Roy Buchanan / Live At The Agora / 1CDR

Roy Buchanan / Live At The Agora / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated Text:

Live At Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH September 17th 1975. Soundboard


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Genius guitarist who premature mortality, ’75 sound board live Roy Buchanan comes up for the first time!

I record performance in Agora Borurumu of September 17, Cleveland, Ohio 75 years.

The guitar playing full of the personality of the familiar “Father On Up The Road”, and the like Roy Buchanan in Clapton and “Sweet Dreams,” “Messiah again” early masterpieces had a great impact on the Jeff Beck There is a must listen live you can enjoy! !




1. Can I Change My Mind
2. Peace Of Mind
3. Sweet Dreams
4. Down By The River
5. Further On Up The Road
6. Wee Hours Bluz
7. Love Me Two Times
8. The Messiah Will Come Again

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-258

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