RUSH / Hemispheres In Frankfurt / 2CD

RUSH / Hemispheres In Frankfurt / 2CD / Cygnus

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Live at Stadthalle, Frankfurt, Germany 28th May 1979 .STEREO SBD


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Progressive hard male, RUSH. Even in its long history, decisive one to live to say Polar also has appeared in the press 2CD! This work, “May 28, 1979 Frankfurt” of the tour due to “HEMISPHERES” live album that was recorded in stereo sound board performances. Although this tour there are a number of line recording, or there that most of the flame in terms of sound quality, or shorter. This work, in such numerous line recording,’s the best one for length / sound both.
Although the Frankfurt show is very famous sound of old, most of which are based on the 2nd-generation, degradation or seen in “In The Mood”, the song was just something missing. However, he excavated the 1st-generation master in 2007, released as “FRANKFURT 1979 MASTER (TRIAL-239)”. Far from deterioration is not, song order nor pitch correctly, now greatly topic and listen to the full show in the official class of beautiful sound board. This work, the “FRANKFURT 1979 MASTER” the use has been 1st generator master is revived in the latest remastered in, one that and finished in appropriate press 2CD permanently save!

No wonder even been released in the official, but is this work that became a super-super-Ketteiban, terrific special mention of the thing in its contents also RUSH history. This tour is renowned in the “culmination of epic progressive rock era” in the history of RUSH. “2112” is not Roundup RUSH was the pinnacle of “A FAREWELL TO KINGS” epic principle in the trilogy of “HEMISPHERES” is Gyuu justified at a time of live. After all, “Cygnus X-1” of about 10 minutes in the approximately two-hour set list “La Villa Strangiato” 12 minutes “Xanadu,” “Hemispheres” of 20 minutes less than “2112” and … a whopping 5 One and I also of Omagari are Buchikoma. Was spelled with two albums “Cygnus X-1,” “Hemispheres” continuous cropping is, … it unfolds at once in the official class of stereo sound board this rich progressive taste is not the odd! (This “Sygnus X-1” and “Something For Nothing” is not being played mostly in the 1979 European tour, there is also a possibility that the sound source of another day)
In retrospect the RUSH history, there is also simply means more than many Omagari. Themes and epic principle of fantasy / SF is, LED ZEPPELIN-style hard rock band RUSH it starting as was the first to the evolution of the road found. The road straight pursue the, is was Ultimately the “HEMISPHERES”, this tour. Then even they, various experiments, but will continue to expand the world’s evolution, it was a turning of precisely because “spear exhausted”. That is, live to hear in this work are what, we band RUSH has arrived “first goal”.
In fact, in this film are also playing a large number Pieces, from “A FAREWELL TO KINGS” “Cinderella Man,” “Madrigal” other songs, songs other than “Circumstances” is showing off from the “HEMISPHERES”. You let me plenty hear a vast space opera world on top of rich! Its apex the first time, the first time in the ultimate, also appear in the play, powerful, yet dense. Tight in sharp ensemble is also the best in I cool, what dynamic performance of this work, which RUSH had from debut era later. It is Takedakeshiku thunderous shout vocals …… still Kore Gedi Lee even while doing the complex Kyokuso! Of course, Neil part nor youthful Alex Lifeson, Buttoi sound of intense drive feeling is approaching become a lump! In particular, it is terrific of about lose …… words If you come exhaustive the last drum solo every style.

“ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE”, “EXIT STAGE LEFT” does not have any objection to being ultra-name board of the questions asked. However, “TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979” is precisely because the ultimate in too culmination, … this film I wanted to leave the official is the one that will grant such a thought. And repeated many of transition, he continued to create each time great music RUSH. Its vast music world is beyond the far the framework of such as “progressive-hard”. However, still “progressive hard of Yu” was the dying of also true feelings they are missed. To the person who was sympathy the thoughts, this work will be the ultimate live album.
Young genius trio straight run through the previous vertex, one genre “progressive-hard” in the far north. RUSH history, notable live ultra decision specification board of albums in rock history. This weekend, it will deliver to you of your hand.

プログレ・ハードの雄、RUSH。その長い歴史上でも、極地とも言うべきライヴを決定的1本がプレス2CDで登場です! 本作は、「HEMISPHERES」に伴うツアーの「1979年5月28日フランクフルト」公演をステレオ・サウンドボードで記録したライヴアルバム。このツアーはいくつものライン録音があるものの、そのほとんどが音質面で難があったり、短かったり。本作は、そんな幾多のライン録音の中で、長さ/サウンド共にベストな1本なのです。
このフランクフルト公演は古くからの超有名音源ですが、そのほとんどが2ndジェネを元にしており、「In The Mood」に劣化が見られたり、曲が足りないものばかりでした。ところが、2007年に1stジェネマスターが発掘され、「FRANKFURT 1979 MASTER(TRIAL-239)」としてリリース。劣化がないどころか、曲順もピッチも正しく、フルショウをオフィシャル級の美麗サウンドボードで聴けると大いに話題になりました。本作は、その「FRANKFURT 1979 MASTER」で使用された1stジェネマスターを最新リマスターで蘇らせ、永久保存に相応しいプレス2CDに仕上げた1本なのです!

オフィシャルでリリースされても不思議はない、超・超決定盤となった本作ですが、その中身もRUSH史上でも特筆ものの凄まじさ。このツアーはRUSH史上でも「大作プログレ時代の総決算」で名高い。「2112」「A FAREWELL TO KINGS」「HEMISPHERES」の三部作で大作主義の頂点を極めたRUSHの総まとめが1回のライヴにギュウ詰めされているわけです。なにしろ、約2時間のセットリストの中に約10分の「Cygnus X-1」「La Villa Strangiato」、12分の「Xanadu」、20分弱の「Hemispheres」「2112」……と、なんと5つもの大曲がぶち込まれているのです。2枚のアルバムで綴られた「Cygnus X-1」「Hemispheres」連作が、オフィシャル級のステレオ・サウンドボードで一気に繰り広げられる……この濃厚なプログレ味はハンパではありません!(この「Sygnus X-1」と「Something For Nothing」は、1979年欧州ツアーでは殆ど演奏されておらず、別日の音源という可能性もあります)
RUSH史を振り返ってみると、単に大曲が多い以上の意味もあります。ファンタジー/SFのテーマや大作主義は、LED ZEPPELIN風ハードロックバンドとして出発したRUSHが最初に見いだした進化の道でした。その道をまっすぐに追究し、突き詰めたのが「HEMISPHERES」であり、このツアー。その後も彼らは、さまざまな実験、進化で世界を拡げていきますが、それは“やり尽くした”からこその転換だった。つまり、本作で聴けるライヴこそが、バンドRUSHがたどり着いた“最初の到達点”なのです。
実際、本作には小曲も大量に演奏されており、「A FAREWELL TO KINGS」からは「Cinderella Man」「Madrigal」以外の全曲、「HEMISPHERES」からは「Circumstances」以外の全曲が披露。濃厚なうえに広大なスペースオペラ世界をたっぷりと聴かせてくれます! その頂点ぶり、究極ぶりは、演奏にも現れ、緻密でありながらもパワフル。後のタイトでシャープなアンサンブルも最高にカッコイイのですが、本作のダイナミックなパフォーマンスこそ、RUSHがデビュー時代から持っていたもの。複雑な曲想をこなしながらも猛々しく轟くゲディ・リーのシャウト・ヴォーカル……やっぱりコレですよ! もちろん、ニール・パートもアレックス・ライフソンも若々しく、強烈なドライブ感のぶっとい音が塊となって迫る! 特に、あらゆるスタイルを網羅したラストのドラム・ソロと来たら……言葉を失ってしまうほどの凄まじさです。

「ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE」「EXIT STAGE LEFT」が問答無用の超名盤であることにまったく異論はありません。しかし、“TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979”があまりにも集大成で究極的だからこそ、オフィシャルで残してほしかった……本作は、そんな想いを叶えてくれる1本です。幾多の変遷を重ね、その都度素晴らしい音楽を創造し続けたRUSH。その広大な音楽世界は、“プログレ・ハード”などという枠を遙かに超えています。しかし、やはり「プログレ・ハードの雄」だった彼らが恋しくてたまらないのも本音。その想いを共感してくださる方には、本作は究極のライヴアルバムとなるでしょう。

Disc 1(68:38)
1. Intro 2. Anthem 3. A Passage To Bangkok 4. By-Tor & The Snow Dog 5. Xanadu
6. Something For Nothing 7. The Trees 8. Cygnus X-1 9. Hemispheres 10. Closer To The Heart

Disc 2(49:21)
1. A Farewell To Kings 2. La Villa Strangiato 3. 2112 4. Working Man 5. Bastille Day
6. In The Mood 7. Drum Solo

Geddy Lee – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals Alex Lifeson – Guitars Neil Peart – Drums, Percussion


Cygnus 019/020

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