Rolling Stones / Voodoo Lounge In Buenos Aires / 2DVDR

Rolling Stones / Voodoo Lounge In Buenos Aires / 2DVDR / Non Label

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Estadio River Plate, Buemos Aires, Argentina 16th  February 1995. Pro-Shot



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VOODOO LOUNGE IN BUENOS AIRES (Free 2DVDR) – THE ROLLING STONES Live at Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina 16th February 1995 PRO-SHOT period (Tuesday), mail order or over-the-counter 18 February 14 (Friday) – February at, Shades Amity Beano of general system, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, LUXOR, etc., of the progressive system, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill, of metal-based, Power Gate, Rising It is the introduction of the item of gift items to customers who purchased two items in this corner of the “Import Title” Arrow, DTB, Langley, also Calm & Storm,.★ However, it will be considered only for the customers who wish. When you purchase, please tell us phone, over-the-counter, order form, by e-mail. ★ Please refrain from the hope of more than one of the same title. Last day of Buenos Aires performances, Argentina from South America tour in 1995 associated with the “Voodoo Lounge”, took place five days recorded in high-quality professional shot video of the live February 16. It is a thing which recorded local TV broadcasting, but in addition to broadcasting take of fact, included on Disc 2 Live With Me leaked from the broadcasting, Before They Make Me Run, and Monkey Man, all of the day. It is an image familiar from the video era, while the soft touch somewhat, compared to the video of the video age, such as through dubbing, you can enjoy the video clean much. How many to be what are installed together anyway, and captures the show in luxury in the angle of a number to much tempted by counting the number of cameras unintentionally, is an image that becomes happy this alone. Towards its habit sound is recorded with sound hard strangely like the desk directly, in characteristic sound of the guitar’s been mixed to be larger for the entire Among that, Satisfaction guitar solo after the day thanks You can watch the video and sound realistic to play havoc the first time to the beginning of the mistake of entering of Keith. Three songs broadcast accrued (. Chorus is shifted completely) is the impression that soft image further, but I’m glad as a bonus track. It is two pieces of Recommended to be able to enjoy the stage of the South American tour that took place in Japan tour before. Last Added recording of 43 minutes the “European Premiere” in the bonus. This can be viewed also live in Stockholm concert tour premiered at the special program was broadcast in Germany in the European tour start time of June 95. As it is converted to PAL to NTSC video title that is up to the net, gave the original menu, it is a gem from beginner to enthusiast, I can recommend to fans of any level.
2月14日(金)~2月18日(火)の期間、店頭または通販にて、ジェネラル系のBeano, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, LUXOR等、プログレ系のAmity, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill、メタル系のShades, Power Gate, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley、Calm & Storm, またこのコーナーの「Import Title」のアイテムを2枚ご購入頂いたお客様へのプレゼント・アイテムのアイテムのご紹介です。


「Voodoo Lounge」に伴う1995年南米ツアーより、5日間行われたアルゼンチンはブエノスアイレス公演の最終日、2月16日のライヴを高画質プロショット映像で収録。現地テレビ放送を収録したものですが、実際の放送テイクに加え、放送から漏れたLive With Me、Before They Make Me Run、Monkey Manと、当日の全てを2枚組に収録。ビデオ時代からのお馴染みの映像ですが、ややソフトな感触ながら、ダビングを経たようなビデオ時代の映像に比べると、格段にキレイな映像で楽しむことができます。とにかく一体何台設置してあるのかと、思わずカメラ台数を数えてしまいたくなるくらいに数多くのアングルで贅沢にショウを捉えており、これだけで嬉しくなってしまう映像です。そのくせ音の方は卓直結のような妙に硬い音で録音されており、その中でも特にギターの音が全体に対し大きめにミックスされているのが特徴で、おかげでこの日のSatisfactionギターソロ後のキースの入りのミスを発端とする演奏大混乱ぶりをリアルな音と映像で観ることができます。(コーラスが完全にずれている。)放送未収の3曲は更に画像がソフトな印象ですが、ボーナスとしては嬉しいトラックです。日本ツアー前に行われた南米ツアーのステージを楽しめるお薦めの2枚組です。ラストはオマケで43分の「European Premiere」を追加収録。これは95年6月のヨーロッパ・ツアー開始時期にドイツで放送された特別番組でツアー初演のストックホルム公演のライヴも観ることができます。ネットにアップされたPAL映像タイトルをNTSCに変換し、オリジナル・メニューを付けたもので、マニアからビギナーまで、どのレベルのファンにもお薦めできる逸品です。

Disc 1 (1:57:57)
1. Introduction 2. Not Fade Away 3. Tumbling Dice 4. You Got Me Rocking 5. It’s All Over Now
6. Sparks Will Fly 7. Satisfaction 8. Out Of Tears 9. Angie 10. Rock And A Hard Place
11. Midnight Rambler 12. I Go Wild 13. Miss You 14. Band Introductions 15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Slipping Away 17. Sympathy For The Devil 18. Street Fighting Man 19. Start Me Up
20. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 21. Brown Sugar

Disc 2 (1:06:06)
1. Encore 2. Jumping Jack Flash

Bonus Tracks
(Not Broadcasted Songs)

3. Live With Me 4. Before They Make Me Run 5. Monkey Man

European Premiere
6. Footage from European Tour 1995

Mick Jagger – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Keith Richards – Guitars, Vocals
Ronnie Wood – Guitars Charlie Watts – Drums

Darryl Jones – Bass, Backing Vocals Bobby Keys – Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Leavell – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Lisa Fischer – Backing Vocals, Percussion
Bernard Fowler – Backing Vocals, Percussion

The New West Horns :
Andy Snitzer – Saxophone Michael Davis – Trombone Kent Smith – Trumpet

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 184min.


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