Rush / Through The Camera Eye / 1DVDR

Rush / Through The Camera Eye / 1DVDR / Non label

Taken From The Original Japanese Laser Disc (SM058-0068)

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The discontinued official video work that concentrated the first half of the 1980s, which was extremely prosperous, is reproduced with the highest quality. Gift release decision. The true identity of this work is the video work “THROUGH THE CAMERA EYE” released in 1984. This is a professional shot video collection of video clips from “MOVING PICTURES” to “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE”. This work was a child of the times. The 1980s was a time when the possibilities of video software expanded dramatically with the spread of VCRs. Initially, it started with a live video of Masamichi, but various styles such as documentaries and video magazines were sought. Video clips have evolved at a stretch. It became more important with the rise of MTV, but it exploded in 1983 due to the “thriller” that caused a social phenomenon. Since then, all kinds of techniques such as live style and drama tailoring have been pioneered, and even more important than the essential album. RUSH is also a band that has adapted to the trends of the times. This work, which is a collection of clips, was the first to enter the home video with the video version of the live album “EXIT … STAGE LEFT” and sent it as the second release. It was a time when video software was still expensive, but it became a smash hit that marked the 16th place on the US video chart. However, no matter how much it was a hit due to the fate of the video software at that time, it was soon out of print. It has not been made into a DVD since then, and is now a phantom masterpiece. This work is a DVD version of such a masterpiece video of the 1980s with top quality. The source used was the mint version of the Japanese laser disc, which was the highest peak in the world at that time, and was outsourced to an overseas analog video manufacturer for digitization. It is one that has achieved the best visual beauty in history by taking every possible measure from the material to the process. All eight songs concentrated in the first half of the 1980s are drawn with such supreme quality. Here, let’s organize the contents as well. ● 1981-1982 (4 songs) ・ Moving Pictures: Vital Signs ・ Rush Live Myth Encyclopedia: Tom Sawyer (Live) ・ Signals: Subdivisions / Countdown ● Grace Under Pressure (4 songs) ・ Distant Early Warning / The Body Electric / Afterimage / The Enemy Within … And it looks like this. Only “Tom Sawyer” is a live video of “EXIT … STAGE LEFT”, but all others are video clips. We are proud of “Distant Early Warning”, which performs enthusiastically in timely costumes, “Vital Signs”, which has anachronistic video processing, “The Body Electric” and “The Enemy Within”, which are made into science fiction movies, and the Space Shuttle, which was a symbol of scientific civilization. “Countdown” and so on … Anyway, each song violently emits the scent of the 80’s. When I was waiting for my favorite band to come out while biting on MTV, those days when the RUSH clip was played and the tension rose at once. It is a collection of images that clearly revives the dusty smell of LP shelves floating in the room. This is a DVD version of the phantom out-of-print video “THROUGH THE CAMERA EYE” with the highest quality ever. Not only can you enjoy watching the masterpieces of the heyday, but it is also a video masterpiece that brings you to the scent of the 1980s. Please choose this work for the coming 2020.

そんな本作の正体は、1984年に発表された映像作『THROUGH THE CAMERA EYE』。『MOVING PICTURES』から『GRACE UNDER PRESSURE』までのビデオクリップを集成したプロショット映像集です。この作品は、まさに時代の申し子でした。80年代はビデオデッキの普及と共に映像ソフトの可能性が飛躍的に拡大した時期。当初は正道ライヴビデオから始まったわけですが、さらにドキュメンタリーやビデオ・マガジンなど、さまざまなスタイルが模索されていきました。特に一気に進化したのはビデオ・クリップ。MTVの隆盛と共に重要度は増していったわけですが、1983年に社会現象を巻き起こした「スリラー」によって大爆発。それ以降、ライヴ風やドラマ仕立て等ありとあらゆる手法が開拓され、肝心要のアルバム以上に重視されるようにさえなりました。
RUSHもまた、そんな時代の流れに適応していったバンド。ライヴアルバム『EXIT…STAGE LEFT』の映像版でいち早くホームビデオに参入し、第二弾として送り込んだのがクリップ集である本作。まだ映像ソフトが高価だった時代だったわけですが、全米ビデオ・チャートで16位をマークするスマッシュ・ヒットとなりました。しかし、当時の映像ソフトの宿命でいかにヒットしていても間もなく廃盤。その後もDVD化されることはなく、現在では幻の名作となっているのです。本作は、そんな80年代の名作映像を頂点クオリティでDVD化したもの。ソースには当時世界最高峰を誇っていた日本盤レーザーディスクのミント盤を使用し、海外のアナログ映像専門メーカーに委託してデジタル化。素材から工程に至るまで、あらゆる手段を講じて史上最高の映像美を実現した1枚なのです。

・ムーヴィング・ピクチャーズ:Vital Signs
・ラッシュ・ライヴ神話大全:Tom Sawyer (Live)
・Distant Early Warning/The Body Electric/Afterimage/The Enemy Within

……と、このようになっています。「Tom Sawyer」のみ『EXIT…STAGE LEFT』のライヴ映像ですが、他はすべてビデオ・クリップ。時代がかった衣装で熱演する「Distant Early Warning」や映像処理がアナクロな「Vital Signs」、SF映画仕立ての「The Body Electric」や「The Enemy Within」、科学文明の象徴であったスペースシャトルも誇らしげな「Countdown」等々……。とにかく1曲1曲が猛烈に80年代の薫りを発散している。MTVにかじりつきながらお気に入りのバンドが出てくるのを待っていたあの頃、RUSHのクリップが流れるや一気にテンションが上がったあの日々。部屋中に漂っていたLP棚のほこり臭さまで鮮明に甦る映像集なのです。
幻の廃盤映像『THROUGH THE CAMERA EYE』を史上最高峰クオリティでDVD化した1枚です。全盛期の名曲群を見て楽しめるだけでなく、80年代の薫りまで運んでくれる映像傑作。暮れゆく2020年の供に、どうぞ本作をお選びください。

1. Intro
2. Distant Early Warning
3. Vital Signs
4. Body Electric
5. Afterimage
6. Subdivisions
7. Tom Sawyer
8. Enemy Within
9. Countdown
10. End Credit


UR NTSC Approx.43min.

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