Rory Gallagher / Rock Goes To College /1DVDR

Rory Gallagher / Rock Goes To College /1DVDR/Non Label
Live At Midlesex Polytechnic, London, UK 27th January 1979.

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Rory Gallagher in the “PHOTO-FINISH” era, after returning to a trio band after a long time. A superb pro shot with a dazzling fresh mood will be a gift release.
Included in such a work is “London performance on January 27, 1979”. This is a multi-camera pro shot broadcasted on BBC’s famous TV program “ROCK GOES TO COLLEGE”. Its quality is perfect and iron walls. Even if you say “official class” in a bite, there are many cobblestone chaos, with many words like “if you were at that time” or “if you were excavated”. However, this work is not that dimension, it can be released as it is even in the modern digital prime. It is super vivid and super beautiful. In fact, I can’t say because the detailed data isn’t transmitted, but it is definitely the “mastermaster of the broadcasting station” or “digital rebroadcasting in recent years”. I want to affirm even if I can not affirm. The quality of the image itself is so exquisite that the quality itself is silent.
“The PHOTO-FINISH video version and live performance version” are drawn with such transcendental quality. The program is about 45 minutes long, but out of the seven songs to be played, all except “Do You Read Me” of “CALLING CARD” are “PHOTO-FINISH” numbers. Actually, the performances of 1979 are also recorded in the official DVDs “LIVE AT MONTREUX” and “THE COMPLETE ROCKPALAST COLLECTION”, but nothing so far is “PHOTO-FINISH”. In addition to purity, “Fuel To The Fire” and “Cruise On Out” are valuable numbers that cannot be seen on the official DVD.
And the band that plays it is wonderful. The same trio as the album “PHOTO-FINISH” as well as the members. Rory and his friend Jerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna (famous for hard rock fans with MSG). There was a sense of openness that was refreshed after a long member change in the album, but it was doubled on stage, and a simple but high-tensioned performance was bitten. “Shin Kicker” is a hard rock that is deadly, and “Shadow Play” has a sharp minor melody. In “Brute Force & Ignorance”, Jerry’s bass line is brilliant and “Fuel To The Fire” is gradually in his heart. Although it was a great performance on the official DVD above, this work is not too close. Historically, the golden four-member organization has collapsed, but the 1979 trio is also amazing …
“Mississippi Sheiks” has a deep blues love. Rory was mourned by writing “The King of Zydeco” even when Zediko King Clifton Chenier died, but this song was dedicated to the legendary group “MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS” in the southern prewar period. In fact, it sounds quite different from the original family where the fiddle was uri, but that’s good. Rather than simply covering it, the original new song is written, and it expresses casually that it is soaked in blood by penetrating the Rory style. It’s a great selection for both Chenie and Siegs, and it’s smart. There are a number of rock guitarists who profess the love of Bruce, but Rory was definitely real. It is also a live that feels it.

”Exactly PHOTO-FINISH to see with your eyes”. Although it is only 45 minutes, it is a masterpiece pro shot that can be immersed in the open feeling of a new power trio. If you play rock, it will be sharp and powerful, and if you play blues, it will drip deep. One piece that can be praised by a guitarist of flames with superb quality. Please try this opportunity.

そんな本作に収められているのは「1979年1月27日ロンドン公演」。BBCの名物テレビ番組“ROCK GOES TO COLLEGE”で放送されたマルチカメラ・プロショットです。そのクオリティは、完璧にして鉄壁。ひと口に「オフィシャル級」と言っても玉石混淆で、「当時なら」や「発掘物としてなら」の枕詞が付くものも多い。しかし、本作はそんな次元ではなく、デジタル大全盛の現代でもそっくりそのままリリース可能。超ビビッドにして超美麗な極上品なのです。実のところ、詳しいデータが伝わっていないので断言できないのですが、間違いなく“放送局の大元マスター”、もしくは“近年のデジタル再放送”。断言できなくても断言したい。クオリティ自体が無言でそう言い切ってくる絶品の映像美なのです。
そんな超絶クオリティで描かれるのは、ひと口に言って「PHOTO-FINISHの映像版・生演奏版」。約45分枠の番組なのですが、演奏される7曲のうち、『CALLING CARD』の「Do You Read Me」以外は全部『PHOTO-FINISH』ナンバー。実のところ、オフィシャルDVD『LIVE AT MONTREUX』や『THE COMPLETE ROCKPALAST COLLECTION』にも1979年の演奏は収録されていますが、ここまで徹底的に『PHOTO-FINISH』なものはない。しかも純度だけではなく「Fuel To The Fire」「Cruise On Out」は公式DVDでも観られない貴重なナンバーです。
そして、それを演じるバンドも素晴らしい。メンバーはもちろん、アルバム『PHOTO-FINISH』と同じトリオ。ロリーと盟友ジェリー・マカヴォイ、それに(ハードロックファンにはMSGで有名な)テッド・マッケンナ。アルバムでも久々のメンバーチェンジでリフレッシュした開放感がありましたが、ステージではさらに倍増しており、シンプルながらテンションの高い演奏がブチかまされる。「Shin Kicker」では必殺のハードロックを轟かせ、「Shadow Play」ではマイナー旋律がシャープに疾走。「Brute Force & Ignorance」ではジェリーのベース・ラインが冴えに冴え、「Fuel To The Fire」がじんわりと胸に染みる。上記のオフィシャルDVDでも凄い演奏でしたが、本作もまったく引けを取らない。歴史的に見れば黄金の4人編成が崩れたわけですが、1979年のトリオも凄い……。
そんな中でディープなブルース愛をのぞかせるのが「Mississippi Sheiks」。ザディコ王クリフトン・シェニエが亡くなったときにも「The King of Zydeco」を書いて追悼したロリーですが、この曲は戦前南部の伝説グループ“MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS”に捧げたもの。実のところ、フィドルがウリだった本家とはまったく違うサウンドだったりするのですが、それがいい。単にカバーするのではなく、オリジナルの新曲を書き、あくまでロリー流を貫くことで血肉に染み込んでいることをさり気なく表現している。シェニエにしてもシークスにしてもえらくディープなセレクトですし、やり方もスマート。ブルース愛を公言するロックギタリストは数いれど、ロリーは間違いなく本物だった。それを痛感するライヴでもあるのです。


1. Shin Kicker 2. Mississippi Sheiks 3. Do You Read Me 4. Brute Force & Ignorance
5. Fuel To The Fire 6. Shadow Play 7. Cruise On Out

Rory Gallagher – Vocals, Guitars Gerry McAvoy – Bass Ted McKenna – Drums


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