Roy Buchanan / Live In Japan 1977  Original Masters / 2CDR

Roy Buchanan / Live In Japan 1977  Original Masters / 2CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated Text:

Live At Yubin-Chokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan June 14/15th 1977.


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legendary guitarist, Roy Buchanan “Live in Japan” comes up two pieces by the outflow sound board master, including the previously unreleased outtakes! 

77 year-to-date performance date has been released only in Japan originally as a live album, but included on nearly complete from a two-day concert was recorded at that time. LP of non-album was unsatisfactory in terms of time “Messiah again” and “Sunshine Love”, and the like also recorded a number is recorded in high-quality sound board sound source of official equally quality manner. Name record “Live in Japan” revives as a Collector’s Edition of the best!





At Yubin-Chokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan June 14/15th 1977

01. Tuning
02. My Baby Says She’s Gonna Leave Me
03. Roy’s Bluz
04. Further On Up The Road
05. Sweet Dreams
06. Johnny B Goode
07. Sweet Honey Dew
08. Down By The River
09. Slow Down
10. Hey Joe
11. Foxy Lady

01. Soul Dressing
02. Lonely Nights
03. I Hear You Knockin’
04. Sunshine Of Your Love
05. Five String Blues
06. Can I Change My Mind
07. The Messiah Will Come Again
08. I’m Evil/09. Opening Rocker
10. The Thrill Is Gone
11. Since You’ve Been Gone
12. Johnny B Goode

Gypsy Eye Project . GEP-255A/B

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