Rory Gallagher / Live At L’olympia 1994 / 2CDR

Rory Gallagher / Live At L’olympia 1994 / 2CDR / Breakdown

Live At L’Olympia, Paris, France October 16th 1994


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Legendary guitar player, Rory Gallagher’s representative new Irish live excavation live sound source for the first time appeared for the first time! October 16, 1994 Complete recording of the performance at the historic theater Olympia in Paris, France from the highest level audience recording master. The performance at this time, which was the last performance in Paris in France, is a rare rare live sound source of the later years of Rory Gallagher who has been performing enthusiastically without fail!

01. Intro
02. Continental Op
03. Moonchild
04. I Wonder Who
05. The Loop
06. Tattoo’d Lady
07. Mean Disposition
08. Ghost Blues
09. Shin Kicker

01. Out On The Western Plain
02. Amazing Grace / Walking Blues
03. Shadow Play
04. Off The Handle
05. A Million Miles Away
06. Messin’ With The Kid
07. Bullfrog Blues
08. When My Baby She Left Me / I’m Ready
◆Live At L’Olympia, Paris, France October 16th 1994

Breakdown 783A/B

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