Ron Wood / Gimme Some Neck Rough Mixes, Early Versions & Outtakes / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Ron Wood / Gimme Some Neck Rough Mixes, Early Versions & Outtakes / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Non Label

Recorded at Pathe Marconi Studios, Boulogne-Billancourt, France, March and/or April 1978 and Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles, September-November 1978 & Foxes In The Boxes Vol. Four plus Bonus CDR “Gimme Some Neck Original Austrian CD”


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It’s been five years since JEMS’s “FOXES IN THE BOXES” series that made Stones mania all over the world. The first sequel in a long while suddenly appeared on the net. Moreover, the sound source unearthed this time is really astringent. “FOXES IN THE BOXES VOL.4” was recorded as a rough mix of Ronnie Wood’s 1979 solo album “GIMME SOME NECK”.
It’s his third album and the first to transfer to Columbia Records. While the previous two albums were summarized with a strong R&B sound, rock that fully opened up the looseness that took advantage of the experience of becoming a member of Stones until the release of this album from there. It was an album. Even the record giant Colombia can’t help welcoming straight, straightforward rock, rather than the funky, Warner-era, or R&B-oriented style. Thanks to that, “GIMME SOME NECK” has risen to the 45th place in the US charts, which is the biggest success of his album.
It’s such an album, but until now, I haven’t found any rare sound source, and I had no choice but to rely on the live recordings of the New Barbarian’s performed after the release of the album. That’s why this excavation is surprising, but it’s enough to surprise maniacs all over the world. JEMS also attached detailed explanations about the release of the sound source this time, but I tried to add more verification to the release. Let me introduce each track.

01. Breakin’ My Heart v2
According to JEMS’s comment on the opening track, this is the second version. This song had a mix with a particularly small spread of sound among the songs included in “GIMME SOME NECK”, but here it is a mix with more spread, and Ronnie’s smashed together in the final version I understand the guitar part well. More than that, Mick Jagger’s chorusing chorus voice can be heard more clearly than the completed version.

02. Lost And Lonely
It’s a rough mix that begins with a little interaction and Ronnie’s count before the performance starts. The impressive back chorus has already been added, but Ronnie’s guitar parts and lead vocals are still raw. In other words, the texture is raw. In addition, you can feel the realism of the studio. Still, the arrangement of the guitar is totally different. And in the completed version, the back chorus interaction at the time of the fade-out that flew from side to side was also sitting in the middle until the end, instead Ronny’s guitar and Mack Ian McGregan’s organ can be heard well from the left and right. And the ending is 12 seconds long.

03. Worry No More
It is a song that decorated the opening of the album, but it is said in the JEMS text that there is almost no difference, there is barely no overdubbing of the guitar.” Certainly, the lead guitar that came out from the right channel at the ending is not heard here. What’s more remarkable is that it’s much more vivid than the final version. On the album, Ronny’s vocal had the unnatural feel of being pushed to the back, but here it’s much more vivid and pushed to the front.

04. We All Get Old
The mix is ​​totally different. The finished version had a compact performance, but here all the instruments are pushed to the front, as if they were competing. In the intro, Ronny’s extra lead guitar, which is noisy even when it was erased in the final version, is playing, and it is certainly in a rough state. But I wonder if this is a better fit for him. Roy Thomas Baker, who was the producer of this album, did the detailed recording like Queen, and wasn’t it suitable for producing rough and loose recording like Ronnie? I think so.

05 Seven Days
Not to mention the song that becomes Bob Dylan’s pen, it is also the only song in the album where Mick Fleetwood struck the drum. In this rough mix, the sound of his drums was outstanding, and on the contrary, the sound was such that the sound was cracking. In the final version, it was made quite mature. The riff phrase is already Ronnie’s overdubbing at this point, but there’s no back chorus that sounds like Keith screaming from afar. And Ronnie’s lead vocal is another take, but it sounds like this one is singing vigorously. Wasn’t that rather bad for the producer Baker?

06 I Got Lost When I Found You
Isn’t it the biggest surprise in this excavation? A remake of a song co-written with Bobby Womack, who decorated the opening of the second album “NOW LOOK”. The original version was played in a funky tone as if to symbolize the atmosphere of that album, but as expected, it was reborn into a straight and rough rock tone with a new riff added to the “GIMME SOME NECK” session. I will.
And surprisingly, the guitar solo and back chorus are overdubbed. Did you think that it was for the coupling of the single that you re-recorded the songs from the previous album and did the work up to that point? Or maybe this remake version was planned to be replaced in place of the traditional instrumental “Delia” that Ronnie sang.

07 F.U.C Her
Like most of the songs recorded in “GIMME SOME NECK”, the finished version had very muddy sound quality. In that respect, this one is much clearer and more vivid. In the finished version, the effect was added to Ronny’s vocal, and I got a more muddy impression, so this liveliness seems to have cleared the fog. It is also impressive that the modestly mixed piano is pushed to the front.

08 Don’t Worry
“Don’t Worry,” which ended the album, the completed version was summarized by the production of Baker’s main feature that overdubbed Ronny’s vocals fly from the left and right, but these multiple recording vocals are still distributed It’s not done, and it’s a bit annoying (laughs). Instead, a powerful rough mix in which the guitar part jumps aggressively from the left and right. This seems to suit Ronnie. On the contrary, because the horn section of Bobby Keys and others has not been added at this point, the various guitar parts that have been drowned out in the final version can be heard and sound very fresh.

09 Infekshun
The whole performance also sounds overwhelmingly vivid here. And in the completed version, effects were added to Ronnie’s vocals here as well, so this one is more natural and powerful. Above all, the feeling that the guitar part is approaching to the front is the difference of clouds.

10 Tiger Balm
What a completely unreleased song this time. A relaxed song reminiscent of the sound of the latter half of the band, which Ronnie was also associated with. The tone and play of the organ heard here sounds more like Garth Hudson than Ian McGregan. Amazingly, Ronnie also recorded the vocals and added back chorus. His sweet singing voice is very good. If this were the case, it would have been no problem even if it was recorded on the album. This is another amazing outtake.

11 Buried Alive
❖ It is natural that the sound itself is fresh here, and above all, the attractive state that Mick’s chorus harmony sounds louder than the completed version. In the final version, I could barely hear his voice at the ending, so this rough mix, in which Mick’s voice increases in presence as the performance progresses, looks even more attractive. Still, the ending itself is longer than the completed version, and Mic’s voice can be heard even more.

12 Come To Realize
Also, there are few overdub parts of Ronnie, and the sound of Mac’s electric piano is noticeable accordingly. And above all, there was no back chorus that was a chorus style, but Rony alone overdubbed the chorus. Moreover, the ending of the finished version ends like a fade-out while the chorus is rising, but this one is recorded for a longer time and then fades out.

01. Breakin’ My Heart v1
Since this is the first version, there is almost no overdubbing, and it seems to be in a state close to a basic track with only back chorus such as Mick added. Above all, Ronnie’s vocal is different from the final version and the second version, and in the latter half you can even see Mick instructing the chorus timing. It looks like a rough mix.

≪Almost all album rough mixes have basic lines, but there are some differences. On that point, the sound quality of this sound source is completely different from the completed album, and it is not a delicate level that distinguishes the difference in the matrix of the record, but a level that can be understood completely by listening. Even so, there are unreleased songs, so it’s interesting.
It’s really valuable to have a rare sound source of Ronnie’s album that was unlikely until now, but I am surprised that the sound quality is completely official level. Originally it was a cassette containing a rough mix, and even a little hiss noise made it feel like a cassette, and it has no dislike. In fact, we did not need any equalization or modification for this release, and we adopted the version that appeared on the net. It’s a sound source with such high quality, but it’s interesting that the rough mix of an album that had such a rough finish is now unearthed. The largest excavation sound source in the first half of 2020!

世界中のストーンズ・マニアをアッと言わせたJEMSの「FOXES IN THE BOXES」シリーズから早五年。久しぶりの続編が突如としてネット上に姿を現しました。しかも今回発掘された音源は実に渋い。「FOXES IN THE BOXES VOL.4」に収録されたのはロニー・ウッド1979年のソロアルバム「GIMME SOME NECK」のラフミックスというもの。
彼にとって三枚目のアルバムであり、コロンビア・レコードに移籍しての第一弾。前のアルバム二枚がR&B色の強いサウンドでまとめられていたのに対し、そこから本アルバムをリリースするまでの間にストーンズのメンバーになった経験を活かしたようなルーズさを全開にしたロックアルバムでした。レコード会社の大手コロンビアとしても、ワーナー時代のようなファンキーさ、あるいはR&B寄りの作風よりも、ストレートで解りやすいロックを歓迎しないはずがありません。その甲斐あって「GIMME SOME NECK」はアメリカでチャート45位まで上昇という、彼のアルバムの中では最大の成功も収めています。

01. Breakin’ My Heart v2
オープニングトラックながらJEMSの解説によればこちらがセカンドバージョンとのこと。この曲は「GIMME SOME NECK」収録曲の中でも特に音の広がりの乏しいミックスが施されていたのですが、ここではもっと広がりのあるミックスとなっていて、完成版で一緒くたにされていたロニーのギターパートがよく解る。それ以上にサビでコーラスするミック・ジャガーの声が完成版よりもはっきり聞き取れます。

02. Lost And Lonely

03. Worry No More

04. We All Get Old

05 Seven Days

06 I Got Lost When I Found You
今回の発掘における一番の驚きではないでしょうか。セカンドアルバム「NOW LOOK」のオープニングを飾ったボビー・ウーマックとの共作曲のリメイク。オリジナルバージョンはあのアルバムの雰囲気を象徴するかのごとくファンキーな調子で演奏されていましたが、さすがは「GIMME SOME NECK」セッション、新たなリフが付け加えられたストレートで荒々しいロック調に生まれ変わっています。

07 F.U.C Her
「GIMME SOME NECK」収録曲の大半がそうだったのように、完成版は非常にくぐもった音質でした。その点こちらの方がずっとクリアで生々しい。完成版ではロニーのボーカルにエフェクトが加えられていたせいでなおさらくぐもった印象を受けただけに、この生々しさは正に霧が晴れたかのよう。そこでは控えめにミックスされていたピアノが前面に押し出されている点も印象的。

08 Don’t Worry
アルバムを締めくくった「Don’t Worry」、完成版は多重録音されたロニーのボーカルが左右から飛び交うという、ベイカー本領発揮のプロデュースにてまとめられていましたが、こちらはそれら多重録音ボーカルがまだ振り分けられておらず、ちょっと鬱陶しい(笑)。代わりにギターパートが左右からアグレッシブに飛び出す迫力のラフミックス。こちらの方がロニーには合っている気も。それどころかこの時点ではボビー・キーズらのホーンセクションが付け加えられていないおかげで、完成版ではかき消されていたさまざまなギターパートが色々と聞こえてとても新鮮に響きます。

09 Infekshun

10 Tiger Balm

11 Buried Alive

12 Come To Realize

01. Breakin’ My Heart v1



01. Breakin’ My Heart(II)
02. Lost And Lonely
03. Worry No More
04. We All Get Old
05. Seven Days
06. I Got Lost When I Found You
07. F.U.C. Her
08. Don’t Worry
09. Infekshun
10. Tiger Balm
11. Buried Alive
12. Come To Realize
13. Breakin’ My Heart(I)


Ron Wood / Gimme Some Neck Original Austrian CD / 1CDR / Non label

Taken from the original Austrian CD (CBS 466331 2)

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Ron Wood’s third studio solo album released in 1979. Roughmics of the same album, which was unearthed in the JEMS “Foxes In The Boxes” series, is a hot topic, but this one is a convenient one to compare with the outtake collection. Contains the first CD version in Europe in 1989. A flat-transfer, natural sound that is typical of CDs of this era. Since it is an official take, I will refrain from giving detailed explanations, but it is an ultra clear final mix that is fun to listen to with a rough mix on the press board and the contrast of the lively texture and arranged music. Originally, the rough mix and sound was one of the charms, but when I listen to this early version, I notice a very consistent and thoughtful arrangement of sounds. However, I never expected to hear a RAW and ROUGH version in 2020! The music and the mix are really wonderful, and you can reconfirm that it is an excellent masterpiece with a high degree of completion and full of listening.

1979年に発表されたロン・ウッド3枚目のスタジオ・ソロ・アルバム。JEMSの「Foxes In The Boxes」シリーズで発掘された同アルバムのラフミックが話題ですが、そのアウトテイク集との聞き比べに便利な一枚が本盤です。1989年にヨーロッパで初めてCD化されたヴァージョンを収録。この時代のCDらしい、フラット・トランスファーな自然なサウンドが嬉しい一枚。公式テイクなので細かい説明は控えますが、プレス盤のラフミックスで聴けるいかにもデモ&アウトテイクな生々しい質感とアレンジの楽曲との対比がに楽しいウルトラクリアーなファイナル・ミックス。もともとラフっぽいミックス&サウンドが魅力の一枚でしたが、今回のアーリーヴァージョンを聴くと、非常に整合性のある考え抜かれた音の配置に気づかされます。しかし、更にRAWでROUGHなヴァージョンが2020年になって聴けるとは思ってもいなかったですね!楽曲もミックスも本当に素晴らしく、完成度の高い、聴きどころ満載の優れた名盤と再確認できます。

01. Worry No More
02. Breakin’ My Heart
03. Delia
04. Buried Alive
05. Come To Realise
06. Infekshun
07. Seven Days
08. We All Get Old
09. F.U.C. Her
10. Lost And Lonely
11. Don’t Worry

Ronnie Wood – lead vocals, guitar
Mick Jagger – guitar, backing vocals
Keith Richards – guitar, backing vocals
Dave Mason – guitar
Mick Taylor – bass, guitar
Robert “Pops” Popwell – bass
Charlie Watts – drums
Jim Keltner – drums
Mick Fleetwood – drums
Ian McLagan – keyboards
Swamp Dogg – piano
Harry Phillips – piano
Bobby Keys – saxophone
Jerry Lynn Williams – piano, backing vocals
Jon Lind – backing vocals

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