Roxy Music / Three And Nine / 1CD

Roxy Music / Three And Nine / 1CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Palais des Congres, Paris, France 27th November 1974. SBD


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It is the appearance of the first appearance sound board sound source from “Country Life Tour” of November 1974. It is the last day of the European tour of 1974 and includes Paris performances on 24th November in the Official grade super high quality line recording. Speaking of the definitive version of the live at this time is “Pale Blue eyes” (Virtuoso) which also recorded the New Castle performance of Wolfgang’s Vault tone generator on October 28, 1974 the same year with a high quality line recording, its content is not only Roxy It was the full length version of “Viva! Roxy Music” which is not an exaggeration to say it is a live name board of the rock world.
This work is the sound source in Paris immediately after that, unfortunately the number of songs is seven songs and is about 44 minutes long, but the sound quality is perfect comparable to “Viva! Roxy Music”.
Also interesting is that the cheers between the songs are audiences recording, this is a mix of the microphone sound directed to the audience and the sound board of the playing part as it is probably the official live album production which was planned at the time It is expected to be made as a demonstration in the process and to enter the store as it is. Proof that the recording time and the composition of the song are almost the same as “Viva! Roxy Music”, “Viva! Roxy Music” eventually added songs from the earliest songs and the latest live to the best board meaning Although it became an album strengthening, this tone generator is the contents specialized to the “Country Life Tour” to the last. Although I can not find rare song things, Mackay’s tricky performance at the title “Three and Nine” has been arranged for each show, and it’s a big success with Jobson’s violin and the whole Wetton’s The entanglement of the heavy bass is reminiscent of the later UK, and I feel a new emotion. I think that it is only 44 minutes, it is not exaggeration to say that all the British rock / fan hearings are good sound good anyhow, good content, super high quality · first appearance sound source. In 2013, “Behind official live board” suddenly appeared. Appeared in limited press CD than popular Virtuoso label!

1974年11月の「Country Life Tour」からなんと初登場サウンドボード音源の登場です。1974年ヨーロッパ・ツアーの最終日にあたる、11月24日のパリ公演をオフィシャル級の超高音質ライン録音で収録。この時期のライヴの決定版といえばWolfgang’s Vault音源の同年1974年10月28日のニューキャッスル公演を同じく高音質ライン録音で収録した『Pale Blue eyes』(Virtuoso)で、その内容はロキシーのみならずロック界のライブ名盤と言っても過言ではない『Viva! Roxy Music』の全長版というものでした。
本作は、その直後のパリでの音源で、残念ながら曲数は7曲と少なく約44分の長さですが、音質は『Viva! Roxy Music』にも匹敵する完璧なものです。
また面白いのは曲間の歓声が、オーディエンス録音的で、これは客席に向けられたマイク音声をそのまま演奏部分のサウンドボードとミックスしたもので、おそらくこの当時企画されていたオフィシャル・ライブ・アルバム製作過程でデモとして作られ、そのままお蔵入りしたものと予想されます。その証拠に、収録時間や曲の構成が『Viva! Roxy Music』とほぼ同じで、『Viva! Roxy Music』が最終的には初期の曲や最新ライブからの曲を加えたベスト盤的な意味合いを強めたアルバムになったのに対し、本音源はあくまで「Country Life Tour」に特化した内容となっています。レア曲的なものは見当たりませんが、タイトルの『Three and Nine』でのMackayのトリッキーな演奏は、公演ごとにアレンジをかえておりますし、大活躍のJobsonのバイオリンと全編にわたってのWettonのヘヴィーなベースの絡みは、後のUKを想起させるものとなっており、新しい感動を覚えます。たった44分と思うなかれ、とにかく音良し・内容良しの、全ての英ロック・ファン必聴と言っても過言ではない超高品質・初登場音源。2013年、いきなり登場した「裏・公式ライヴ盤」。好評 Virtuosoレーベルより限定プレスCDで登場です!

1. Introduction 2. Out Of The Blue 3. A Song For Europe 4. Three And Nine
5. If It Takes All Night 6. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
7. If There Is Something (Incl. Eddie Jobson Violin Solo) 8. All I Want Is You

Bryan Ferry – Vocals Phil Manzanera – Guitar
Andy MacKay – Saxophone, Oboe Paul Thompson – Drums John Wetton – Bass, Vocals
Eddie Jobson – Keyboards, Violin


Virtuoso 162

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