Rolling Stones / Wembley Stadium 1990 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Wembley Stadium 1990 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 4th July 1990


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Rolling Stones 1990 Urban Jungle for the first time since 1982・ The London triumphal performance of the tour was held five times at Wembley Stadium. Initially, everything was scheduled for July, but it is a famous story that Keith’s finger injury caused the latter two performances to be carried over to the August tour Chiakiraku. The most enthusiastic enthusiast in Wembley in 1990 is probably the radio broadcast on July 7, but the series of performances began on the 4th. No item has ever been released on this day, but rather it seems to have been an unknown day for enthusiasts.
Of course, the audience recording itself exists, and as a result of the cassette boots that are sold at street stalls in the UK and flowing to Japan, I got it in the early 1990s when cassette boots were still barely sold. There must have been a maniac. Even in this era when the CD boot bubble exploded, cassette boots were sold here and there. I really miss it.
Actually, the sound source of July 4th by the stall cassette boot was introduced in the fan club magazine at that time, and the content was really interesting regardless of the sound quality, so there are few enthusiasts who wanted to hear it. I think it wasn’t there.

This time, on July 4th, the first limited press CD release in the history of the sound source will be realized, but of course the sound source of the stall cassette boot is not the original. Certainly, the same sound source as the stall cassette was on the market on the CD-R trade, but this time, a new master sound source that was completely different from that and was not on the market among traders was provided by the British taper. ..
The sound source of this time has a sense of distance in the sound image, and if you say that it is an audience recording that reminds you of Wembley “MAKE THE WORLD GO’ROUND” just eight years ago, you can imagine it. The sound quality of that stall cassette boot was completely rough recording, but it is much easier to hear than that. For a while after the opening, except for Mick’s voice, it was quite dumpling-like, and when “Sad Sad Sad” was over to support it, Taper himself complained that “the sound (from PA) is bad”. However, the balance of the performance has improved from around “Tumbling Dice”, and the taper has moved to a slightly earlier position, making it clearer and easier to hear.
By the way, the stall cassette boot sound source had a lot of cuts, but this time the sound source has very few such problems. As the fate of cassette recording, I used the example sound source to compensate only for the cut part that occurred when changing the surface or tape. By doing this, you can feel the difference in sound quality.

Although it is such a distant sound image, it is still clear that the group below Mick is listening to a powerful performance (this area is also similar to “MAKE THE WORLD GO’ROUND”). It is also interesting that the Stones Syndrome, whose performance voltage rises in large venues and cities, is captured in such an easy-to-understand manner. Mick is already singing 20% ​​more than usual from the opening “Start Me Up”, and the guitar solo that Ronnie took over from Bobby Keys in the interlude of “Miss You” is also quite enthusiastic. However, there are some scenes where the audience on this day suddenly cheers at a place that is clearly unrelated to the development of the performance. The best example is “Almost Hear You Sigh”. Despite being a quiet ballad, the audience shows a strange excitement.
That should be the case, July 4, 1990 was the day England vs. Germany was held in the soccer World Cup semifinals. That time overlapped with the Stones concert, and the screen of the day showed the game on the venue. It was an extravagant day when a national event and a national band from England, which had to move to and from the World Cup final, were seen at the same time at the stadium.
England lost in the end, but the match was still in the middle of the concert, and the reason for the big cheers in the previous song was that the English players scored. That doesn’t mean that the audience neglects the concert, and the big chorus of the chorus really feels good at the next “Ruby Tuesday”!

In such a special situation, it is the Stones at Wembley Stadium that will perform wonderfully as well as soccer. It runs through with the tight performance and momentum that is typical of Stones from 1989 to 1990. “Midnight Rambler” has a terrifying scream of Mick, maybe the best take on this tour? The workmanship that seems to be. If you think about it, there was a big cheer for England who scored again in “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.
In an atmosphere that should be enthusiastic in every sense, at the end of the live performance of the killer tunes, starting with “Brown Sugar”, the big chorus for the Stones song was at its peak. Even though there are no customers making noise nearby, the listening comfort that captures the big chorus of the entire stadium in an exquisite balance is also the best. You can enjoy the enthusiasm that does not come from the radio broadcast on the 7th. A masterpiece in the urban jungle masterpiece where both the performance and the excitement heat up the mania!

ローリングストーンズ1990アーバンジャングル1982年以来初めて・ロンドンの凱旋門公演がウェンブリースタジアムで5回開催されました。当初は7月に予定されていましたが、キースの指の怪我で後の2公演が8月のチアキラクに引き継がれたことは有名な話です。 1990年のウェンブリーで最も熱狂的なファンはおそらく7月7日のラジオ放送でしょうが、一連の公演は4日から始まりました。この日にリリースされたアイテムはありませんが、愛好家にとっては未知の日だったようです。
もちろんオーディエンス録音自体も存在し、イギリスの露店で売られていたカセットブーツが日本に流れた結果、カセットブーツがまだほとんど売れていなかった1990年代初頭に手に入れました。マニアックだったに違いない。 CDブーツバブルが爆発したこの時代でも、カセットブーツはあちこちで売られていました。本当に恋しいです。

今回は7月4日、音源史上初の限定プレスCDリリースが実現しますが、もちろんストールカセットブーツの音源はオリジナルではありません。確かに、CD-R業界ではストールカセットと同じ音源が出回っていたが、今回はそれとは全く異なり、トレーダーの間では出回っていなかった新しいマスター音源がイギリスのテーパーで提供された。 。 ..
今回の音源は音像に距離感があり、8年前のウェンブリー「MAKE THE WORLDGO’ROUND」を彷彿とさせるオーディエンス録音と言えば想像できます。そのストールカセットブーツの音質は完全にラフな録音でしたが、それよりもはるかに聞き取りやすいです。オープニング後しばらくの間、ミックの声を除けばかなり餃子のようで、「Sad Sad Sad」がそれをサポートするために終わったとき、テーパー自身が「(PAからの)音が悪い」と不平を言った。ただし、「Tumbling Dice」前後からパフォーマンスのバランスが改善され、テーパーが少し前の位置に移動し、よりクリアで聞き取りやすくなっています。

そんな遠い音像ですが、ミックの下のグループが力強い演奏を聴いていることは明らかです(このエリアも「MAKE THE WORLDGO’ROUND」に似ています)。大規模な会場や都市でパフォーマンス電圧が上昇するストーンズ症候群が、このようにわかりやすく捉えられているのも興味深い。ミックはオープニングの「スタート・ミー・アップ」からすでにいつもより20%多く歌っていて、ロニーが「ミス・ユー」の合間にボビー・キーズから引き継いだギター・ソロもかなり熱狂的です。しかし、この日の観客が、パフォーマンスの展開とは明らかに関係のない場所で突然歓声を上げるシーンもあります。最良の例は「AlmostHearYouSigh」です。静かなバラードでありながら、観客は不思議な興奮を見せます。

このような特別な状況では、サッカーと同様に素晴らしいパフォーマンスを発揮するのはウェンブリースタジアムのストーンズです。 1989年から1990年までのストーンズ特有のタイトなパフォーマンスと勢いで駆け抜けます。「ミッドナイト・ランブラー」はミックの恐ろしい悲鳴を上げています。おそらくこのツアーで最高のテイクですか?のように見える技量。考えてみれば、「無情の世界」で再び得点を挙げたイギリスには大きな歓声が上がった。

Disc 1 (62:23)
1. Continental Drift
2. Start Me Up
3. Sad Sad Sad
4. Harlem Shuffle
5. Tumbling Dice
6. Miss You
7. Almost Hear You Sigh ★ Audience swells on the way
8. Ruby Tuesday ★ Great chorus Impressive! !!
Rock And A 9. Hard Place
10. Mixed Emotions ★ 5: 06 – last up to its outstanding compensation
11. Honky Tonk Women ★ 0: 00 – 0:08 its outstanding compensation (already issued is also not connected because the tape change)
12. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (79:57)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2. Little Red Rooster
3. Can’t Be Seen
4. Happy
5. Paint It Black
6. 2000 Light Years From Home ★ 0: 00 Tape Change Intro Missing
7. Sympathy For The Devil
8. Street Fighting Man
9. Gimme Shelter
10. Band introductions
11. It’s Only Rock’n Roll
12. Brown Sugar
13. Jumping Jack Flash
14. Satisfaction ★ 0:00 Tape change Missing intro

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