (42 performances) ← ★ Coco ★ ・ May 6th-July 5th: North America # 2 (37 performances) 《October 29: Album version “EXIT … STAGE LEFT” released》 ・ October 29-November 29: Europe (20 performances) ・ December 1-2: North America # 3 (15 performances) This is 1981 RUSH. The tour has been divided into two with the release of the album version “EXIT … STAGE LEFT”, and the Montreal performance of this work is the former. It was the 23rd performance of “North America # 1”. The video version was broadcast on MTV in February 1982, later than the live album, and then softened as CED (November 1982). Furthermore, the media has been expanded to include laser discs (June 1983) and VHS / beta (July 1983). It was also made into a DVD in the 2006 box “REPLAY X 3”. This work has been precisely digitized from the Japanese-edition laser disc, which was the highest peak at that time. It is natural that the quality of the official work is completely official, and what is important is the content of the show itself. As a matter of fact, the content of the video version “EXIT … STAGE LEFT” is different from the live album, so let’s organize it while comparing. ● 70’s (7 songs) ・ Rush of flash: In the Mood (★) ・ Night flight: By-Tor & the Snow Dog (★) / In the End (★) ・ 2112: 2112: Grand Finale (★) ・ Farewell to Kings: Xanadu / Closer to the Heart ・ Battle of the Gods: The Trees ● 80’s (5 songs) Permanent Waves: Freewill ・ Moving Pictures: Limelight (★) / Tom Sawyer / Red Barchetta / YYZ * Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the live album version “EXIT … STAGE LEFT”. … And it looks like this. The live album version was designed to avoid duplication with “ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE”, but don’t hesitate. Unfortunately, it’s not a full show, but it does entertain you with plenty of early masterpieces. And the performance that spells such a group of famous songs is amazing. We decided to arrange complicated arrangements in three ways, and if it was an individual unit or an ensemble, it would be an iron wall. In particular, Geddy Lee does not feel busy despite the increase in synths, plays a group of famous songs colorfully, and sings with a relaxed vocal. RUSH hasn’t given up the position of the strongest trio in the rock world throughout his 35-year career, but even in its history, this work is truly a climax. It is not only a video version of a masterpiece live album, but also a masterpiece that makes you witness the peak of the strongest trio. A reprint of a masterpiece that shines brightly in rock history from a Japanese laser disc. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content. ★ DVD of the masterpiece official video that symbolizes “MOVING PICTURES TOUR”, which will be the heyday of the big heyday. This is a multi-camera pro shot of “March 27, 1981 Montreal Performance”. The quality that has been precisely reproduced from the Japanese edition laser disc is exactly the iron wall, and the performance in its prime is also sharp. You can enjoy plenty of famous songs such as “In the Mood”, “By-Tor & the Snow Dog”, “In the End”, “2112: Grand Finale” and “Limelight” that you can’t hear on the live album of the same name.

歴史的大名盤『MOVING PICTURES』を全米3位に送り込み、一大全盛期のド真ん中にいた1981年のRUSH。その象徴となるオフィシャル映像が復刻です。
そんな本作の正体とは、名作『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』。同名ライヴアルバムの映像版としてリリースされたマルチカメラ・プロショットです。メインであったライヴアルバム版は“PERMANENT WAVES TOUR”と組み合わされていましたが、映像版は1公演だけ。「1981年3月27日モントリオール公演」で撮影されました。まずは、当時のスケジュールを振り返り、ショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

《10月29日:アルバム版『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』発売》

これが1981年のRUSH。ツアーはアルバム版『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』の発売を境に二分されており、本作のモントリオール公演は前者。「北米#1」の23公演目にあたるコンサートでした。映像版はライヴアルバムより遅れた1982年2月にMTVで放送され、その後CED(1982年11月)としてソフト化。さらにレーザーディスク(1983年6月)、VHS/ベータ(1983年7月)とメディアを拡大。2006年のボックス『REPLAY X 3』でDVD化も果たしました。本作は、その中で当時最高峰を誇った日本盤レーザーディスクから精緻にデジタル化されたものなのです。
もともと公式作品だけに完全オフィシャル級の極上クオリティなのは当然でして、重要なのはショウの内容そのもの。実のところ、映像版『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』はライヴアルバムとは内容が異なりますので、比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・閃光のラッシュ:In the Mood(★)
・夜間飛行:By-Tor & the Snow Dog(★)/In the End(★)
・西暦2112年:2112: Grand Finale(★)
・フェアウェル・トゥ・キングス:Xanadu/Closer to the Heart
・神々の戦い:The Trees
・ムーヴィング・ピクチャーズ:Limelight(★)/Tom Sawyer/Red Barchetta/YYZ
※注:「★」印はライヴアルバム版『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』では聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。ライヴアルバム版は『ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE』とのダブりを避けるように組まれていましたが、こちらは遠慮なし。残念ながらフルショウではないものの、初期の名曲もたっぷりと楽しませてくれるのです。そして、そんな名曲群を綴るパフォーマンスこそが凄絶。三者三様に複雑なアレンジをビシビシと決めまくり、個人単位でもキレッキレならアンサンブルでも鉄壁。特にゲディ・リーはシンセ増量にも関わらず忙しなさを感じさせず、名曲群をカラフルに演じ、伸びやかなヴォーカルで歌い上げる。35年のキャリアを通じてロック界最強トリオの座を譲らなかったRUSHではありますが、その歴史においても本作はまさに絶頂の刹那を描ききっているのです。

★一大全盛期となる“MOVING PICTURES TOUR”を象徴する名作オフィシャル映像のDVD化。「1981年3月27日モントリオール公演」のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。日本盤レーザーディスクから精緻に復刻されたクオリティはまさに鉄壁で、全盛の演奏もキレッキレ。同名ライヴアルバムでは聴けない「In the Mood」「By-Tor & the Snow Dog」「In the End」「2112: Grand Finale」「Limelight」といった名曲群もたっぷり楽しめます。

1. Intro
2. Limelight
3. Tom Sawyer
4. The Trees
5. Xanadu
6. Red Barchetta
7. Freewill
8. Closer to the Heart
9. YYZ
10. By-Tor and the Snow Dog
11. In the End
12. In the Mood
13. 2112: Grand Finale
14. End Credits

Geddy Lee – bass and rhythm guitar, vocals, synthesizers, bass pedal synthesizer
Alex Lifeson – electric and acoustic guitars, bass pedal synthesizer
Neil Peart – drums and percussion


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