Rush / Largo 1984 Original Dat Master / 2CD

Rush / Largo 1984 Original Dat Master / 2CD / Cygnus

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Capitol Centre, Largo, MD , USA 27th September 1984. Stereo Soundboard Recording


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Large Ketteiban using came from officials DAT master to direct is the appearance! This work, only Japan than memorable “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR 1984” in performances, sound board sound source of “Maryland performances September 27, 1984”. It is also a clear desk direct album to glare. September 21 Toronto performances from this tour we will have become the official video “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR,” but this work is live after the 6th.
Sound board sound source of this day is the first appeared, it was “TIP OF ICEBERG” of 1999. It was CDR release of the 20 limited edition, at the time less sound board itself of RUSH, I shock, such as hitting statement collectors our head ran. Then also “BATTLE OF BOOZE” and “COOL UNDER FIRE” generic board appeared such like. Added lacked “Red Sector A” is, and such as using the young generator of the master, and have worked to upgrade each. It is a I recording with such a history, but the present work is flowing out from the relationship in person that would have recorded. Moreover, it is something that has been turned into CD directly from the DAT master in kind. There to the right of the image, the DAT master. Direct recording of “Zhuo → DAT” in 1984 at the time would have been no, but that would only himself has been directly DAT reduction from the original cassette owned without hard to imagine, “more is not” Generation but it’s what not been excavated!
In fact, the sound is surprisingly great. The ultimate direct feeling, such as three of the musical tone is poured directly into the brain. Enough to feel even to a particle of synth sounds sound to pan left and right, ultra-fine nuances are also fully and completely recorded. “Official average” and is gone Once rude and do you say to the sound source to say, than the official to overlap the dubbing in the production stage, it is exceptionally vivid of. Moreover, only DAT directly, is also recorded “Red Sector A” which was also be cut with its outstanding and no distortion due to tape degradation. Since the recordings of Angkor previous set main only, it is not the full form of the concert, not in the official work “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR”, “Subdivisions”, “The Body Electric,” “Between the Wheels,” “Red Barchetta” and “Kid Gloves” I listen also. In “The Weapon”, but there was a noise that was gritty which seems to be due to recording, that point only, we carefully removed with a remastering.
Of course, but only hear distant faint reaction of venue because it is directly connected to the console, it is unreasonable to ask such a realistic-field feeling to this work. To begin with, live album there are two aspects of the “appreciation of live music” and “simulated experience of a concert”, there is nothing that is better than the audience recording If you seek a “pseudo-experience”. However, if you are pursuing a “live viewing of” On the contrary, desk direct sound board is what supreme. This work, in its “table directly album” is also, I one-installment to Unusual highest peak generation.
This only can be heard in the ultimate sound “live music RUSH” is very powerful. Again, this day, 6 days after the official “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR”. At any time in a stable unfolds the best performance is located in the RUSH, but the first time in mastery and spirited enough to leave to work is coming relentlessly transmitted from this work.
After Largo performance, it is also recorded eight songs worth sound board sound source of “St. Louis performances November 7, 1991” in this work. At first glance it seems to be a bonus track, but it is not the case. Of the last “The Spirit Of Radio” and it is also a rough edit ending in only the beginning also, but the original DAT cassettes had been recorded in this way. It is the faithful reproduction of it. To begin with, this St. Louis concert has also been released as a superb sound board is “ROW THE BOATS (Cygnus 003/004)” full-size, there is no sense to add only too late eight songs. However, here, such as make your favorite tape in superb sound board “officials sense”, it are you filled with “private feeling” like to gift to a friend. Even in the most meaningless in net musical-net record, love of music, and breathing it is that went half hitch and the people, thereby spread. So, “RUSH, amazing, Na” precisely because feelings of “This, I try to listen to because it is the best” was connected to the unbroken, also at hand of everyone there is a CD. It is a track I who make me recall it.

This work a maximum of attraction, attaches to the fact that you can enjoy the “live music RUSH” in the best of the console direct sound that only parties to listen to ultra-fine. The other, there can be no more of the sound. This alone, or how great things. On top of that, further relationship’s own “RUSH, amazing by it!” Is also transmitted to the MGA, music is also felt spectacle that has connecting people with people. Only in the underground, it is not felt only in this work of DAT master collection. Gudaguda I have written, but that it would like to say is the only one. This, I’ll try to listen to because the best it !!

関係者からもたらされたDATマスターをダイレクトに使用した大決定盤が登場です! 本作は、唯一の日本公演でも思い出深い“GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR 1984”より、「1984年9月27日メリーランド公演」のサウンドボード音源。それも、ギラギラにクリアな卓直結アルバムです。このツアーからは9月21日トロント公演がオフィシャル映像「GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR」になっていますが、本作はその6日後のライヴです。
この日のサウンドボード音源が最初に登場したのは、1999年の「TIP OF ICEBERG」でした。20枚限定のCDRリリースでしたが、当時はRUSHのサウンドボード自体が少なく、コレクター達の頭をブン殴るような衝撃が走ったのです。その後も「BATTLE OF BOOZE」や「COOL UNDER FIRE」等といった後発盤が登場。欠けていた「Red Sector A」が追加され、若いジェネのマスターを使うなど、それぞれにアップグレードを重ねてきました。そうした歴史のある録音なのですが、本作は録音したであろう関係者本人からの流出。しかも、そのDATマスター現物からダイレクトにCD化したものなのです。右の画像にあるのが、そのDATマスター。1984年当時に「卓→DAT」の直接録音はなかったでしょうが、本人だけが所有するオリジナル・カセットから直にDAT化されたであろう事は想像に難くなく、“これ以上はない”ジェネレーションが発掘されたわけなのです!
実際、そのサウンドは驚異的に素晴らしい。3人の楽音が直接脳に流し込まれるような究極的なダイレクト感。左右にパンするシンセサウンドも音の粒までもが感じられるほど、超微細なニュアンスも完全に収録しきっている。「オフィシャル並」と言ってしまったら音源に失礼と言いますか、制作段階でダビングを重ねるオフィシャルよりも、よほど生々しいのです。しかも、DATダイレクトだけに、既発ではカットされることもあった「Red Sector A」も収録され、テープ劣化による歪みもない。アンコール前のセット本編のみの録音なので、コンサートの完全形ではありませんが、オフィシャル作品「GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR」にはない「Subdivisions」「The Body Electric」「Between the Wheels」「Red Barchetta」「Kid Gloves」も聴ける。「The Weapon」では、録音に起因すると思われるジャリジャリとしたノイズがありましたが、その点のみ、リマスタリングで丁寧に除去いたしました。
これだけ究極的なサウンドで聴ける“生演奏RUSH”は、極めて強力。繰り返しになりますが、この日はオフィシャル「GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR」の6日後。いつでも安定して最高の演奏を繰り広げるRUSHではありますが、作品に残すほどの気合いと熟達ぶりは本作からもビシビシ伝わってくるのです。
ラルゴ公演の後、本作には「1991年11月7日セントルイス公演」のサウンドボード音源も8曲分収録されております。一見するとボーナス・トラックのようですが、そうではありません。ラストの「The Spirit Of Radio」も冒頭だけで終わる乱暴な編集でもあるのですが、オリジナルのDATカセットにはこのように収録されていた。それを忠実に再現したのです。そもそも、このセントルイス公演はフルサイズの極上サウンドボードが「ROW THE BOATS(Cygnus 003/004)」としてもリリースされており、今さら8曲だけ追加しても意味はありません。しかし、ここには、極上サウンドボードでお好みテープを作るような“関係者感覚”、それを友達にプレゼントするような“プライベート感覚”が詰まっているのです。純音楽的・純記録的にはほとんど無意味であっても、音楽を愛する気持ち、それが人と人結び、それによって広まっていった息づかい。そう、「RUSH、凄いよな」「これ、最高だから聴いてみてよ」の気持ちが連綿と繋がったからこそ、皆さまの手元にもCDがある。それを思い起こさせてくれるトラック達なのです。


Disc 1(71:07)
1. The Spirit of Radio 2. Subdivisions 3. The Body Electric 4. The Enemy Within 5. The Weapon
6. Witch Hunt 7. New World Man 8. Between the Wheels 9. Red Barchetta 10. Distant Early Warning
11. Red Sector A 12. Closer to the Heart 13. Kid Gloves

Disc 2(51:14)
1. YYZ 2. 2112 3. Tom Sawyer

Live at the Arena, St. Louis, MO. USA 7th November 1991

4. The Pass 5. Where’s My Thing 6. The Rhythm Method 7. Closer To The Heart 8. Xanadu
9. Superconductor 10. Tom Sawyer 11. The Spirit Of Radio (Intro Only)


Dedicated to Skip Gildersleeve

Cygnus 028/029

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