Roxy Music / Budokan 1983 / 2CD

Roxy Music / Budokan 1983 / 2CD/ Virtuoso

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 9th February 1983

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In 1983, ROXY MUSIC was sending the final album “AVALON” to all No. 1 in the UK and was honoring cum. Such excavation live in Japan is appearing in permanent preservation press 2CD.
Such a work included in “February 9, 1983: Nippon Budokan” performance. It is a superb audience recording. Their first visit to Japan was in 1979, this time for the second time. Let’s first review the schedule of arrival at such a height, let’s check the position of the show.

· February 1st: Osaka Feltibar Hall
· February 2: Osaka Feltibar Hall
· February 3: Nagoya City Auditorium
· February 5: Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
· February 7th: Kyoto Hall
· February 9: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· February 10: Nippon Budokan

Over all, 7 shows. In the first visit to Japan it was only three performances by Tomei Osaka, but the second time more than doubled. This work was a concert which was the first day of Nippon Budokan 2DAYS which is a highlight among them. This work that contained highlights of such a high season, is an excellent recording that clearly clarifies. This show was once left as a masterpiece of Ayanami label “JAPAN TOUR 1983”, but this work is completely different recording. A new master far beyond that masterpiece was discovered.
That sound is terrible, it is truly amazing. What is wonderful than anything is a brilliant transparency. There is no difference in the audience recording that sucked in realistic enthusiasm of popularity, but it is clear that the air feeling is clearly burning and fine details are chosen. Although it is not a close contact zero distance to be conceived from the tone color, almost no hall response is felt. It falls into an optical illusion as if it is doing a show in a vacuum … No, of course it is not a sound when it is really vacuum, but it is a tight sound that is not blurred enough to say so. Of course, not only is it clear but also the core of the sound is powerful. Although it is different from close-up feeling, the performance jumping straight is very on. Ayanami’s “JAPAN TOUR 1983” was also a name recording away in the 80’s, but honestly it is not comparable. Clear and direct feel almost all line recording class …. It is an unusual high quality sound that falls into such a strange feeling though it turns out to be an audience recording.
There are reasons even though it became only that name recording. Actually, this recording was a legendary masterpiece, a person who handled countless super masterpieces representing the 80s such as Stones, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck. This work is directly CD-converted from its treasured original cassette, it is not only the dreadfulness of the recording, but also the insignificant item of the ultimate Genes’ fiery inscription.
It is ROXY MUSIC which is drawn to the extreme that is drawn with such a superb sound. Although this tour is left as official live album “THE HIGH ROAD” and “HEART STILL BEATING”, such official group is excerpt / editing board only to the last. On the contrary, this work is a real fullshow penetrating once. You can enjoy plenty of famous songs that you can not listen even with “HEART STILL BEATING” such as “Do The Strand” of “FOR YOUR PLEASURE”, “The Main Thing” of “AVALON”, “Take A Chance With Me” “Tara”. Of course, lack of tape change etc. can not be avoided only in the cassette recording of the 1980s, but it is complemented by the classic masterpiece “JAPAN TOUR 1983”. It completely seamlessly records a full show of about 100 minutes.
And the performance which spins such culmination is wonderful. As a matter of fact, before the arrival of Japan there was a space of about four months, but this work is the sixth performance in Japan. They are still in their thirties and they are enough to regain the can, and there are plenty of ambitions to see the highlight performances. Brian Ferry, Phil Manzanera, and Andy McKay have been performing enthusiastically that large teams with eight support members joined together. And the sound of this work is also wonderful so that you can see the sophisticated nature of each person firmly.

“AVALON” era when we arrived at where we arrived. It is a new excavation live album that you can witness on the scene with ultra superb sound. This work is 100% full-time student who could not even experience even the official work “HEART STILL BEATING”, and the stage is this Japan. A super masterpiece from Japan that will surprise the world. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content with the permanent preservation press 2CD.


最終作『AVALON』を全英No.1に送り込み、絶頂を究めていた1983年のROXY MUSIC。そんな彼らの新発掘ライヴ・イン・ジャパンが永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

・2月9日:日本武道館 【本作】

以上、全7公演。初来日では東名阪の3公演のみでしたが、二度目は倍増以上。本作は、その中でもハイライトとなる日本武道館2DAYSの初日にあたるコンサートでした。そんな絶頂期のハイライトを収めた本作は、究めてクリアな絶品録音。このショウは、かつてAyanamiレーベルの傑作『JAPAN TOUR 1983』としても残されましたが、本作はまったくの別録音。あの傑作を遙かに上回る新マスターが発掘されたのです。
そのサウンドたるや、まさに驚異的。何よりも素晴らしいのは、光り輝く透明感。人気絶頂のリアルな熱狂も吸い込んだオーディエンス録音には違いないのですが、その空気感がやけに透き通っていて細かいディテールまでえらくクッキリとしている。音色から察するに密着ゼロ距離ではないのですが、会場反響がほとんど感じられない。まるで真空の中でショウをやっているような錯覚に陥る……いや、もちろん本当に真空だったら音がしないわけですが、そう言いたくなるくらいにボケないタイト・サウンドなのです。もちろん、クリアなだけではなく、音の芯も力強い。密着感とは異なっていながらも真っ直ぐ飛び込む演奏は非常にオン。Ayanamiの『JAPAN TOUR 1983』も80年代離れした名録音でしたが、正直なところ比較にならない。はっきりオーディエンス録音だと分かるのに、クリアさもダイレクト感もほとんどライン録音クラス……そんな不思議な感覚に陥る異様なハイクオリティ・サウンドなのです。
そんな極めつけサウンドで描かれるのは、極めつけのROXY MUSIC。このツアーは公式ライヴアルバム『THE HIGH ROAD』や『HEART STILL BEATING』としても残されていますが、そうした公式群はあくまでも抜粋・編集盤。それに対して本作は一気貫通の本生フルショウなのです。『FOR YOUR PLEASURE』の「Do The Strand」や『AVALON』の「The Main Thing」「Take A Chance With Me」「Tara」といった『HEART STILL BEATING』でも聴けない名曲もたっぷりと楽しめる。もちろん、80年代のカセット録音だけにテープチェンジ等の欠けは避けられないわけですが、そこは従来の名作『JAPAN TOUR 1983』で補完。約100分のフルショウをシームレスに完全収録しているのです。

行き着くところまで行き着いた『AVALON』時代。その現場に超・極上のサウンドで立ち会える新発掘ライヴアルバムです。本作はオフィシャル作品『HEART STILL BEATING』でさえ体験できなかったフルの本生100%であり、しかも舞台はこの日本なのです。世界を驚かせるであろう日本発の超傑作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで心ゆくまで存分にお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (39:58)
1. Intro. / India 2. The Main Thing 3. Out of the Blue 4. Both Ends Burning
5. Take a Chance With Me 6. A Song for Europe 7. Can’t Let Go 8. While My Heart Is Still Beating

Disc 2 (58:33)
1. Impossible Guitar 2. Tara 3. Avalon 4. Band Introductions 5. My Only Love 6. Dance Away
7. Love Is the Drug 8. Like a Hurricane 9. Editions of You 10. Do the Strand
11. Jealous Guy

Bryan Ferry – Vocals, Keyboards Phil Manzanera – Guitar Andy Mackay – Saxophone, Oboe
Neil Hubbard – Guitar G uy Fletcher – Keyboards Tawatha Agee – Vocals
Michelle Cobbs – Vocals Fonzi Thornton – Vocals Alan Spenner – Bass
Jimmy Maelen – Percussion Andy Newmark – Drums

Virtuoso 381/382



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