Roy Buchanan / Tele Master Shifts 74-85 / 1CDR+2DVDR

Roy Buchanan / Tele Master Shifts 74-85 / 1CDR+2DVDR / Johnanna

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Rockpalast 1985 February 24th Rebroadcast. Superior Sound SBD


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★ The coupling and DVD 1985 German TV “ROCKPALAST” high-quality sound recording CD!
★ PROSHOT co-star recording Ronnie Mack , the A · Collins !
★ ( many live 90 minutes) DVD special number recorded in 1974 at the venerable PBS-TV!
★ a total of three pieces ! Mast work summarizing the activities of Roy wrapped in legend !
Telecaster legend revisit ! The choice of the Roy Buchanan valuable source + footage !
The sacred sword picking harmonics playing the trump card in Tele – distinctive sound .
Just flood of guitar phrase that is paid out as magic , is the appearance ” anonymous guitarist of the world’s best “, and the Deluxe Edition of such Roy Buchanan also affected the Kano JEFF BECK.
Activity period because of 15 years only , the video left also are few , but high of master quality grade from Long Version unearthed newly live in Germany TV “ROCKPALAST” of 1985 is a classic live first recorded about 70 minutes in image quality . The contents of the must-see on behalf of many songs show off , such as ” Messiah ” .
And ( full version is in its outstanding JPD-277) Roy appeared only part excerpt recorded five songs at Carnegie Hall in 1985 that was left as the only official , from co-starring live with Albert Collins and Lonnie Mack .
Blues battle by individual guitarist of three , such as the dream is also a point of interest .
And appeared in a total of 3DISC set JPD-191 “’74-’76 THE MESSIA COMES ALIVE” is a classic long-selling DVD of JOHANNA label was also set to that happy more!


魔術のように繰り出されるギターフレーズの洪水は、かのJEFF BECKにも影響を与えたまさに”世界最高の無名ギタリスト”、そんなロイ・ブキャナンのデラックス・エディションが登場です。
そして更に嬉しい事にJOHANNAレーベルのロングセラー定番DVDであるJPD-191 “THE MESSIA COMES ALIVE ’74-’76″もセットした計3DISCセットで登場!

■ 1CDR ■
[ ROCKPALAST 1985 Re-Broadcast Re-Mastered ]
Short Fuse / Green Onions / Roy’s Bluz / Walk Don’t Run /Sweet Dreams / Peter Gunn / Blues Shuffle Instrumental /Hey Joe / Foxy Lady / Messiah Will Come Again / Night Train / Linda Lou / Wayfaring Pilgrim /

■ 2DVDR 
DVD <1> : 123mins.
[ ROCKPALAST 1985 German TV Re-Broadcast Version 76 mins.]

Opening / Short Fuse / Green Onions / Roy’s Bluz / Walk Don’t Run / Sweet Dreams / Peter Gunn / Blues Shuffle Instrumental / Hey Joe / Foxy Lady / Messiah Will Come Again / Night Train /
Linda Lou / Wayfaring Pilgrim /
[Excerpt from the movie “FURTHER ON DOWN THE ROAD 1985”]
Green Onions / Short Fuse / Peter Gunn / When A Guitar Plays The Blues / Further On Down The Road w/Lonnie Mack, Albert Collins./
[Bonus Footage : same as JPD-277 source]
Interview unedited off-aired version / Live Footage from TV source / Third Stone From The Sun compiled from TV Report / The New Music Award / featuring Roy’s Solo Performance /

DVD <2> : JPD-191 “THE MESSIA COMES ALIVE ’74-’76” 125mins.

Woman, You Must Be Crazy / Roy’s Bluz / Sweet Dreams / Hey Joe / Foxy Lady / The Messiah Will Come Again /
Opening / Instrumental Blues / Roy’s Life / Roy’s Guitar Solo / Roy’s Talk / Session with Merle Haggard #1 / Session with Merle Haggard #2 feat. Roy Nichols / Roy’s Talk / Sweet Home Chicago with Johnny Otis / Session with Johnny Otis #2 / Roy’s Talk / Session with Mundell Lowe #1 / Session with Mundell Lowe #2 / Changes / Blues In G / Johnny B. Goode / Down By The River / Blues / Live / Shotgun with Nils Lofgren / Roy’s Talk / The Messia Will Come Again /


Johanna . JPD-DX-013

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