Rush / Passaic 1976 / 1CD+1DVD

Rush / Passaic 1976 / 1CD+1DVD / Cygnus

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Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, USA 10th December 1976 PRO-SHOT/SBD


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Vintage “70s RUSH” milestone professional shot of, is press of the determination of the long-awaited! Best upgraded version of the icon image of this work is early RUSH “December 10, 1976 Passaic performance”. Yes, we have that ticker or blur to hide it not at all!
I might I might become a “?” Is the person never to have a look. When you step-by-step your description, large classic This video has been popular since ancient times as a professional shot that contains the “ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE 1976-1977”. With that venue staff was monochrome shooting for the material, the undercard performances of 40 minutes (other appearances FOGHAT and MONTROSE) That said, summarizes the 70s RUSH professional shot is not almost left in a multi-camera, such as the Official It is the super-decisive image that can be seen. However, a large disadvantage of this video was the central and ticker in the right shoulder of the screen. Was reigning as definitive edition of significant upgrade in 2009: even the “CAUGHT IN THE ACT REMASTERED VERSION”, attrition what to Boca this ticker, trace had been reflected clearly. After all, this caption had to only just to give up, “This just can not be helped” article number of venue side. No longer do you called destiny … and I that there is a long-standing ticker was no longer even seems strange as “those things” is obvious too.
Of that common sense is covered is, it has been the other day gift release “NEW JERSEY 1976”. Wow, is not that ticker! Instead of having been put out by the digital processing, it is the stage of the master before clearly put the ticker !! intro in the gift “Nights, Winters, Years (The Blue Jays)” scene is missing, the master starting from the suddenly playing Although Could, this time, and once again get a full-length version, it was managed to press of the time what.
There is only the previous stage of the ticker, image quality and sound quality, the dimension is different from a version to the myriad until now. While leaving black and white vintage feeling, RUSH is like that spread to fill the screen of beautiful image quality without the ticker is like a dream. Sound is not lose to such image quality. Cheers entering slightly from fine cymbal work, even switching of guitar effects, … that sounds vivid to babbling SE of brook. In an attempt to Itadako taste the sound of this official class in fully, are summarized in two sets definitive specification of the press DVD + CD in terms of sound was also carefully re-mastered.
I see you want to limit the specification to the bottom, young RUSH which is jammed in this work is great. While epic “2112” was the axis, the set that solidified the representative song of “CARESS OF STEEL” from the debut album “RUSH” around, just “ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE” the first piece of the world. And Rui Gedi Lee vocals even was called Robert Plant of the next generation is sharp vocals, guitar of Alex Lifeson to lead the Kyokuso of ever-changing, to drumming …… all of them impress Neil part if Coarsely chance people It is to have burst out. Also synthesizer from the next album, “A FAREWELL TO KINGS” will become the main instrument, but here are RUSH is, just before the. “Trio of the rock band” The Deer and is the appearance is dazzling, it’s the young ambition burning Tagiru performance to sally forth into the world.

The other day, has been declared as the last large-scale tour “R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR” has ended. Kano tour is production which dates back the history of ’40 became a hot topic, this work is the one who carved the strong chest origin any more. It is just 40 minutes of professional shot, but it is also a RUSH history most epic 40 minutes. Name band, RUSH carved a name as the strongest of the trio in rock history. The DVD & CD set their a no two ultra-name video was finished in the ultimate specification. Even a large Ketteiban to brighten your collection, by all means.

ヴィンテージな“70年代RUSH”の金字塔プロショット、満を持してのプレス化決定です! 本作は初期RUSHのアイコン映像「1976年12月10日パセーイク公演」の極上アップグレード・バージョン。そう、あのテロップやそれを隠すボカシが一切ないのです!
ご覧になってことのない方には「?」となってしまうかも知れませんね。順を追ってご説明しますと、この映像は“ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE 1976-1977”を収めたプロショットとして古くから親しまれてきた大定番。会場スタッフが資料用にモノクロ撮影したもので、40分の前座公演(他の出演はFOGHATとMONTROSE)とは言え、プロショットがほとんど残っていない70年代RUSHをオフィシャルのようなマルチカメラでまとめて見られる超・決定的映像なのです。ただし、この映像の大欠点は、画面の中央と右肩にあるテロップでした。2009年に大幅アップグレードの決定版として君臨した「CAUGHT IN THE ACT : REMASTERED VERSION」でさえ、このテロップをボカしこそすれ、痕跡はハッキリと映っていました。なにしろ、このテロップは会場側の資料番号だけに「こればかりは仕方がない」とあきらめるしかなかった。もはや宿命……と言いますか、長年テロップがあるのが当たり前すぎて「そういうもの」として不思議にすら思わなくなっていたのです。
その常識が覆ったのが、先日ギフト・リリースされた「NEW JERSEY 1976」。なんと、あのテロップがない! デジタル処理で消されたのではなく、明らかにテロップを入れる前段階のマスターなのです!! そのギフトではイントロの「Nights, Winters, Years (The Blue Jays)」シーンが欠落し、いきなり演奏から始まるマスターでしたが、今回、改めて全長版を入手し、今度こそのプレス化にこぎ着けたのです。
そこまでの極限仕様にしたくなるほど、本作に詰まった若きRUSHは素晴らしい。大作「2112」を軸としながら、周囲にデビューアルバム「RUSH」から「CARESS OF STEEL」の代表曲を固めたセットは、まさに「ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE」1枚めの世界。次世代のロバート・プラントとさえ称されたゲディ・リーのヴォーカルが鋭いヴォーカル、千変万化の曲想をリードするアレックス・ライフソンのギター、隙あらば叩き込むニール・パートのドラミング……それら総てに瑞々しさが弾け出している。次作「A FAREWELL TO KINGS」からはシンセサイザーもメイン楽器となっていきますが、ここにいるRUSHは、その直前。“トリオのロックバンド”然とした姿が眩しく、世界に打って出る若き野心が燃えたぎるパフォーマンスなのです。

先日、最後の大規模ツアーと公言された「R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR」が終了しました。かのツアーは40年の歴史を遡る演出が話題となりましたが、本作はそれ以上に原点を強く胸に刻んでくれる1本です。わずか40分のプロショットですが、RUSH史上もっともエピックな40分でもある。ロック史に最強のトリオとして名を刻む名バンド、RUSH。その彼らの2つとない超・名映像を究極仕様に仕上げたDVD&CDセット。あなたのコレクションを一層輝かせる大決定盤を、ぜひ。

1. Nights, Winters, Years (The Blue Jays) 2. Bastille Day 3. Anthem 4. Lakeside Park
5. 2112 6. Fly By Night / In The Mood

PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx. 40min.

1. Nights, Winters, Years (The Blue Jays) 2. Bastille Day 3. Anthem 4. Lakeside Park
5. 2112 6. Fly By Night / In The Mood

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