RUSH / Oakland 1992 2nd Night The Original Dat Master / 2CD

RUSH / Oakland 1992 2nd Night The Original Dat Master / 2CD / Cygnus

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Live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA. USA 30th January 1992 STEREO SBD


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A renowned name board “quasi-official album” was revived in the decision specifications of the latest remastered & Press 2CD! This work, “January 30, 1992 Oakland Coliseum” was met with performance, perfect sound board album. This recording is a very famous sound source title was a big hit originally made “MIRRORS (Oxygen),” in the mid-90s.
It will be a little longer, but let’s now try to organize the information of its outstanding. The advent of the sound board is not only shock, was also a Iwakutsuki. First place at that time in 1992, bassist of PRIMUS, which has been tour as opening act of RUSH, a Les Claypool Tanomikomi the crew of RUSH, and one that I that I had recorded. The recording flows out from somewhere, such as “RUSH ‘N’ ROULETTE ’92,” “CONDUCTION” “MIRRORS”, and I have produced a variety of titles. “MIRRORS” Among them many years as the best sound quality, is why was reigning on the throne, but it was was overturned it was CDR released in 2009 “GANGSTER OF BOATS”. in the boot industry mid-1990s that “MIRRORS” has appeared, there remains still a sense of 1980s prettify is heavily, it is the excess was an equalizing been processed sound. However, it was with the officials outflow of DAT master direct “GANGSTER OF BOATS” is, apparently natural sound derived from the original tape. Moreover, the venue BGM at the beginning was not to “MIRRORS” (TEMPLE OF THE “Hunger Strike” of DOG) and, also cheers after the show had been recorded. Although it is the story of about 20 seconds in total, but I was also listen hard evidence to prove the origin of the master.
And ……, there are reasons to have been written with gudaguda for its outstanding so far. Even say, this sound source is too only be famous, you have how many some sort of already issued even if not familiar to the sound source circumstances of RUSH. If I want to thank title arranged Zurazura to above and if there is also a single in your shelf “I was beyond it is this work!”.

So, this work in 2009 “” MIRRORS “beyond! “I became the topic” GANGSTER OF BOATS “of DAT cassette what was remastered. Of course, because “GANGSTER OF BOATS” maximum of beauty is a translation was natural of the sound, while paying close attention so as not to hurt it, and to prop up the bass that did not slightly enough, was well-proportioned more the overall balance and I was appointed to.
The aim, frankly “official instead.” Originally, making this recording is a gift to the less, engineers are said to or not was over people time, was also each person’s performance also cheers have been decorated with exquisite mix of official style. That is, it is different from mere outflow sound board, I recordings “close to the official release panel to the limit”. Also a sound board that number, because I much special in the precious one, mastering also “close to the limit until the official release panel”, I was finished a “really ought to be in such a sound When the official of” in the concept.
To the aim of “official place” is, there is another reason. It is also in the “ROLL THE BONES TOUR 1991-1992” is RUSH history, because it is the tour that should leave the original live album. Currently, the bottom line of the history of the band “R40 TOUR” have been made, but where it has been played like dating back a song from the latest album to debut album. However, should also not to be able to play from all albums of counting the 20 installment in one of the live, what installment or it would have been skipped. Especially intense for the 1990s from the late 1980s. While this time there is a “TEST FOR ECHO” up to six albums from “POWER WINDOWS”, what is playing the “Roll The Bones” only “Animate”. In other words, the masterpiece “not still take off” Among skip tend to medium term is is not a “ROLL THE BONES” and “COUNTERPARTS”. In particular, “ROLL THE BONES” is, shine in the US third place, at the end of the album that took the platinum in the United States, musical in fiscal year of about to rush to the heavy line that has been affected by the grunge also. “ROLL THE BONES TOUR 1991-1992” what, should leave the annual RUSH “live album to the turning point of the times” tour. The masterpiece recording, is this 2-Pack.

Thus, this work that I completed. It is, of course, was the official “DIFFERENT STAGES” it is also a great live album, you’ll be many people that “I’m wanted at this point”. Its tail feeling to meet, originally to be the official release “quasi-official” Quality live album of. Beyond the another official / unofficial, becomes “First of all this,” If you listen to the medium-term from the late 80s of the 90s is a faultless one-installment. Containment this glorious music to the press 2CD it is not lost forever, now on your handy weekend.

「準オフィシャル・アルバム」と名高い名盤が、最新リマスター&プレス2CDの決定仕様で蘇りました! 本作は、「1992年1月30日オークランド・コロシアム」公演を収めた、パーフェクトなサウンドボード・アルバム。この録音は、もともと90年代半ばに「MIRRORS(Oxygen)」なるタイトルが大ヒットした超有名音源です。
ちょっと長くなりますが、ここで既発の情報を整理してみましょう。このサウンドボードの登場は衝撃なだけでなく、いわく付きでもありました。そもそも1992年当時、RUSHの前座としてツアーしていたPRIMUSのベーシスト、レス・クレイプールがRUSHのクルーに頼み込み、録音してもらった1本なのです。その録音がどこからか流出して「RUSH ‘N’ ROULETTE ’92」「CONDUCTION」「MIRRORS」など、さまざまなタイトルを生み出したのです。それらの中でも「MIRRORS」は最高音質として長年、王座に君臨していたわけですが、それを覆したのが2009年にCDRリリースされた「GANGSTER OF BOATS」でした。「MIRRORS」が登場した90年代半ばのブート業界には、まだ飾り立てる80年代の感覚が色濃く残っており、過剰にイコライジングされた加工サウンドだったのです。ところが、関係者流出のDATマスターを直接使った「GANGSTER OF BOATS」は、明らかにオリジナル・テープに由来するナチュラルなサウンド。しかも、「MIRRORS」にはなかった冒頭の会場BGM(TEMPLE OF THE DOGの「Hunger Strike」)や、終演後の歓声も収録されていた。合計で20秒程度の話ではありますが、マスターの出自を証明する確かな証拠も聴けたのです。

そう、本作は2009年に“「MIRRORS」超え!”と話題になった「GANGSTER OF BOATS」のDATカセットをリマスターしたもの。もちろん、「GANGSTER OF BOATS」最大の美点はサウンドのナチュラルさだったわけですから、そこを傷つけないよう細心の注意を払いつつ、わずかに足りなかった低音を下支えし、全体をより均整の取れたバランスに整えたのです。
「公式代わり」を目指したのには、もうひとつ理由があります。それは“ROLL THE BONES TOUR 1991-1992”がRUSH史においても、本来ライヴ盤を残すべきツアーだからです。現在、バンドの歴史を総決算する“R40 TOUR”が行われていますが、そこでは最新作からデビューアルバムまでの曲を遡るように演奏している。しかし、1回のライヴで20作を数える全アルバムから演奏できるはずもなく、何作かは飛ばされてしまう。特に激しいのは、1980年代後半から1990年代にかけて。この時期は「POWER WINDOWS」から「TEST FOR ECHO」まで6枚のアルバムがありながら、演奏されているのは「Roll The Bones」と「Animate」だけ。つまり、飛ばしがちな中期の中でも“やっぱり外せない”代表作が「ROLL THE BONES」や「COUNTERPARTS」なわけです。特に「ROLL THE BONES」は、全米3位に輝き、アメリカでプラチナを取った最後のアルバムで、音楽的にもグランジに影響されたヘヴィ路線に突入する寸前の決算期。“ROLL THE BONES TOUR 1991-1992”こそ、「時代の節目にライヴ盤」が恒例のRUSHが残すべきツアー。その最高傑作録音が、この2枚組なのです。

かくして、完成したのが本作。もちろん、公式の「DIFFERENT STAGES」も素晴らしいライヴアルバムでしたが、“このポイントで欲しかったんだ”という方も多いことでしょう。そのお気持ちに応える、本来公式リリースされるべき“準オフィシャル”クオリティのライヴ盤。公式/非公式の別を超え、80年代後半から90年代の中期を聴くなら “まずはコレ”となる完全無欠な1作です。この輝かしい音楽を永久に失わないプレス2CDに封じ込め、今週末あなたのお手元に。

Disc 1(71:09)
1. Intro. 2. Force Ten 3. Limelight 4. Freewill 5. Distant Early Warning 6. Time Stand Still
7. Dreamline 8. Bravado 9. Roll The Bones 10. Show Don’t Tell 11. The Big Money
12. Ghost of A Chance 13. Subdivisions 14. The Pass

Disc 2(53:42)
1. Where’s My Thing? 2. The Rhythm Method 3. Closer To The Heart 4. Xanadu 5. Superconductor
6. Tom Sawyer 7. The Spirit Of Radio 8. 2112 Overture 9. Finding My Way 10. La Villa Strangiato
11. Anthem 12. Red Barchetta 13. The Spirit Of Radio(Reprise)

Geddy Lee – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals Alex Lifeson – Guitars Neil Peart – Drums, Percussion

Cygnus 021/022

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