Rush / Northhampton 1975 / 1CD

Rush / Northhampton 1975 / 1CD / Cygnus
Live at Roxy Theater, Northampton, PA, USA 10th March 1975. Stereo SBD

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The initial RUSH’s finest sound board recording excavates new impacts. It is a release decision on permanent preservation press CD. It is recorded in the impact work “Northampton performance on March 10, 1975”. It is a live album containing the one piece of “FLY BY NIGHT TOUR 1975”.
Anyway, this work is shocking. Speaking of the recording of “FLY BY NIGHT TOUR”, only 2 performances (Cleveland performance · Toronto performance) are known so far, even if audience recording comes out, a major incident. That is the sound board, and also the ultimate quality … …. First of all, the position of the show before the content which becomes matter of concern. Let’s check in the tour schedule that three young geniuses ran through.

“February 15” FLY BY NIGHT “released”
· February 14 – 18: Canada # 1 (5 shows)
· February 20 – March 11: US # 1 (10 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· March 19 – June 7: US # 2 (42 performances)
· June 13 – 29: Canada # 2 (13 performances)
“July” CARESS OF STEEL “Production Start”

Over all, 70 performances. In summary it may be hard to understand, but it is 70 performances in about 4 months (136 days), and moving at least once during 2 days high pace. In addition, I have been doing a debut tour until this week ago, and even after the production of “CARESS OF STEEL” began, I will tour in parallel. Although they were 21 years old on average at the time, when are they sleeping? It is a schedule through which the tremendous momentum that permits it is transparent. In the meantime, the Northampton performance of this work is a concert that is the ninth performance of “US # 1”. It was the show just before we could take a week off. (Currently, among the maniacs “The March 11 is not it?” Theory is also whispered, but in this work, in compliance with the official website “March 10 days “as”).
This work that jumped out of such a show is just a shocking sound board. It is a radio sound source by the radio station WSAN of Pennsylvania which was discovered at the end of last year, a surprise recording which was not known to the present despite the broadcast. Moreover, the quality is superb. Although the FM sound board of 1975 ‘s Cleveland performance has become a big classic, this work goes up in length and sound. Although broadcasting is said to be official, it is not stereo with the feel close to the desk system, but the edges that shine glaring and sharp master and freshness are exquisite though it is not close to the desk. The wild trio’s performance is at zero distance …. No, it comes down to the brains shabby with shiny feet. Youthful RUSH and myself complete cycling.
And the show drawn with that sound is overwhelming. Of course the set is “RUSH” “FLY BY NIGHT”, but there is the Beatles cover “Bad Boy” that is unique in the early stage. That “Bad Boy” and his debut work “Need Some Love” is a valuable repertoire to “FLY BY NIGHT TOUR” and you can experience it with the finest soundboard. What is even more pleasing is Omagari “By-Tor And The Snow Dog”. Of course, it is a representative song that will be played later, but I could not listen to it in Cleveland Broadcasting as mentioned above. It can be enjoyed with the average bomb tension of 21.3 years old.
Anyway, it is the overwhelming main work, but it is a bit interesting …… Do you mind surprisingly before “Bad Boy”? Gedy Lee says “The next song is a song of” BEATLES VI. “When MC is MC as if it has LP, you can hear the voice of a small small audience. Geddy that saw it responds to “One? (Just one?”) As much as to say that (unbelievable). Geddy who lost the word goes into the performance saying “This song is called Bad Boy”. It seems that there were about 300 people at the site “Roxy Theater”, but it is just one person who has “BEATLES VI” … …. Subsequent performances are also intense, so the brilliant contrast is strangely real.

I regret it over and over but it is a shock anyway. If the fact unearthed itself is also surprised, sound quality and live are extremely strong. With the withdrawal of Neil Part, RUSH ended, but its legacy had not ended. A superb soundboard album that will become extreme as early as 2019. It is permanent storage decision from Cygnus label.

初期RUSHの極上サウンドボード録音が衝撃の新発掘。永久保存プレスCDでリリース決定です。その衝撃作に記録されているのは「1975年3月10日ノーサンプトン公演」。“FLY BY NIGHT TOUR 1975”の一幕を収めたライヴ・アルバムです。
とにかく、本作は衝撃。“FLY BY NIGHT TOUR”の録音と言えば、これまで2公演(クリーヴランド公演・トロント公演)しか知られておらず、オーディエンス録音でも出てくれば大事件。それがサウンドボード、しかも極上クオリティとは……。その気になる中身の前に、まずはショウのポジション。若き3人の天才が駆け抜けたツアー・スケジュールの中で確認してみましょう。

《2月15日『FLY BY NIGHT』発売》

以上、全70公演。まとめると分かりづらいかも知れませんが、約4ヶ月(136日間)で70公演であり、移動しながら2日に1回以上のハイペース。しかも、この1週間前までデビュー作のツアーを行っており、『CARESS OF STEEL』の制作が始まった後も平行してツアー。当時の彼らが平均21歳だったとは言え、いつ寝ているのか?という凄まじい勢いが透ける日程です。そんな中で本作のノーサンプトン公演は「米国#1」の9公演目にあたるコンサート。唯一、1週間の休みが取れる直前のショウでした(現在、マニア間で「3月11日ではないか?」という説も囁かれていますが、本作では公式サイトに準拠して「3月10日」としています)。
そして、そのサウンドで描かれるショウこそが圧倒的。セットは勿論『RUSH』『FLY BY NIGHT』なわけですが、そこに初期ならではのビートルズのカバー「Bad Boy」が織り交ぜられる。その「Bad Boy」とデビュー作の「Need Some Love」は“FLY BY NIGHT TOUR”までの貴重なレパートリーであり、それを極上サウンドボードで体験できるのです。さらに嬉しいのは大曲「By-Tor And The Snow Dog」。もちろん、後々まで演奏される代表曲ではあるのですが、先述のクリーヴランド放送では聴けなかった。平均21.3歳の爆テンションで楽しめるわけです。
とにかく苛烈な演奏こそが圧倒的な本作ですが、ちょっと面白い……と言いますか、びっくりするのが「Bad Boy」の前。ゲディ・リーが「次の曲は『BEATLES VI』の曲だ。LPを持ってる人は?」とMCすると、小さな小さな観客の声が聞こえる。それを見たゲディは(信じられない)と言わんばかりに「One?(1人だけ?)」と応えるのです。言葉を失ったゲディは「この曲はBad Boyって言うんだ」とだけ言って演奏に入っていく。現場となった“ロキシー劇場”には300名ほどだったそうですが、まさか『BEATLES VI』を持っているのがたった1人とは……。その後の演奏がまた激しい事もあり、鮮烈なコントラストが妙にリアルでもあるのです。



1. Intro 2. Finding My Way 3. Best I Can 4. What You’re Doing 5. Anthem
6. By-Tor And The Snow Dog 7. Bad Boy 8. Guitar Solo 9. Working Man
10. Drum Solo 11. In The Mood 12. Need Some Love


Geddy Lee – Bass, Lead Vocals Alex Lifeson – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Neil Peart – Drums

Cygnus 031

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