Rory Gallagher / Minneapolis 1991 Soundboard Master / 2CD

Rory Gallagher / Minneapolis 1991 Soundboard Master / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN, USA 20th March 1991. SBD

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The “FRESH EVIDENCE” era was the last original album. The best soundboard album is here.
Included in this work is “Minneapolis Performance on March 20, 1991”. It is a sound board recording outflow of those concerned. Rory had toured until January 1995, six months before his death, but the world tour lasted in 1991. This tour included the last performance in Japan, so let’s check the show position from that time’s schedule including that.

● 1990
<< May 1 “FRESH EVIDENCE” released >>
・ June 10-27: Europe (3 performances)
・ October 17: ROCKPALAST
・ December 18-29: UK (7 performances)
● 1991
・ February 19-24: Japan (5 performances)
・ February 27-March 1: Australia (3 performances)
・ March 6th-30th: North America (20 performances) ← ★ Here ★

This is the 1990/1991 Rory Gallagher. Even after 1992, tours were conducted with different members, but only in Europe. This was the last world tour to Japan, Australia and North America. Under such circumstances, the Minneapolis performance of this work was the concert corresponding to the last “North America” ​​leg 11 performance.
This work that recorded such a show is just the best sound board recording. The sound board of this show has been known for a long time, but this work is a new master leaked from a different party. Although it is clear that it is a new master because it is about 4 minutes long, such as before the performance and cheers, it is only evidence. The important thing is the quality that goes through the whole story. This is already the difference of cloud mud. The monaural sound is the same as before, but the deterioration is not seen at all, and the ringing is lustrous and stable. As for the type, it is a direct connection from the table rather than the official style, and the cheers and the mix are somewhat rough for on-site PA. However, that’s why there is no bruising to create a concert atmosphere, and the synchronic feeling with the ultra-real live performance is tremendous. I’m especially happy that the guitar is intense. The balance that the guitar came out in front of the rhythm team may not be ideal as an ensemble for the whole band, but it cannot be complaining because the main is Rory. Both hot bullets and delicious phrases are directly connected to your ears. Although not as much as the guitar, the focus is on vocals, and who is the main character clearly appears in the sound. Although it is a level that can be called “official” in terms of audio quality, it is a sound board album that is more vivid than that and can be closely attached to the existence of the inexperienced white bluesman.
The show depicted in that sound is a hot blues rock that will not let you know the end, even though its later years are approaching. Let’s organize the contents of the set here.

● Polydor Era (8 songs)
・ RORY GALLAGHER: Laundromat
・ DEUCE: Used To Be
・ LIVE IN EUROPE: Pistol Slapper Blues / Messin ‘With The Kid / Bullfrog Blues
・ TATTOO: Tattoo’d Lady / A Million Miles Away
・ IRISH TOUR’74: I Wonder Who
● Chrysalis (7 songs)
・ AGAINST THE GRAIN: Out On The Western Plains / All Around Man
・ CALLING CARD: Moonchild
・ PHOTO-FINISH: Shin Kicker / Shadow Play
・ TOP PRIORITY: Off The Handle / Bad Penny
● CAPO era (8 songs)
・ DEFENDER: Continental Op / Don’t Start Me Talkin ’/ Loanshark Blues
・ FRESH EVIDENCE: The Loop / Kid Gloves / Walkin ‘Wounded / Ghost Blues / Heaven’s Gate
● Other (3 songs)
・ Goin ‘Down to Eli ’s (Wolkin Nighthawk) / Walkin’ Blues (Robert Johnson) / Tumbling Dice (THE ROLLING STONES)

… and it looks like this. While covering 5 songs from the latest “FRESH EVIDENCE” thickly, it covers a wide range of solo careers for 20 years. Speaking of this period, ROCKPALAST professional shots are typical, but only 7 songs are covered, and the other 19 songs are just another selection. Especially, you can listen to precious numbers such as “FRESH EVIDENCE” 3 songs “Kid Gloves” “Walkin ‘Wounded” “Heaven’s Gate”, Nighthawk “Goin’ Down to Eli’s”, Stones’ Tumbling Dice ”on the sound board. it’s the best.
And the performance itself that spells the set is too great. ROCKPALAST was a five-person group with a keyboard, but here is the same four-person organization as the performance in Japan. At the core is a trio with allied friend Jerry McAvoy and his friend Brendan O’Neill from his school days, with Mark Feltmann’s Bruce Harp participating. The following year, in 1992, McAvoy and Brendan were separated from the cocoon, but this work was just before that. The sympathy of Aki, who was the final destination with McAvoy, cultivated through his solo career, is amazing. The mark that is entwined with a gorgeous brow that is not even defeated by Junior Wells is also wonderful, and it is pierced with a great “real feeling”.

From the hard British hard rock to the deep blues like Chicago, it is the culmination of Rory. The late Rory was not able to deepen the ensemble with the new band due to the deterioration of the physical condition, but here he listens to a passionate performance that can be said to be the end of 20 years of solo career with McAvoy. A masterpiece of a live album where you can enjoy the full show on the sound board. Please enjoy to your heart’s content on a permanent preservation press CD.

★ Perfect! Official level super high quality sound board.

最後のオリジナル・アルバムとなった『FRESH EVIDENCE』時代。その極上サウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。



・DEUCE:Used To Be
・LIVE IN EUROPE:Pistol Slapper Blues/Messin’ With The Kid/Bullfrog Blues
・TATTOO:Tattoo’d Lady/A Million Miles Away
・IRISH TOUR’74:I Wonder Who
・AGAINST THE GRAIN:Out On The Western Plains/All Around Man
・PHOTO-FINISH:Shin Kicker/Shadow Play
・TOP PRIORITY:Off The Handle/Bad Penny
・DEFENDER:Continental Op/Don’t Start Me Talkin’/Loanshark Blues
・FRESH EVIDENCE:The Loop/Kid Gloves/Walkin’ Wounded/Ghost Blues/Heaven’s Gate
・Goin’ Down to Eli’s(ロバート・ナイトホーク)/Walkin’ Blues(ロバート・ジョンソン)/Tumbling Dice(THE ROLLING STONES)

……と、このようになっています。最新作『FRESH EVIDENCE』から5曲よ厚めに披露しつつ、20年のソロ・キャリアを幅広く網羅。この時期と言えば、ROCKPALASTのプロショットが代表的ですが、それと被っているのは7曲のみで、他19曲はまるで別のセレクションなのも嬉しいところ。特に『FRESH EVIDENCE』の3曲「Kid Gloves」「Walkin’ Wounded」「Heaven’s Gate」やナイトホークの「Goin’ Down to Eli’s」、ストーンズのTumbling Dice」といった貴重なナンバーを極上サウンドボードで聴けるのは最高です。



Disc 1 (63:14)
1. Intro
2. Continental Op
3. I Wonder Who
4. Moonchild
5. The Loop
6. Don’t Start Me Talkin’
7. Tattoo’d Lady
8. Off The Handle
9. Shin Kicker
10. A Million Miles Away
11. Kid Gloves
12. Walkin’ Wounded
13. Laundromat

Disc 2 (76:11)
1. Goin’ Down To Ely’s
2. Ghost Blues
3. Out On The Western Plains
4. Walkin’ Blues
5. Pistol Slapper Blues
6. Shadow Play
7. Bad Penny
8. Heaven’s Gate
9. Messin’ With The Kid
10. Bullfrog Blues
11. Tumbling Dice
12. All Around Man
13. Loanshark Blues
14. Used To Be


Rory Gallagher – guitar / vocals
Gerry McAvoy – bass
Brendan O’Neil – drums
Mark Feltham – harmonica


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