Rush / Landover 1994 Original Dat Master / 1CD

Rush / Landover 1994 Original Dat Master / 1CD / Cygnus

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Live At US Air Arena, Landover, MD, USA 26th April 1994. Stereo SBD


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“COUNTERPARTS TOUR 1994” desk direct sound board album officials outflow of big appearance! One is “LARGO 1984 ORIGINAL DAT MASTER” of this week is “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR 1984” will also be released simultaneously, here also it is transmitted in the same circumstances from the same parties. Although it is after 10 years, and have enjoyed still also in the sound board that shining live music of Maryland performance “April 26, 1994” to the glare.
Classic sound board this recording known early on, even “COUNTERPARTS TOUR 1994”. Old has been pleasing, “DARKNESS AND LIGHT” is started, upgrade board “WINKEN, BLINKEN AND NED”, its outstanding titles such as fusion panel “A DARKER LIGHT” with the audience is a mania. It is but also they have been born around Tour of sound source that has flowed out from the officials, but I this work are using a DAT master kind to which the parties themselves have been recorded. Cassette is the kind of the right image. It is written as “DSBD (digital sound board)> DAT” in fresh handwriting, but likely to dizzy just this line age. Just be recorded directly from the sound board table, there is no any deterioration via digital it is “absolute master” of the!
This work to have no eight songs worth of “Animate” from the beginning of the show “Dreamline”, recording from the middle. “YYZ” of some of the encore in its outstanding panel that has been cut has been recorded, but the “Force Ten” There is no also. However, all this is what the sound board minutes. To be in the image, it is the fact that not recorded, even though I use two 60 minutes of DAT, early and “Force Ten” seems to have not been recorded.
Such recording of historical facts There is also the fun it can be seen precisely because DAT direct, but above all tremendous’s more, of course sound. In fact, transcendence specific clear sound musical tone flowing from this work is that only console directly connected can form. Of course, you do not have to be so desired by air feeling of cheers and venue, every decoration, live music all over is not all. To be honest, the noise was a “gravel Jari~tsu” in some places (can not be second count because it is really the moment) entering moment but of drastic is also felt, this noise even went flows from the sound board desk to the site of the venue PA voice itself was. This is what, do not enjoy even the official’s the “truth of unprocessed”.
Ensemble of RUSH that taste in such ultimate direct sound, ridiculously brilliant. From a dynamism to go precisely assembled a fine phrase I transmitted to the super-detail, down to the sound of scraping the strings, the sound world is unprecedented. However, precisely because the more fierce, not only good side is transmitted. The day Gedi Lee seemed was a poor physical condition, painfully without elongation voice. Not only high note, we would know in vivid until that rough voice even midrange and MC. However, this “COUNTERPARTS TOUR 1994” tour, becomes poor condition of Gedi about the second half, far from top form in other performances. This work is in bad condition absolute Among them, Hampton performances have been organized in this next day I, such as you’ve been canceled. However, Alex Lifeson and Neil part without any problems, let me hear the impassioned performance as if to follow the upset Gedi. While the historic ultra-quality sound board, really it is just bad luck and absolute upset, of RUSH, which is cornered to the verge of collapse on the contrary, is of barely hold out that is also a no two live album listen super detail .

Officials who had witnessed the venue, directly recorded DAT master in their hands from the digital desk. There are of being clogged, and what sound of the. This work, is certainly a live album listen to live music of RUSH in the ultra-superb sound. However, it is also a single Semareru to it more than ever in the field of the music industry. The term “document”, “reality” was not a monopoly of the audience recording. Also in a different dimension with the audience, one that conveys vividly the live of truth. By all means, please try!


“COUNTERPARTS TOUR 1994”の関係者流出の卓直結サウンドボード・アルバムが大登場です! 今週は“GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR 1984”の「LARGO 1984 ORIGINAL DAT MASTER」も同時リリースされますが、こちらも同じ関係者から同じ経緯で伝わった1枚。10年後ではありますが、やはり同じくメリーランド公演「1994年4月26日」の生演奏をギラギラに輝くサウンドボードで収めています。
この録音は“COUNTERPARTS TOUR 1994”でも早くから知られている定番サウンドボード。古くは「DARKNESS AND LIGHT」をはじめ、アップグレード盤「WINKEN, BLINKEN AND NED」、オーディエンスとの融合盤「A DARKER LIGHT」といった既発タイトルがマニアを喜ばせてきました。それらも関係者から流出した音源が巡り巡って生まれてきたものですが、本作はその関係者自身が録音したDATマスター現物を使用しているのです。右画像のカセットがその現物。生々しい手書きで「DSBD(デジタル・サウンドボード)>DAT」と書かれていますが、このラインエイジだけで目眩がしそう。まさにサウンドボード卓から直接録音され、デジタル経由で劣化が一切ない“絶対マスター”なのです!
本作にはショウの序盤「Dreamline」から「Animate」の8曲分がなく、中盤からの収録。いくつかの既発盤ではカットされていたアンコールの「YYZ」は収録されていますが、「Force Ten」もありません。しかし、これこそがサウンドボード分の総て。画像にあるように、60分のDATを2本使っていながらも収録されていないということは、序盤や「Force Ten」は録音されなかったようです。
そんな究極ダイレクトなサウンドで味わえるRUSHのアンサンブルは、とんでもなく鮮烈。細かいフレーズを精緻に組み上げていくダイナミズムが弦をこする音にいたるまで超詳細に伝わるのですから、その音世界は空前絶後です。ただし、それだけ凄まじいからこそ、良い面ばかりが伝わるわけではない。この日のゲディ・リーは体調不良だったらしく、声が伸びずに苦しげ。ハイノートだけでなく、中音域やMCでも声が荒れていることまでビビッドに分かってしまう。もっとも、この“COUNTERPARTS TOUR 1994”ツアーは、後半になるほどゲディの調子が悪くなり、他公演でも絶好調とはほど遠い。その中でも本作が絶不調で、この翌日に組まれていたハンプトン公演はキャンセルになってしまったほどなのです。しかし、アレックス・ライフソンとニール・パートには問題なく、ゲディの不調をフォローするかのような熱演を聴かせる。歴史的な超クオリティ・サウンドボードながら、絶不調とは本当に運が悪いところですが、逆に倒れる寸前まで追い詰められたRUSHの、ギリギリの踏ん張りが超詳細に聴ける2つとないライヴアルバムでもあるのです。


1. Intro 2. Stick It Out 3. Double Agent 4. Limelight 5. Bravado 6. Mystic Rhythms
7. Closer To The Heart 8. Show Don’t Tell 9. Leave That Thing Alone 10. Drum Solo
11. The Trees 12. Xanadu 13. Hemispheres: Prelude 14. Tom Sawyer 15. YYZ


Dedicated to Skip Gildersleeve
Cygnus 030

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