Rush / Anaheim 1981 Mike Millard 1st Gen / 2CD

Rush / Anaheim 1981 Mike Millard 1st Gen / 2CD / Cygnus

Live at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, USA 12th June 1981 TRULY PERFECT SOUND

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A super-excellent rivulbum that will reign at the highest peak in the history of the “MOVING PICTURES” era, which was also at its height in glorious history, has appeared. Legendary Recorder: Mike Millard’s 1st Gene Master is a new discovery of shock!

[1st generation of legendary recording called “RUSH’s LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”] の The Shock Master recorded “Anaheim on June 12, 1981”. It is a transcendent audience recording. This show is also known for having recorded famous recordings, and the numerous groups that have been created have become masterpieces symbolizing “MOVING PICTURES TOUR”. There was no other reason why it could be so staple, because it was the mirror that recorded the famous recording. As a matter of fact, there are many things that have not been clearly specified as mirrored recordings (the date was confused and some were called “June 16”), but still a great sound was standardized I didn’t save it. Later in the year, after it became clear that the recording was mirrored, various upgrades were repeated, and it was just “RUSH’s LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”.
And this work is the final form. Up to now, the board that has been called “This is the definitive board!” Was also after the 2nd gen, but the original of this work is the genuine 1st gen. At the end of last year, the 1st Jane Master, who was allegedly left behind by Millard for his friend “Barry G.”, was discovered and digitally transferred by the prestigious “JEMS”.
The sound is right to be called “RUSH’s EDDIE”. It’s a wonderful and natural thing because it’s Millard’s 1st gene, which is a symbol of the history of recording, but even if you know that, you will not stop breathing. Bone and thick core, excellent balance from well-growing highs to deep bass kicking the belly, excellent sound that is unrelated to the sense of distance … It is exactly the art of recording.
Of course, you could have tasted such a beauty even in a group that already existed, but this work has a different dimension. The overwhelming feeling is stereo. The group that had already appeared had a monaural solid feeling as to whether the stereo feeling was lost in the process of dubbing, but it was really wide. It does not have the unnaturalness like a pseudo-stereo, and it conveys the spread of the site in a realistic way. And another great thing is the natural feeling. Various equalizations have been applied to the existing groups in the history of upgrade competition, but this work has only the 1st generation and is extremely natural. If the peak of each sound is also beautiful, it will extend without distortion and moment of sound being sucked into the void. Even with the stereo feeling mentioned above, it is natural to the point beyond the spread. As a result, the darkness of silence is as deep as jet black, and the ensemble of the trio emerges three-dimensionally.
This 1st Gene is still shocking collectors all over the world at this moment, but this work aimed at the highest by further remastering. Of course, I couldn’t dilute the mirrored design with selfish equalizing, so it was not a different thing, but there was room for correction in a more physical sense. To be specific, first, length. The 1st Jane this time is the longest in the past for most parts (end of the show and the end of the tape change, etc.), but in fact there is another system in the same group that has the same mirrored recording, The sound that the new excavation master did not have was also left. The biggest is before the start, which is 23 seconds longer than this 1st generation. In this work, those parts are also supplemented from the group that has already occurred (after adjusting the sound). It’s truly authentic, and it’s the longest live album ever.
Others are pitch and sound balance. This is a small story, but this time the new excavation master (unusual for JEMS) had a pitch that was off by about 20% of a semitone. In addition, the part where the low tone was spoiled is supplemented with low tone. Neither is something like “changed with the sense of our shop”, but a fine adjustment to reproduce the “sound of the site” or the “sound engraved on the mirrored Omoto master” that will not exist.

[Full show of Zensho “MOVING PICTURES TOUR”] RUThe RUSH, which is far more than a “masterpiece of 1981”, can be described as a “rock’s cultural heritage” with a whole-bodied breeze. Speaking of “MOVING PICTURES TOUR”, it is also left on the traditional masterpiece “EXIT … STAGE LEFT”, but that official work is just an editing board. It was a work made with the pattern of “PERMANENT WAVES TOUR” of the previous year. On the other hand, this work is a live album that tells the truth of full show with 100% of the students. Here, let’s organize the contents.

● 70s
・ FLY BY NIGHT; Beneath, Between & Behind
2112: 2112 (Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx) (★)
・ A FAREWELL TO KINGS: Xanadu / Closer To The Heart
・ HEMISPHERES: Hemispheres (Prelude) (★) / (Broon’s Bane &) The Trees / La Villa Strangiato
・ Medley in the 70s (★): Working Man / Hemispheres (Armageddon) / By-Tor And The Snow Dog / In The End / In The Mood / 2112 (Grand Finale)
・ Freewill / The Spirit Of Radio / Natural Science (★)
・ Limelight (★) / The Camera Eye (★) / YYZ / Red Barchetta / Tom Sawyer / Vital Signs (★)
* Note: The “★” mark indicates songs that cannot be heard in the official “EXIT … STAGE LEFT (album version)”

… and it looks like this. While the old and new famous songs are crowded, the full show progresses more naturally than the official live album. The mood is appropriate for the heyday, the performance is powerful, the audience cheers and the glory is glorious (I also respect the mistake that the keyboard is rare in “The Spirit Of Radio”). There is a video version of “EXIT … STAGE LEFT”, but “Hemispheres (Prelude)”, “Natural Science”, “The Camera Eye” and “Vital Signs” are some of the classic songs that I couldn’t listen to there. One of the highlights is the big medley that will be shown late. Concentrate the 70’s number from debut work “RUSH” to “HEMISPHERES” in about 12 minutes, and explode at once a progressive sensitivity that does not change even if it hits a big hit. I enjoyed a part of the video version “EXIT … STAGE LEFT”, but this work is a full-cut version of “Working Man” and “Hemispheres (Armageddon)”.

ミ ラ ー Mirrored recording that conveys the full show of “MOVING PICTURES TOUR”, which was at its peak. It is a press 2CD that the legendary super-name recording that was filled with “RUSH’s LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE” was ultimately upgraded with the 1st generation. Just the most important RUSH … No, the most important live album in rock history. Press 2CD that sealed the brilliance forever. Please enjoy yourself anytime, forever.

栄光の歴史でも全盛を極めた『MOVING PICTURES』時代の史上最高峰に君臨するであろう超極上ライヴルバムが登場。伝説の録音家:マイク・ミラードの1stジェネ・マスターが衝撃の新発掘です!

【「RUSHのLISTEN TO THIS EDDIE」と称された伝説録音の1stジェネ】
その衝撃マスターに記録されていたのは「1981年6月12日アナハイム公演」。その超絶級オーディエンス録音です。このショウは名録音が残された事でも知られ、生み出された数々の既発群は“MOVING PICTURES TOUR”を象徴する名盤となってきました。なぜ、それほどの定番になり得たかと言えば、その名録音を記録したのがミラードだったからに他ありません。実のところ、既発はミラード録音とは明示されていないものも多いのです(日付も混乱し、“6月16日”とするものもありました)が、それでもあまりにも素晴らしいサウンドが定番化させずにおかなかった。後年、ミラード録音と明らかになってからもさまざまなアップグレードが繰り返され、まさに「RUSHのLISTEN TO THIS EDDIE」となってきたのです。
そして、本作はその最終形となるもの。これまで「これぞ決定盤!」と称されてきた盤でも2ndジェネ以降でしたが、本作の大元は正真正銘の1stジェネ。昨年末、ミラードが友人「Barry G.」のために遺したとされる1stジャネ・マスターが発掘され、それをかの名門「JEMS」がデジタル・トランスファーしたのです。

「1981年の傑作」の域を遙かに超えた「ロックの文化遺産」とも言うべきサウンドで描かれるのは、一大全盛の風を全身で浴びるRUSH。“MOVING PICTURES TOUR”と言えば、伝統の名盤『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』にも残されていますが、あの公式作はあくまでも編集盤。前年の“PERMANENT WAVES TOUR”の模様も交えて作り込まれた作品でした。それに対し、本作は本生100%でフルショウの真実を伝えるライヴアルバムです。ここで、その内容を整理してみましょう。

・FLY BY NIGHT;Beneath, Between & Behind
・2112:2112 (Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx)(★)
・A FAREWELL TO KINGS:Xanadu/Closer To The Heart
・HEMISPHERES:Hemispheres (Prelude)(★)/(Broon’s Bane &) The Trees/La Villa Strangiato
・70年代メドレー(★):Working Man/Hemispheres (Armageddon)/By-Tor And The Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 (Grand Finale)
・Freewill/The Spirit Of Radio/Natural Science(★)
・Limelight(★)/The Camera Eye(★)/YYZ/Red Barchetta/Tom Sawyer/Vital Signs(★)
※注:「★」印は公式『EXIT… STAGE LEFT(アルバム版)』で聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。新旧の名曲がひしめきつつ、公式ライヴアルバムよりも自然な流れでフルショウが進んでいく。そのムードは全盛期に相応しく、演奏は力強く、観客の大歓声もグロリアス(「The Spirit Of Radio」でキーボードが珍しくミスるのもご愛敬)。『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』には映像版もありますが、「Hemispheres (Prelude)」「Natural Science」「The Camera Eye」「Vital Signs」辺りは、そこでも聴けなかった名曲ですし、何と言っても圧巻なのは終盤に披露される一大メドレー。デビュー作『RUSH』から『HEMISPHERES』までの70年代ナンバーを約12分に濃縮し、大ヒットしても変わらぬプログレッシヴな感性を一気に爆発させる。映像版『EXIT… STAGE LEFT』でも一部は楽しめましたが、本作は「Working Man」「Hemispheres (Armageddon)」もノーカットの完全版なのです。

全盛の極みだった“MOVING PICTURES TOUR”のフルショウを伝えてきたミラード録音。「RUSHのLISTEN TO THIS EDDIE」とまで湛えられた伝説の超名録音が1stジェネで究極アップグレードしたプレス2CDです。まさにRUSH最重要の……いえ、ロック史における最重要のライヴアルバム。その輝きを永遠に封じ込めたプレス2CD。どうぞ、いつでも、いつまでも存分にご堪能ください。

Disc 1 (64:49)
1. 2112 (Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx)
2. Freewill
3. Limelight
4. Hemispheres (Prelude)
5. Beneath, Between & Behind
6. The Camera Eye
7. YYZ / Drum Solo / YYZ
8. Broon’s Bane
9. The Trees
10. Xanadu

Disc 2 (57:42)
1. The Spirit Of Radio
2. Red Barchetta
3. Closer To The Heart
4. Tom Sawyer
5. Vital Signs
6. Natural Science
7. Medley: Working Man / Hemispheres (Armageddon)
/ By-Tor And The Snow Dog / In The End / In The Mood / 2112 (Grand Finale)
8. La Villa Strangiato

Geddy Lee – Bass & Vocals
Alex Lifeson – Guitars
Neil Peart – Drums

Cygnus 034/035

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