Rush / Alternate Counterparts /1CDR

Rush / Alternate Counterparts /1CDR /Gypsy Eye Project

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Studio Outtakes & Interviews November 30th 1992. Soundboard



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documentary production, including the valuable and interviews Alternate mix album was released in 1993 in the rush of “counter parts” is first appearance! 

It is recommended title must-listen as a valuable alternate album for fan interview has been recorded concerning the album and alternate mix of the final mix before the content was recorded in November ’92.

ALTERNATE COUNTERPARTS ラッシュの93年にリリースされたアルバム『カウンターパーツ』の貴重なオルタネイト・ミックスやインタビューを含む制作ドキュメンタリーが初登場!


Studio Outtakes And Interviews 11/30/1992

01. Cut To The Chase
02. Sonics Album (Interview 1)
03. Double Agent
04. Animate Chat (Interview 2)
05. Animate
06. Sticking It Out (Interview 3)
07 . Stick It Out
08. Writing Styles (Interview 4)
09. Everyday Glory
10. Writing Of Cold Fire (Interview 5)
11. Cold Fire
12. Sequencing Song (Interview 6)
13. Between Sun And Moon
14. Pye Dubois Reading ( Interview 7)

Gypsy Eye Project . GEP-243

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