Ron Wood / Gimme Some Neck Sessions / 1CDR

Ron Wood / Gimme Some Neck Sessions / 1CDR / Project Zip

Gimme Some Neck Rough Mixes, Early Versions and Outtakes

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First appearance of the latest collector’s item featuring the recording session sound sources of Ron Wood’s 79 year solo album “Gimi Sam Neck”! Produced at the same time as the recording of the Rolling Stones album “Women (Sam Girls)”, Mick, Keith, and Charlie also participated, and it is a sound source collection that can not be overlooked as an outtake of the actual Stones, provided by Bob Dylan The latest compilation that includes collector’s must-listen new sound sources, such as “Seven Days” and “Belid Alive” that will be shown at a live performance in New Barbarian’s afterwards!


01. Breakin’ My Heart (Version 2)
02. Lost And Lonely
03. Worry No More
04. We All Get Old
05. Seven Days
06. I Got Lost When I Found You
07. F.U.C. Her
08. Don’t Worry
09. Infekshun
10. Tiger Balm
11. Buried Alive
12. Come To Realize
13. Breakin’ My Heart (Version 1)
◆Gimme Some Neck Rough Mixes, Early Versions and Outtakes

Project Zip. PJZ-754

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