Rush / Grace Of The Master Osaka 1984 / 2CD

Rush / Grace Of The Master Osaka 1984 / 2CD / Cygnus

Translated Text:
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Osaka, Japan 20th November 1984


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RUSH Japan tour of the only history, only once. The highest quality sound recording is the rainy day upgrade! The other day, “the last of the large-scale tour” has been declared the “R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR” RUSH you finish. After all, they visited Japan, it seems to become only “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE JAPAN TOUR” of 1984. Its only Japan not only known as the highest quality in the tour, “November 20, 1984, Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium that also overlooks the live around the world have been praised as the” 1984 Best of One ” performance “. In fact, it is a translation was boasts a great clear sound, but recently it became the already issued appeared to master on the net to be surpassed in much, the mania around the world is abuzz. That is the this work!
It does this Osaka recording of such is how precious thing, let’s from there started talking. First of all, … dates from only Japan tour
– November 16, 1984: Aichi Seto City Cultural Center [No Record] – November 18, 1984: Fukuoka Sun Palace and [without recording] – November 20, 1984: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium [one] – November 21, 1984: Nippon Budokan [six]

Thus, although RUSH Japan live also in the history of ’40 I just only four times, but have them Budokan what performances 6 kinds of the recording is confirmed, Osaka recorded only one type, Aichi and Fukuoka is nothing We have not found. Then, in the Osaka performance that is said to be “Best Sound” in that, “ANOTHER WASTELAND” “FOUR NIGHTS IN JUDO ARENA” and the like, a number of titles have been released. Among them, “MADE IN JAPAN” is Generation is young, it was sound enough to collect praise from enthusiasts around the world as the “1984 decision board”.
Recently sound source that appeared on the net also check and try if the same recording and its outstanding. However! The sound is been entirely different thing, I do not become even with was a large Ketteiban “MADE IN JAPAN” comparison! Although from the time of its outstanding If you are firmly of the core as the sound board is the musical tone can be seen clearly was great until the outline, clear of this work is more, direct feeling as if coming jumped into ear . Although there is a sense of space of about 6,000 scale of the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, since jumped the first sound output itself, it’s a feeling like reverberation spreads slightly.
Contribute that support the clear of the Osaka audience quietly facing the RUSH. In other countries performance is a big enthusiasm and a large cheer and large chorus is commonplace RUSH, but this in Osaka, a tremendous sense of urgency is that I’ll burn every move of RUSH for the first time eye to eye. Of course, if it fueled, thousands of clapping but is not spread to smooth as carpet, while reportedly only firmly that sense of scale, uninterrupted concentrated force in the musical tone. Maybe then, I do not know to be felt anxiety in every one of RUSH that are not accustomed to Japan, thus “Osaka, GJ!” As a body to make to settle the ear to the recording I would like to say with.
RUSH penetrate such a praise silence should be, but also it is wonderful. Japan performances, began from May 年 1984 “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR” Saishuban of. To only have been very hard To tour over half a year, its performance has been offered at thoroughly, and I me very water also to hear the iron-clad ensemble which is not leaking. In Japan, may it be that it is like did not use the laser beam and 3D glasses was the centerpiece of the time, do you say that this just is not needed if there is a performance of …, was enthusiastically full of concentration of precisely because they are not not.
That suggests that iron-clad the first time in a surprising form “Red Barchetta”. Like its outstanding and “MADE IN JAPAN”, of is there was a lack of two places in this master, it was supplemented with there Budokan performances already issued in the “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE IN BUDOKAN”. The part with the moment of the beginning, “0:02”, “3:21 to 3:46” 25 seconds through. Budokan I performances there is also a great sound, but the sound quality difference between the main sound source was truly upgrade Japan’s best sound quality does not go as “about not notice.” However, its performance is admirably smooth connection, as it is hard to believe that another performance. Despite the switching point is in the middle of a fast passage of guitar solo, it is. If the original, but should be a drawback on the recording, it is the first of them how to focus that stood in the land of the Far East, emerges and is what has been how perfectly synchronized scenes.

It disappears as a vision seen in the dream “RUSH in Japan”. However, it’s existed in reality. Of course, but what can you happen to be the spot There are the ultimate hope, it might not come the other day that come true. This chagrin Mi, if the forgotten the Hagayu is, this work is not required. However, if you do not forget anyway, even in at least one step, even at half a step, I want to approach the truth of “RUSH in Japan”. This work, closest,’s the one to approach the most clearly in its truth. Even as this thought unforgettable life, forever the press CD to leave the truth forever also down to Your side.

歴史上、ただ1度だけのRUSHジャパンツアー。その最高音質録音が、まさかのアップグレードです! 先日「最後の大規模ツアー」と公言されていた“R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”を終えたRUSH。結局、彼らが日本を訪れたのは、1984年の“GRACE UNDER PRESSURE JAPAN TOUR”だけになってしまうようです。その唯一のジャパンツアーの中で最高音質と知られるだけでなく、世界中のライヴを見渡しても「1984年ベストのひとつ」と賞賛されているのが「1984年11月20日・大阪府立体育館公演」。実際、素晴らしいクリアサウンドを誇っていたわけですが、最近になって既発を遙かに凌駕するマスターがネット上に登場し、世界中のマニアが騒然。それが本作なのです!
・1984年11月18日:福岡サンパレス    【録音なし】
・1984年11月20日:大阪府立体育館    【1種類】
・1984年11月21日:日本武道館      【6種類】

このように、40年の歴史でもRUSHの日本ライヴはたった4回だけなのですが、そのうち武道館公演こそ6種類もの記録が確認されていますが、大阪は録音が1種類だけ、愛知・福岡は何一つ見つかっていないのです。そして、その中で“ベストサウンド”と言われているのが大阪公演で、「ANOTHER WASTELAND」「FOUR NIGHTS IN JUDO ARENA」等、数々のタイトルがリリースされてきました。中でも「MADE IN JAPAN」はジェネレーションが若く、“1984年の決定盤”として世界中のマニアから賞賛を集めるほどのサウンドでした。
最近ネット上に登場した音源も、確認してみると既発と同じ録音。しかし! そのサウンドはまったくの別物でして、大決定盤であった「MADE IN JAPAN」をもってしても比較にならないのです! 既発の時点からサウンドボードのように芯のしっかりとしていて輪郭までハッキリと分かる楽音が素晴らしかったのですが、本作のクリアさはそれ以上で、まるで耳に飛び込んでくるかのようなダイレクト感。約6,000人規模の大阪府立体育館の空間感覚はあるものの、まず出音そのものが飛び込んできてから、残響がわずかに広がっていくような感覚なのです。
そうした賞賛すべき沈黙を突き抜けるRUSHが、また素晴らしいのです。日本公演は、1984年5月から始まった“GRACE UNDER PRESSURE TOUR”の最終盤。半年間かけてみっちりとツアーしてきただけに、その演奏は徹底的にこなれており、まさしく水も漏らさぬ鉄壁なアンサンブルを聴かせてくれるのです。日本では、当時の目玉だったレーザー光線や3Dグラスは使えなかったようですが、これだけの演奏があれば必要ない……といいますか、それらがないからこその集中力あふれる熱演だったのかも知れません。
その鉄壁ぶりを意外な形でうかがえるのが「Red Barchetta」。既発「MADE IN JAPAN」と同じく、今回のマスターにも2ヶ所の欠けがあったのですが、そこを武道館公演の既発「GRACE UNDER PRESSURE IN BUDOKAN」で補填しました。そのパートは冒頭「0:02」の一瞬と「3:21-3:46」にかけての25秒間。武道館公演も素晴らしいサウンドではあるのですが、さすがに日本最高音質がアップグレードしたメイン音源との音質差は「気づかないほど」とはいきません。しかし、その演奏は見事に滑らかに繋がり、別公演とは信じがたいほど。切り替えポイントがギターソロの早いパッセージの最中であるにも関わらず、です。本来であれば、録音上の欠点であるはずですが、初めての極東の地に立った彼らがいかに集中し、いかに完璧に期していたのかが浮かび上がる名シーンです。

夢に見ては幻のように消えていく“RUSH in Japan”。しかし、それは現実に存在したのです。もちろん、その場に居合わせることこそが究極の望みではありますが、それが叶う日はもう来ないのかも知れない。この悔しみ、歯がゆさを忘れられるのなら、本作は必要ありません。しかし、どうせ忘れられないのであれば、せめて一歩でも、半歩でも、“RUSH in Japan”の真実に近づきたい。本作は、その真実にもっとも近く、もっとも明瞭に近づける1本なのです。この想いを生涯忘れられないとしても、真実を永遠に残すプレスCDがいつまでもあなたのお側におります。

Disc 1(51:03)
1. Intro. 2. The Spirit Of Radio 3. Subdivisions 4. The Body Electric 5. The Enemy Within
6. The Weapon 7. Witch Hunt 8. New World Man 9. Between The Wheels 10. Red Barchetta

Disc 2(45:28)
1. Distant Early Warning 2. Red Sector A 3. Closer To The Heart 4. YYZ. incl. Drum Solo
5. 2112 6. Tom Sawyer 7. Red Lenses 8. Vital Signs 9. Finding My Way 10. In The Mood
Cygnus 026/27

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