Rory Gallagher / In Concert / 2CD

Rory Gallagher / In Concert / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK 1st February 1973 & 20th June 1974 STEREO SBD

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Ireland’s “blues and guitarist of flames”, the heyday of Rory Gallagher, and among them the best performance can be declared as a sound source that can be asserted. This board is the same contents as those released on CDR from Masterport label before, but when releasing on press CD this time it is more difficult to obtain from BBC “SPECTACULAR” broadcasting master base which is hard to obtain, using high spec reproducing equipment After re-recording from scratch and noise, we also digitally erased a few scratches and noise. By further accurate remastering, we increased the high frequency range and optimally adjusted the low frequency range, brushing up the sound quality considerably without damaging the deep sound image unique to the analog master disk. Far away from the original masterpiece, Rolie best live sound source will be revived with the quality above the master.

In the inner jacket, the photograph of the information sheet of the used BBC TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE DISC master plate is posted, but on the disc 1, the performance at Hippodrome in London on February 1, 1973, on Disk 2 to June 1974 I am recording a live performance at the same venue on the 20th with a perfect stereo sound board. The members are the same for both performances. Four people in the heyday who sent out their name studio work “TATTOO” and the name live board “IRISH TOUR ’74” to the world. It is thought that the 73 years performance was done for the promotion of the third album “BLUEPRINT” as a solo and the 74 years performance as the Force album “TATTOO”. Because it is 2CD recording, of course, the official live board has a lot of numbers that could not be heard, and in Disk 1 it is a live / take that all songs except Walk On Hot Coals can listen to here only. In addition, Messin ‘With The Kid, Bullfrog Blues recorded on Disk 2 has band members different from take of the same song recorded in the official live board “LIVE IN EUROPE” It is noteworthy that it is. Unlike ‘IRISH TOUR’ 74 ‘, famous song Tattoo’d Lady in famous songs has become an awesome take that the intro was added. A lot of blues and covers are also featured, and you can catch a glimpse of Rory’s deep roots. Bullfrog Blues, which is included in both discs 1 and 2, can enjoy the solo rotation of the members, in the concert it is the standard rock and roll number of the encore, but play nuances and arrangements are also different in each year, so you can enjoy each one. It is not an exaggeration to say that this board can cover the highest performance of Rory of the first half of the 1970s, it can be said that it is a mast item of “One piece for family for Rory fan.” Of course nothing but Rory fans, what kind of guitarist was Rory Gallagher, wanting to listen to Rory Gallagher from now on? It is also a recommended piece for those who say absolutely. If you listen to this board, I think you can feel something in this “hotness”, this “dedication”, this “era”. A masterpiece live board of such extent that it is possible to release official as it is. It is worth to have this sound source with press CD. It will be a limited release so please get it as soon as possible.


内ジャケには、使用したBBC TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE DISC原盤のインフォメーションシートの写真を掲載していますが、ディスク1には1973年2月1日のロンドンのHippodromeでの公演、ディスク2には1974年6月20日の同会場でのライブを完璧なステレオ・サウンドボードで収録しています。両公演ともメンバーは同じ。あの名スタジオ作『TATTOO』と名ライブ盤『IRISH TOUR ‘74』を世に送り出した全盛期の4人です。73年公演は、ソロとしてのサード・アルバム『BLUEPRINT』、74年公演はフォース・アルバム『TATTOO』のプロモーションのために行なわれたものと考えられます。2CD収録ですので、もちろんオフィシャル・ライブ盤では聴くことのできなかったナンバーも多く収められており、ディスク1ではWalk On Hot Coals以外の全曲がここでのみ聴けるライブ・テイクとなっています。またディスク2に収録されているMessin’ With The Kid、Bullfrog Bluesは、オフィシャル・ライブ盤『LIVE IN EUROPE』に収録された同曲のテイクとはバンド・メンバーが異なり、数段迫力が増したパフォーマンスとなっていることに注目です。名曲中の名曲Tattoo’d Ladyも『IRISH TOUR ‘74』とは異なり、イントロが付加された凄まじいテイクとなっています。ブルース・カバーも多く取り上げられており、ロリーのディープなルーツを垣間見ることができます。ディスク1、2ともに収録されているBullfrog Bluesは、メンバーのソロ回しが味わえる、コンサートではアンコールの定番ロックンロール・ナンバーですが、両年でプレイ・ニュアンスやアレンジも異なり、それぞれが楽しめます。本盤は、70年代前半のロリー最高のパフォーマンスが網羅できると言っても過言ではない、「ロリー・ファンなら一家に一枚」のマスト・アイテムと言えるでしょう。ロリー・ファンはもちろんのことですが、これからロリー・ギャラガーを聴いてみたい、ロリー・ギャラガーとはどんなギタリストだったの?という方にも絶対お奨めの一作です。本盤をお聴きになれば、この「熱さ」、この「ひたむきさ」、この「時代」に何かを感じていただけると思います。このまま公式リリースも可能なほどの大傑作ライブ盤。この音源はプレスCDで持ってこそ価値あるものです。限定リリースになりますので、どうぞお早めのご入手をお願いします。

Disc 1 (55:12)
Live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK 1st February 1973
Taken from BBC Transcription Service Disc “POP SPECTACULAR featuring RORY GALLAGHER In Concert”(CN 1747/S)

1. Introduction by Mike Harding 2. What In The World 3. Hands Off 4. Walk On Hot Coals
5. Band Introduction 6. Banker’s Blues 7. Race The Breeze 8. Hoodoo Man 9. Bullfrog Blues

Disc 2 (56:03)
Live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK 20th June 1974
Taken from BBC Transcription Service Disc “POP SPECTACULAR featuring RORY GALLAGHER In Concert”(CN 2117/S)

1. Introduction by Alan Black 2. Messin’ With The Kid 3. Cradle Rock 4. I Wonder Who
5. Tattoo’d Lady 6. (Back On My) Stomping Ground 7. Who’s That Coming 8. Bullfrog Blues

Rory Gallagher – Guitars, Vocals  Gerry McAvoy – Bass Rod De’ath – Drums
Lou Martin – Keyboards


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