Rush / Madison Square Garden 2015 / 2DVD

Rush / Madison Square Garden 2015 / 2DVD / Non Label

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Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. USA 29th June 2015


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I do not not apologize to everyone. I was really sorry. The other day, in the “PHILADELPHIA 2015” commentary of RUSH, which is gift release, but was introduced as “more of whether the video is not the impossible”, I have appeared. It was even professed a “RUSH last full-scale tour” “R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR” therefore “When you end the tour, best of sound / video is absolutely’ll press on,” but we have vowed to heart and, …… and I never would come out the video enough not wait for the end. This feeling, you’ll be who can understand in a moment if you look at this work. It only masterpiece of seats shooting boasts a hyper quality, it is the identity of this work!
Of this work it has been recorded, “R40” and the 23 th of the tour, “June 29, 2015 Madison Square Garden concert.” Yes, it is the Hall of Fame in the Hall of Fame you’ve carved a number of legendary rock history. Its image quality and sound quality is perfect. Angle is a diagonal shot from the stage the upper right corner, pat is also at hand of Alex Lifeson and Gedi Lee. If you say “diagonal”, screen image to be projected in the pivotal points are to become uneasy. Story full of images There is only a 40th anniversary tour to condense the history of the band’s the big attractions, but I it was often also hard to see the video at an angle due. However, in a large venue of this tradition, not only the stage right behind, a huge screen to stage the upper right corner is installed, it’s a position that can be orthoscopic the screen. Even without it shakes the camera from side to side and thus at an angle it is possible to capture at once the members, very easy to see also the screen of the video. In fact, that figure in each song Alex and Gedi is overlaying the phrase while synchronizing the picking even be exhilarating, is endlessly Following is exactly progressive rock of plainly represent scenes a real thrill.
Also, happy to point also to set list. “R40” is, from the latest to debut, but the history of the ’40’s the concept to go back in reverse order, you have some, even if changing the song by the schedule. The basis for the set list are three types to date (among overseas mania has been referred to as the “SET LIST A · B · C”), only the rare set the 1st are four types (the “SET LIST D · E · F · G “) has been confirmed, but this work is of its one of the rare set” SET LIST F “. There is the rare set also four types, but since difference is at most two-three songs of “D · E · F · G”, how even only one day without watching all I can almost grasp. That said, “Losing It” is what Rhea from the “SIGNALS” that have been added this day. The first place is not even necessarily been single cut from that time, the song you can not find a record of live performance. “R40” even it is not playing or 4 once rare set. Gently, it’s a classic that is hidden to go slowly and carefully increase the emotion, but in the packable only packed set list the history of ’40, and I was sandwiched and pop.
In addition, Jonathan Dink Rage appeared to special guests to this song. Emmy Award Golden Globe Awards actor: This is the violinist, which is also a Peter Dinklage brothers. Among the lights change to purple from blue, while snuggle with Alex & Gedi, it is played is as intertwined violin. The sight of so much valuable and fantastic “three strings” and Nante can experience in clear pole ball image quality and sound quality!
Although it is this work that all can seem to faultless, there gulp also slightly drawbacks. In fact, we have a place where the screen stops at some of the “Headlong Flight”, “The Main Monkey Business”. Its length, two places of 12 seconds and 9 seconds in the “Headlong Flight”, about 20 seconds in “The Main Monkey Business”. However, this work is also spectacular 157 minutes 44 seconds in the press 2DVD, 0.43% of the entire stationary part. In other words, the remaining 99.57% is the best quality, it is the stable are in each stage than the number of the video title that appeared until now. Moreover, the best of the live sound in the still part seamlessly, it is not a supplement of a different master. It will me connect smoothly realism. It does not go even to not tell a “there is no absolutely perfect chance of a second” lie with, but it also can not miss the press of for the decimal point of disadvantage which is not less than 1%. The quality of this work, it is of such dimension that.

Tour dates that have been published to date, up to “August 1 Los Angeles performances”. It might to be the last. And, at this moment, the remaining live only two shows that you have been to read this. And as now had it immediately your order, being this work in hand would time that you try to just curtain final performance is now.
“The Mai look afresh to dream of, such as re-visit to Japan of RUSH. Possible Mai” …… I have thought so. What if, at the very least it is possible to watch the masterpiece video of the audience shot, you want to share the bliss of time beyond the sea. This work, “R40” whole picture not only the large masterpiece Tsukuseru taste with superb picture quality and sound quality of, is there any “last hope” to fulfill that desire. Now, Not In a will Kokumo the same time this work. of RUSH whose name shines brilliantly in rock history, and the last may not may “now”.

皆さまに謝罪しなくてはなりません。本当に申し訳ありませんでした。先日、ギフトリリースされたRUSHの「PHILADELPHIA 2015」解説の中で、「これ以上の映像はあり得ないのではないか」とご紹介しましたが、登場してしまいました。“RUSH最後の本格ツアー”とさえ公言された「R40: LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR」ゆえに「ツアーが終わったときには、ベストの音源/映像は絶対にプレスするぞ」と心に誓ってまいりましたが、まさか終了を待てないほどの映像が出てきてしまうとは……。この気持ち、本作をご覧いただければ一瞬でご理解いただけることでしょう。それだけのハイパークオリティを誇る客席撮影の傑作、それが本作の正体です!
また、セットリストにも嬉しいポイント。「R40」は、最新作からデビュー作まで、40年の歴史を逆順で遡っていくコンセプトなのですが、日程によって若干、曲目を変えてもいます。現在までに基本のセットリストが3種類(海外マニアの間では「SET LIST A・B・C」と呼ばれています)と、1日だけのレア・セットが4種類(同「SET LIST D・E・F・G」)確認されていますが、本作は、そのレア・セットのひとつ「SET LIST F」なのです。レア・セットも4種類あるにはありますが、「D・E・F・G」の違いはせいぜい2・3曲なので、全部を観なくても1日だけでも様子はほぼつかめます。とは言え、この日追加された「SIGNALS」からの「Losing It」こそが激レア。そもそも当時からシングルカットされたわけでもなく、ライヴ演奏の記録も見当たらない曲。「R40」でもレア・セットの4回しか演奏されていません。穏やかに、じっくりと情感を高めていく隠れた名曲なのですが、40年の歴史を詰め込めるだけ詰め込んだセットリストの中に、ポッと挟み込まれたのです。
総てが完全無欠に思える本作ですが、極々わずかに欠点もある。実は、「Headlong Flight」「The Main Monkey Business」の一部で画面が止まる箇所があるのです。その長さは、「Headlong Flight」で12秒と9秒の2箇所、「The Main Monkey Business」で20秒ほど。しかし、本作はプレス2DVDで157分44秒も超大作であり、静止パートは全体の0.43%。つまり、残り99.57%が極上クオリティであり、今まで登場した数々の映像タイトルよりも各段に安定しているのです。しかも、その静止パートでも極上のライヴサウンドは途切れなく、別マスターの補完でもない。滑らかに臨場感を繋いでくれます。「1秒の隙もない完全無欠」とウソを付くわけにもいきませんが、1%にも満たない小数点以下の欠点のためにプレス化を逃すこともできない。本作のクオリティとは、そういう次元なのです。


Disc 1(65:42)
1. Video Intro (The World is … The World is) 2. The Anarchist 3. Headlong Flight 4. Far Cry
5. The Main Monkey Business 6. One Little Victory 7. Animate 8. Roll The Bones
9. Distant Early Warning 10. Losing It (with Jonathan Dinklage on violin)
11. Subdivisions

Disc 2(92:02)
1. Video Intro (No Country for Old Hens) 2. Tom Sawyer 3. Red Barchetta
4. The Spirit of Radio 5. Jacob’s Ladder 6. Hemispheres Prelude 7. Cygnus X-1
8. Closer To The Heart 9. Xanadu 10. 2112(Overture/The Temples of Syrinx/Presentation/Grand Finale)

11. Video Intro (Mel’s Rock Pile starring Eugene Levy) 12. Lakeside Park 13. Anthem
14. What You’re Doing 15. Working Man 16. Video: Exit Stage Left

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 158min.

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