Rush / Sheffield Snakes 2007 / 3CDR

Rush / Sheffield Snakes 2007 / 3CDR / Trial

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Live at Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, UK 6th October 2007.

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On the third day of the European leg, which started in October, the Sheffield performance on October 6 was recorded using the original master. Items of “Snakes & Arrows Tour” have been outstanding, such as “Instinctual Drive”, but only the wonderful sound quality was outstanding, but this time items are superior to those, they are ideal superb sound quality balanced very much It has been recorded perfectly throughout. From this european tour, the song has been changed to “Distant Early Warning” instead of “Summertime Blues”, and this “Distant ~”, which is very popular among fans, joined, making it a more powerful set list It is. (Basically it is developing a stage which is considerably synchronized with video and lighting, there is no significant change in terms of performance as a set list as well …) Anyway the ensemble of three people is increasingly appealing It has become something else and it will be touched again by the invincible performance power of the three who can do a lot of highly completed musical pieces that are precisely built up. Godie’s more polished solid base to keep the bottom, exquisite beautiful melody that manipulates the space of Alex, voicing work, rhythm control which Neil finely builds up (solo master of course, of course), etc. are just inconveniences There is no play which will be unfolded one after another. It is scheduled to tour again mainly in North America again in 2008, it has reached a considerable substantial period It is not exaggeration to say that the current peak is the most recent sound source decision board of rush. Please enjoy plenty of ultimate triangle sound that continues to release special light with plenty of sound.

10月から始まったヨーロッパ・レグの3日目、10月6日のシェフィールド公演をオリジナル・マスターを使用しコンプリート収録。「Snakes & Arrows Tour」のアイテムは既発「Instinctual Drive 」等、ずば抜けて音質の素晴らしいものばかりでしたが、今回のアイテムもそれらに勝るとも劣らぬ、非常にバランスのとれた理想的な極上音質で終始完璧に録音されています。なんとこのヨーロッパ・ツアーから、「Summertime Blues」の代わりに「Distant Early Warning」に楽曲が変更されており、ファンにとても人気の高いこの「Distant ~」が加わったことで一段と強力なセットリストになっています。(基本的には映像やライティングとかなりシンクロしたステージを展開しているだけに、パフォーマンス的にもセット・リスト的にも大幅な変化はありませんが・・・)とにかく3人のアンサンブルがますます魅力的なものになっており、緻密に作り上げられた完成度の高い楽曲群をなんなくこなす3人の無敵の演奏力には改めて感動させられてしまいます。 ボトムを抑えるゲディーのさらに磨きのかかったソリッドなベース、アレックスの空間を操る絶妙な美しい旋律、ヴォイッシング・ワーク、ニールの細やかに構築されていくリズム・コントロール(もちろん圧巻のソロ)等々、まさに非の打ち所のないプレイが次から次へとと繰り広げられます。08年も再び北米を中心にツアーを行う予定の、相当な充実期を迎えているまさに現在がピークといっても過言ではないラッシュの最新音源決定盤。格別な光りを放ち続ける本物の究極トライアングル・サウンドを極上サウンドでたっぷりとご堪能下さい。

Disc 1
1. Intro 2. Limelight 3. Digital Man 4. Entre Nous 5. Mission 6. Freewill
7. The Main Monkey Business 8. The Larger Bowl 9. Secret Touch
10. Circumstances 11. Between The Wheels 12. Dreamline

Disc 2
1. Intro 2. Far Cry 3. Workin’ Them Angels 4. Armor And Sword 5. Spindrift
6. The Way The Wind Blows 7. Subdivisions 8. Natural Science
9. Witch Hunt 10. Malignant Narcissism 11. Drum Solo

Disc 3
1. Hope 2. Distant Early Warning 3. The Spirit Of Radio 4. Tom Sawyer
5. One Little Victory 6. A Passage to Bangkok 7. YYZ 8. Outro


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