Rush / Hemispheres In Boston / 2CD

Rush / Hemispheres In Boston / 2CD / Cygnus

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Live at Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA 11th January 1979


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RUSH history, became the ultimate progressive rock tour “TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979”. The Dan Ramp Ski is the emergence of the collection! After all, the apex of this tour was raised created a “HEMISPHERES” epic principle trilogy of SF view of the world, “2112”, “A FAREWELL TO KINGS” “progressive RUSH”. Representative song “2112” is, of course, “Xanadu”, “Cygnus X-1” of the “A FAREWELL TO KINGS”, etc. have received it the title track and the “HEMISPHERES” “La Villa Strangiato”, of more than 10 minutes Is this even from epic! It’s a big live fed out with. Moreover, this work for about three months from the start of the tour, “Something For Nothing”, “Cygnus X-1” had been omitted by the schedule “Circumstances” is also playing. This is a live album, set up the list to listen that contains the songs of the “TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979”.
Particularly happy were dropped set in the middle of the tour, “Circumstances”. The other day, official instead become ultra decision sound board panel “HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT” also has been released, there even “Circumstances” did not hear. Moreover, this “Circumstances”, not just mere precious value. “HEMISPHERES” songs in that there is this song has been unveiled! Although it is not a album reproduce because song order is different, speaking the reverse, also is released from the time limit of the LP that had tied the Omagari us in the studio board, it has been reconfigured in the natural flow of the production stage. Of course, “Cygnus X-1” → pat flow of “Hemispheres”. Exactly, “SF epic route RUSH” The live album of I that was jammed to the fullest sound universe become one small of!

Although introduction was longer, it had recorded so much of Chow decisive live, the prestigious Naru Dan Ramp skiing. Although the in the early 1970s the global master craftsman had also mixed things subtle, this work is the last phase of the recording in his collection. Making full use of equipment such as the name of the machine “Nakamichi 550 & Nakamichi CM300” recording technique also height of maturity. Even at that time ramping skiing seemed was famous, I can “thorough sound” unfolds to ask them to prepare from the floor side to the best seat in the recording.
2009 to Ramp ski collection is published simultaneously, although the whole world has to say and up, this master, a rarity in a rarity among them. It is CDR released as “BOSTON 1979” at the time, became a great topic. This work, which was the latest remastered its large decision recording. Although the original recording is cut by the tape change in 4 minutes and 50 seconds stand of “Hemispheres” beginning with “2112” there was by about 25 seconds, the part is supplemented by sound board panel “HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT”, so as to listen to the smooth I finished with. This part is also to hear things. After all, “HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT” is not just a sound board, historical and sound sources even become “official instead”. Because there is a sense of discomfort, even if connected with it I almost do not, you do no matter how tremendous Ramp skiing Magic can feel. Moreover, although this sound board’s a different performance, despite Gedi Lee is singing the twisters by the switching point of “2112”, it has led to more stunning smooth. Recording while it monkey, it is a scene that astonished even the impregnable playing force of RUSH.

To be also referred to as the height of epic progressive rock hard, “TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979”. To get your experience the sound universe, transcendence sound board board of “official instead” “HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT” what is the first of basic. However, precisely because a vast universe, audience recording spread in venue also exceptionally great. The number one record, it’s the identity of this work. RUSH fan of his, dying yourself like the epic progressive rock, and, name live for myself who are in my …… head becomes hot chest to Ramp ski sound align the voice, “This is what probably the best!” album. This weekend, unprecedented space opera in your home will curtain!
RUSH史上、究極のプログレツアーとなった“TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979”。そのダン・ランピンスキー・コレクションの登場です! なにしろ、このツアーはSF世界観の大作主義三部作「2112」「A FAREWELL TO KINGS」「HEMISPHERES」を創り上げた“プログレRUSH”の頂点。代表曲「2112」はもちろんのこと、「A FAREWELL TO KINGS」の「Xanadu」「Cygnus X-1」、それを受けた「HEMISPHERES」のタイトル曲や「La Villa Strangiato」などなど、10分超えの大作からこれでもか!と繰り出されるビッグ・ライヴなのです。しかも、本作はツアー開始から約3ヶ月のため、日程によっては省略されていた「Something For Nothing」「Cygnus X-1」「Circumstances」も演奏。“TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979”の全曲を収めた最大セットリストが聴けるライヴアルバムです。
特に嬉しいのは、ツアー中盤でセット落ちした「Circumstances」。先日、公式代わりとなる超決定サウンドボード盤「HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT」もリリースされましたが、そこでも「Circumstances」は聴けませんでした。しかも、この「Circumstances」、単なる貴重価値だけではありません。この曲があることで「HEMISPHERES」全曲が披露されている! 曲順は違うのでアルバム再現ではありませんが、逆を言えば、スタジオ盤で大曲たちを縛っていたLPの制限時間からも解放され、本番ステージの自然流れで再構成されている。もちろん、「Cygnus X-1」→「Hemispheres」の流れもばっちり。まさに、“SF大作路線RUSH”の音宇宙が1つのショウとなって最大限に詰まったライヴアルバムなのです!

2009年にランピンスキー・コレクションが一斉に公開され、全世界をアッと言わせましたが、このマスターは、その中でも絶品中の絶品。当時の「BOSTON 1979」としてCDRリリースされ、大いに話題となりました。本作は、その大決定録音を最新リマスターしたもの。オリジナル録音では「Hemispheres」冒頭と「2112」の4分50秒台にテープチェンジによるカットが約25秒ずつありましたが、そのパートはサウンドボード盤「HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT」で補完し、スムースに聴けるように仕上げました。このパートがまた聴きモノ。なにしろ「HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT」は、ただのサウンドボードではなく、“公式代わり”とさえなる歴史的な音源。それを使って繋げても違和感がほとんどないのですから、ランピンスキー・マジックがいかに凄まじいかが実感できるのです。しかも、このサウンドボードは別公演なのですが、「2112」の切り替えポイントでゲディ・リーが早口に歌っているにも関わらず、見事なほど滑らかに繋がっている。録音もさることながら、RUSHの鉄壁な演奏力にも舌を巻くシーンです。

大作プログレ・ハードの極みとも言うべき、“TOUR OF THE HEMISPHERES 1978-1979”。その音宇宙をご体験いただくには、“公式代わり”の超絶サウンドボード盤「HEMISPHERES IN FRANKFURT」こそが第一の基本です。しかし、広大な宇宙であるからこそ、会場中に広がるオーディエンス録音もまた、格別に素晴らしい。そのナンバー1録音、それが本作の正体なのです。RUSHファンな自分、大作プログレが好きでたまらない自分、そして、ランピンスキー・サウンドに胸熱くなってしまう自分……頭の中にいる自分たちが「これこそがベストだろ!」と声をそろえる名ライヴアルバム。今週末、あなたのご自宅で空前絶後のスペース・オペラが開演します!

Disc 1(69:28)
1. Intro. 2. Anthem 3. A Passage to Bangkok 4. By-Tor And The Snow Dog 5. Xanadu
6. Something For Nothing 7. The Trees 8. Cygnus X-1 9. Hemispheres 10. Closer To The Heart

Disc 2(53:19)
1. Circumstances 2. A Farewell To Kings 3. La Villa Strangiato
4. 2112 5. Working Man 6. Bastille Day 7. In the Mood 8. Drum Solo

Geddy Lee – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals Alex Lifeson – Guitars Neil Peart – Drums, Percussion
Cygnus 023/024

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