Rory Gallagher / Osaka 1977 1st Night / 2CD

Rory Gallagher / Osaka 1977 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 31st October 1977

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Rory Gallagher of 1977 who was pursuing popularity cum. The best masterpiece live in Japan is a new excavation. Speaking of Rory in 1977, the last performance album “TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT (Wardour-269)” has been highly popular recently, but this work is a further masterpiece that appeared in succession. It is a superb audience recording of “October 31: Osaka Festival Hall” performance.
Awesome is a wonderful sound quality, but first of all the show position. We will also organize the collection of our own collections, let’s confirm with the tour schedule now.

· October 25: Nagoya City Auditorium
· October 27: Hiroshima Postal Savings Hall
· October 31: Osaka Festival Hall → 【this work】
· November 1: Osaka Health Pension Center
· November 3: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center (Day section)
· November 3rd: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center (Evening section)
· November 4: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center
· November 5: Nakano Sun Plaza Hall (day section)
· November 5: Nakano Sun Plaza Hall (Evening section)

Over all, nine performances. Aside from “TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT” which was released the other day, the live album so far was a Tokyo show, but this work is the first appearance of Osaka in the Osaka. Such a new discovery master is, in fact, the original master brought in the same route as “TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT”. I do not know if the recorders are the same, but the quality is also very similar to the best …… No, it is a vibrant highest masterpiece sound. The acclamation is also a vivid audience recording, but the thickness of the core, the extremely on feel is like line recording. To tell the truth, although we are picking up the venue sounds a little, it does not hide the detail, let alone glittering the ringing. And a sharp, thick “core” penetrates straight in the middle of the beautiful sound. Its main character is, of course, hot guitar and singing voice, but if you are impressed with the bass that tends to be weakness of the customer record, rolling piano is also detailed to touch.
The secret to becoming this sound only is in the arm of the recordingist, but the other is the venue. Actually, the site of this work is the Osaka Festival Hall which is said even as “the hall made by God”. Of course, this venue does not necessarily become a name recording, but it is very wonderful to fall in a good direction. This work is a sound that should also be called a sample. “TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT” was also amazing, but it surely wonders if two such masterpieces will appear at the same time … ….
Rolie’s rock & blues’ hot things drawn with that sound! “AGAINST THE GRAIN” & “CALLING CARD” in the chrysalis era is the same axis as the final show in Tokyo, but while the cover was overpowered, this work is “CALLING CARD” color thick . Also playing “Barley And Grape Rag” and “Edged In Blue” which I could not listen at “TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT”, as a result, it is a large-sized performance of 6 songs out of 9 albums. Of course, it is the famous songs of “TATTOO” “A Million Miles Away” and “Tattoo ‘d Lady” that are involved in the number of such incoming works. Although it is a little less popular even in “LIVE IN EUROPE” “IRISH TOUR’ 74” · Cover is also firm. While appealing the latest (then) Rory’s appearance, the past repertoire is also a show that condensed tasty places.

Above all, the sound quality which can exceed even the masterpiece “TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT” and the truth of the Osaka performance which we hear for the first time. And, it is a mood and performance that makes you cheerful and popular in Japan. It is a masterpiece of a live album that I drew with an original master sound that is too much like that site. The extreme that Rory left in Japan, the extreme of those four. Please check with this work for a moment in which the flame guitarist burned the most hotly.

人気絶頂を究めていた1977年のロリー・ギャラガー。その最高傑作ライヴ・イン・ジャパンが新発掘です。1977年のロリーと言えば、先日も最終公演アルバム『TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT(Wardour-269)』が大好評を賜っておりますが、本作は続けざまに登場した更なる大傑作。「10月31日:大阪フェスティバルホール」公演の極上オーディエンス録音です。


以上、全9公演。先日リリースされた『TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT』をはじめ、これまでのライヴアルバムは東京公演でしたが、本作は初登場となる大阪公演なのです。そんな新発掘マスターは実のところ、『TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT』と同じルートでもたらされたオリジナル・マスター。録音家が同じなのかは分かりませんが、クオリティも酷似した極上ぶり……いえ、さらに鮮やかな最高傑作サウンドなのです。喝采も生々しいオーディエンス録音ではありますが、芯の太さ、極めてオンな感触はライン録音さながら。実のところ、ほんのりと会場音響も拾ってはいるのですが、それがディテールを隠すどころか鳴りを一層艶やかに彩ってくれる。そして、その美音のド真ん中を鋭く極太な“芯”が真っ直ぐに貫く。その主役はもちろん熱いギターと歌声なのですが、客録の弱みになりがちな低音も見事なら、転がるピアノもタッチまで詳細なのです。
これだけのサウンドになった秘訣は録音家の腕にあるわけですが、もう1つは会場。実は、本作の現場は“神が作ったホール”とさえ言われる大阪フェスティバルホール。もちろん、この会場なら必ず名録音になるわけではないのですが、良い方向へ転ぶと極めて素晴らしい。本作は、その見本ともいうべきサウンドなのです。『TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT』も驚異的でしたが、まさかこれほどの名作が同時に2本も登場しようとは……。
そのサウンドで描かれるロリーのロック&ブルースの熱いこと! クリサリス時代の『AGAINST THE GRAIN』&『CALLING CARD』が軸となっているのは東京最終公演と同じですが、あちらがカバー曲多めだったのに対し、本作は『CALLING CARD』カラーが濃厚。『TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT』では聴けなかった「Barley And Grape Rag」「Edged In Blue」も演奏しており、その結果アルバムの全9曲中6曲の大盤振る舞いなのです。もちろん、そんな近作のナンバーに絡むのは『TATTOO』の名曲「A Million Miles Away」「Tattoo’d Lady」であり、少なめとは言え『LIVE IN EUROPE』『IRISH TOUR ’74』でもお馴染みのブルース・カバーもしっかり。最新(当時)のロリーの姿をアピールしながら、過去のレパートリーも美味しいところを凝縮させたショウなのです。

何よりも傑作『TOKYO 1977 FINAL NIGHT』さえも超えかねないサウンド・クオリティと、初めて耳にする大阪公演の真実。そして、絶頂の日本人気を愉しむようなムードと演奏。そんな現場を極上すぎるオリジナルマスター・サウンドで描きだしたライヴアルバムの大傑作です。ロリーが日本に残した極み、あの4人の極み。炎のギタリストがもっとも熱く燃え上がった刹那、本作でお確かめください。


Disc 1 (63:01)
1. Intro. 2. Moonchild 3. Bought And Sold 4. Calling Card 5. Secret Agent 6. Do You Read Me
7. A Million Miles Away 8. Tattoo’d Lady 9. Out On The Western Plain 10. Too Much Alcohol
11. Barley And Grape Rag

Disc 2 (54:25)
1. Goin’ To My Hometown 2. I Take What I Want 3. Garbage Man 4. Edged In Blue
5. Souped Up Ford 6. Bullfrog Blues 7. Messin’ With The Kid

Rory Gallagher – Guitar & Vocal Gerry McAvoy – Bass Lou Martin – Keyboards
Rod De’Ath – Drums


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