RUSH / Feedback In Atlanta / 3DVDR

RUSH / Feedback In Atlanta / 3DVDR / Non Label

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Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1st August 2004


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Celebrate the 40th anniversary of “R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR” and RUSH in continue. At the timing just one step away from its last performance, 30th Anniversary Tour “R30” super masterpiece video appeared! In order to get a taste of this historic “now” to the full extent, it is an emergency gift-release decision!
Of this work has been recorded, “August 1, 2004 Atlanta” performances. Coincidentally, this is the same “August 1st” and the last day of the current “R40”. Nevertheless, the “R30” in 2004 this day is not a final date, per the 30 th performance in all 57 performances. Tour initial Gedi Lee was a slight cold also resurrection, the full inclusion across the stage three top form is woven in about 3 hours. So as not to impair the amount of data, it is confined to luxury to be at an end 3-Pack!
Wonderful is more than anything, quality that require a 3-Disc. Although it is eleven years ago of the video, the digital image quality of preeminent, angle that captures the panoramic view from the stage right in front it is missing even a sense of stability Zuba, pat a huge screen. Zoom has also been frequently used, etc. gimmick Alex Lifeson and Gedi of entanglement and stage, for us one by one holding earnestly the attractions. In outdoor performance because it extends to three hours of marathon, but I start from the still bright time, the color the more I do not think during the day and are beautifully clearly taken from Pat a superb up lighting. Become a pull of the angle, it is enough to not notice until the audience is projected brightly.
That is holding the stage panoramic view, which is why there is much even if the distance between the stage, the more the sound is also great is it incredible. Of course, there’s what what if there is a professional sound makeup RUSH side, heard the three clearly to details like a line recording, as towards the audience’s voice is felt far away. It is also quite possible level be to press CD by extracting only the voice. That should be it, this work, which was synchronous with a mix of two types of audience recorded on the best voice. The inspiring and overseas mania originally great video, because to raise the ultimate level, it’s a great masterpiece that was raised to create and pouring RUSH love as long as it does roughness and time and effort!
The stage of “R30” which can be enjoyed in such ultimate quality rarity. Such as “R40” is currently in progress, it is not something that was thorough enough say to be “traced back the history of the band as a whole concert”, there here gimmick of 30 anniversary unique plenty. In was suddenly attractions from the beginning, the old and the new album from the familiar story of the video production will have jumped from one to the next. History soon wins feelings to, now (is also the father of actor Ben Stiller) Jerry Stiller actor / comedian appeared. He introduces the band, in a tone was innocent, finally RUSH Kenzan! Again, in spite of the shooting during the day, horribly clear to the video production that saying. That’s what I such as can be seen until the site screen resolution.
And, the first track is instrumental medley that connects the representative song debut from “RUSH” 6th until “HEMISPHERES”. One song from each album, one after another in about one minute To as masterpieces is gradually drawn out venue at once boiling! And, rapid succession in 7th “PERMANENT WAVES” of “The Spirit Of Radio” !! another Komu collapse snow to, venue, such as if the Angkor fuss. While condensation sense of history is plenty, it is a grand champion sumo to make excite the audience with heavy labor. Nor just a hit band, not just a veteran, is the best start that underlying strength of RUSH is suddenly paid out. “R30” Although you have been issued a video work in the official, the name of the scene to watch with 100% this raw video audience, stand as the great goose bumps!
Although I have raised is suddenly meter in the opening, without this sense of realism is interrupted at all, luxurious set list to celebrate the 30th anniversary is going to be projected one after another. Not just playing. Darn Dragon puppet show also highest at the beginning of the second part. I think people often that may have seen the comical video, but Ya “CYGNUS X-1 issue” is getting rid of the Dragon, the audience also a big pleasure! Not only funny video itself, sense of taste it is mixed with the large crowd with a vast open-air venue. It is the mood like most summer or festival or fireworks. In the professional shots and official video, it is not me tell until this air feeling. It, it’s a this work that makes us experience in the superlative quality.
Angkor the mood to become the climax is, starting from the washing machine by throwing a T-shirt. At the time of the cover song from the latest album “FEEDBACK”, “Summertime Blues” and “Crossroads” and has been Fichua, but I thought as “…… he would original masterpieces there is plenty of” Until now, in this work finally Tokushin went. The festive mood than ever in time, cover song is just perfect. The todome, and “Limelight” the seven colors of light is dancing, large fireworks heralding an end! This amount of fireworks is also not odd, does not seem a very one band of the concert, this work in the grand atmosphere will be concluded.

Exactly festival, music festival, is a RUSH Festival. Luxurious one which made full use and the video sucked plenty the air of the scene, the two types of voice master. And listen to the same sound as the audience of the site, you touch the same scene, to share the feeling of blood Bubbly together. If it is true, but it’s happen to be present and carrying a foot on the scene is’s the best, quite difficult in the case of RUSH unfortunately. This work, the frustration Mi, the Yarusena is, I Disc 3 of the largest that heals the dryness. Best live experience that can hope in Japan, by all means you also please your experience!
結成40周年を祝う「R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR」を続行中のRUSH。そのラスト公演まであとわずかというタイミングで、30周年記念ツアー「R30」の超傑作映像が登場! この歴史的な“今”を存分に味わっていただくため、緊急ギフト・リリース決定です!
そんな究極クオリティで楽しめる「R30」のステージは絶品。現在進行中の「R40」のように、“コンサート全体でバンドの歴史を遡る”というほど徹底したものではありませんが、そこここに30周年ならではの仕掛けもたっぷり。いきなり冒頭から見どころでして、お馴染みの映像演出から新旧のアルバムネタが次から次へと飛び出してきます。歴史に想いを馳せる間もなく、今度は俳優/コメディアンのジェリー・スティラー(名優ベン・スティラーの父親でもあります)が登場。彼がトボけた調子でバンドを紹介し、いよいよRUSH見参! 繰り返しになりますが、日中の撮影にもかかわらず、こういった映像演出まで恐ろしくクリア。それこそ現場スクリーンの解像度まで分かるほどなのです。
そして、1曲目はデビュー作「RUSH」から6枚目「HEMISPHERES」までの代表曲を繋いだインスト・メドレー。各アルバムから1曲ずつ、1分ほどで次々と名曲が繰り出されていく様に会場は一気に沸騰! そして、続けざまに7枚目「PERMANENT WAVES」の「The Spirit Of Radio」へ雪崩れ込む!! もう、会場はアンコールかのような大騒ぎ。歴史の凝縮感がたっぷりながら、力業で観客を沸かせる横綱相撲です。ただのヒットバンドでもなく、ただのベテランではない、RUSHの底力がいきなり繰り出される最高のスタートです。「R30」はオフィシャルでも映像作品が出されていますが、100%本生のオーディエンス映像で観る名シーンは、鳥肌が立つほど素晴らしい!
オープニングでいきなりメーターが上がってしまいましたが、この臨場感が一切途切れることなく、30周年を祝う豪華セットリストが次々と映し出されていく。演奏だけではありません。第二部冒頭のダーン・ドラゴンの人形劇も最高。コミカルな映像をご覧になったことのある方も多いと思いますが、「CYGNUS X-1号」がドラゴンを退治するや、観客も大喜び! 映像自体が面白いだけでなく、それを広大な野外会場で大観衆に混じって味わう感覚。ほとんど夏祭りか花火大会かといった気分なのです。プロショットやオフィシャル映像では、この空気感までは伝えてくれない。それを、最上級クオリティで体験させてくれるのが本作なのです。
そのムードが最高潮になるのは、洗濯機からTシャツを投げて始まるアンコール。当時の最新作「FEEDBACK」からのカバーソング「Summertime Blues」「Crossroads」をフィーチュアしており、今までは「オリジナルの名曲がいくらでもあるだろうに……」とも思ったのですが、本作でやっと得心がいきました。いつにも増してお祭りムードには、カバーソングがまさにピッタリ。トドメには、七色のライトが乱舞する「Limelight」と、終焉を告げる大花火! この花火の量も半端ではなく、とても1バンドのコンサートとは思えない、盛大な雰囲気で本作は締めくくられます。


Disc 1(77:46)
1. Opening film with imagery from each album and a band introduction by Jerry Stiller
2. R30 Overture (Instrumental Medley) Finding My Way / Anthem / Bastille Day
/ A Passage To Bangkok / Cygnus X-1: Book I: The Voyage (Prologue)
/ Cygnus X-1: Book II: Hemispheres (Prelude)
3. The Spirit Of Radio 4. Force Ten 5. Animate 6. Subdivisions 7. Earthshine
8. Red Barchetta 9. Roll The Bones 10. Bravado 11. YYZ
12. The Trees (“I Feel Fine” and “Day Tripper” ending) 13. The Seeker 14. One Little Victory

Disc 2(55:55)
1. Darn That Dragon film 2. Tom Sawyer 3. Dreamline 4. Secret Touch 5. Between The Wheels
6. Mystic Rhythms 7. Red Sector A 8. Drum Solo 9. Resist (Acoustic Version)
10. Heart Full Of Soul (Acoustic Version with Neil on drums)

Disc 3(49:36)
1. 2112 (Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale) 2. La Villa Strangiato
3. By-Tor & The Snow Dog 4. Xanadu 5. Working Man (With Reggae ending)

6. Summertime Blues 7. Crossroads 8. Limelight
9. Concert ends with another quick Jerry Stiller “dream sequence” film

COLOUR NTSC Approx.183min.

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