Rolling Stones / Tokyo Dome 1990 1st Night Uncirculated Master / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Rolling Stones / Tokyo Dome 1990 1st Night Uncirculated Master / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR
Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 14th February 1990 plus Bonus DVDR “TV Documentary 14th February 1990”

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The first stones visit to Japan, which is undoubtedly a monument in the history of performances of modern Western artists in Japan, and engraved with enthusiasm and excitement unforgettable for those who live there. In fact, I was deeply engraved (laughs) so that I could remember the unique smell in the Tokyo Dome venue and the taste of sports drinks given by the sponsor. Stones, once thought of as a “group that cannot come to Japan”, was enough to become the subject of a movie, and finally stepped on the land of Japan. On the contrary, a group that was once said to be “dissolved?” Would pull a new album and come to Japan. Moreover, the excitement of the unification of Japan at the height of the bubble is a legend that is still handed down.
Stones, which became such a big fever, first visit to Japan in 1990, various broadcasts from TV recording, and even the day when test shooting was released as software now, there are plenty of items at the end of the tour . However, the Tokyo Dome on February 14, which was the first day, was extremely difficult to get the ticket that was a contention battle (I also missed), so even the audience recording did not spread It tells how much attention the sun has received from Japanese rock fans.
As expected, on February 14th, the item was not released, and finally opened the breakthrough with the 2003 tour box bonus “THE FIRST NIGHT”. It is also a release more than 15 years ago, and in recent years the audience has received a great sound recording in the “DOME ON WHEELS” box, which has been well received so that two versions were released. .

All of them used the original audience recording master tape, but this time, another audience master was provided by a mania who was present on the first day of Tokyo Dome. This is full of analog feel unique to cassette recording, and the sound quality is a level that goes between “THE FIRST NIGHT” and “DOME ON WHEELS”. In other words, it is not as excellent as the first grade recording or clearness as the former, but it is clearly easier to hear than the latter. Therefore, it is a sound image with a sense of distance, but since it is the Tokyo Dome in 1990, there is even a dumpling immediately after the start of the live. That will be for enthusiasts. However, the excitement and enthusiasm for Stones, who first appeared in Japan, is clearly transmitted, and Mick’s song can be heard.
And the recording improved from the second half of the performance of “Tumbling Dice” and the clearness improved. Perhaps the taper itself was not able to settle down before the stones he finally witnessed, and it was speculated that he was able to secure a stable position from the middle of the song. From there, I got to listen carefully, and I got goosebumps to make the first day of that great fever come back to life. First of all, “Tumbling Dice” makes a great excitement even in places other than the intro, and even in “Miss You”, the audience’s response is stunning. I was surprised once again, “Is it so exciting?” On the other hand, when “Play With Fire” started, it seemed like “I do n’t know what it was, but it ’s just exciting.” I catch it.

On the other hand, the performance of Mick’s and below group’s enthusiasm is amazing even if I listen again. Mick ’s singing in two new songs from his apparently nervous Japanese MC, “Kondoha… Atarashii, No. OK?” Should be tremendous. On the other hand, “Mixed Emotions” is played surprisingly relaxedly, and it may be interesting to hear it now. The continuation of the “ Honky Tonk Women ” melodic scene seems to be because the return from PA did not work well because it was the first day of Tokyo Dome, but it seems that Mick is too energetic and powerful It was a very funny moment.
キ ー Keith Corner is the most unforgettable moment. He would have never expected to receive such hospitality in Japan. Anyway, the excitement when he released the MC to sing was strange, and it also captures it realistically. If you start out with “Can’t Be Seen”, you can see Keith ’s hustle rolling! It is the reaction that he felt that “Japanese rock fans love Keith Richards”. For us, Keith was so excited that he was on stage at Tokyo Dome.
And the wonderful thing about this recording is that all the tape changes of the cassette are made between songs. This work is only amazing in the enthusiasm of Stones’ first performance in Japan. Thanks to that, there was no such thing as supplementing from another sound source. Certainly the total sound quality does not reach the range of the masterpiece “DOME ON WHEELS” sound source, and in that respect it is true that it is an audience album for mania. Still, it is a level enough to revive the excitement of the first day of that legend, and even if there are any number of sound sources of this day, you should be able to enjoy it. Also, unlike “DOME ON ~”, the point is that the real documentary nature of recording up to the announcement after the end of the performance (relieved by the voice of the fans leaving “Suimase ~ n”) is high. The synergistic effect of the energetic audience and the energetic audience of Stones, which is more powerful than anything else, is unique to the first day. It is an appearance that can be enjoyed as a new document from that historic night!

案の定2月14日に関してはアイテムがリリースされることもなく、ようやく突破口を開けてくれたのが2003年来日公演ボックスのボーナスだった「THE FIRST NIGHT」。それも今や15年以上前のリリースですし、さらに近年は二つのバージョンがリリースされたほどの好評を博した「DOME ON WHEELS」ボックスに素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音が収録されてマニアから激賞されました。

それらはすべて独自入手のオーディエンス録音マスターテープを使用していましたが、今回また別のオーディンス・マスターが東京ドーム初日に居合わせたマニアから提供されました。こちらはカセット録音ならではのアナログ感に溢れたもので、音質的には「THE FIRST NIGHT」と「DOME ON WHEELS」の間をいくレベル。つまり前者ほど優等生録音、あるいはクリアネスに秀でたものではないのですが、それでいて後者よりは明らかに聞きやすいかと。よって距離感のある音像なのですが、ましてや1990年の東京ドームですので、ライブ開始直後は団子状ですらある。その点はマニア向けでしょう。だがしかし、それでも初めて日本に姿を現したストーンズに対する興奮や熱狂ははっきりと伝わってきますし、ミックの歌もしっかり聞き取れる。
そして録音は「Tumbling Dice」の演奏後半から見晴らしがよくなってクリアネスも向上。恐らくはテーパー自身も遂に目の当たりにしたストーンズを前に落ち着けず、同曲の途中から安定したポジションを確保できたのではと推測されます。そこからじっくり聞き込める状態となって、あの大フィーバーの初日が見事に蘇る様には鳥肌が立つほど。まず「Tumbling Dice」からしてイントロ以外の箇所でも大きな盛り上がりを見せますし、「Miss You」でも観客の反応は壮絶。改めて「これほどまでに盛り上がっていたのか?」と驚かされる一方、「Play With Fire」が始まった時の「何だか知らない曲みたいだけど、とりあえず盛り上がっとけ」的な空気感(笑)までもばっちり捉えています。

一方でミック以下グループの気合が入りまくった演奏ぶりは改めて聞いてみても本当に素晴らしい。彼の「コンドハ…アタラシイ、ナンバーヲ。OK?」という明らかに緊張気味な日本語MCからの新曲二曲におけるミックの熱唱ぶりは凄まじい力の入りよう。一方で「Mixed Emotions」が意外なほどゆったり演奏されているのも今になって聞いてみると面白く感じられる点ではないでしょうか。続く「Honky Tonk Women」の出だしのメロディが怪しい場面などは、東京ドーム初日ということでPAからの返しが上手く作用しなかったからと思われる反面、ミックが気合入れ過ぎて力んでいるようにも映るという、なかなか微笑ましい瞬間でした。
それ以上に忘れられない瞬間と言えばキース・コーナー。彼自身もまさか日本でこれほどまでの歓待を受けることなど予想だにしなかったことでしょう。とにかく彼が歌うべくMCを発した際の盛り上がりは異様なほどで、それもまたリアルに捉えてくれています。ここから始める「Can’t Be Seen」でキースのハッスルしまくりな様子といったら!「日本のロックファンはキース・リチャーズ大好き」であることを彼自身が感じ取った故の反応でしょう。我々からしてみればキースが東京ドームのステージに上がってくれたことの感激があまりにも大きかったという。
そして今回の録音の素晴らしい点として、カセットのテープチェンジがすべて曲間で行われているという事が挙げられます。ストーンズの来日公演初日という熱狂の中において、この仕事ぶりは見事というしかありません。おかげで別音源から補填するようなこともありませんでした。確かにトータルな音質は名作「DOME ON WHEELS」音源の域に及ばず、その点でマニア向けオーディエンス・アルバムなのは事実でしょう。それでもなお、あの伝説の初日の興奮を蘇らせてくれるには十分なレベルですし、この日の音源はいくつあってもマニアなら楽しめるはず。それに「DOME ON~」と違い、終演後のアナウンスまで収録というリアルなドキュメント性(「すいませ~ん」という退場するファンの声にほっこり)がポイント高い。何より力の入ったストーンズの演奏ぶりと熱狂しまくるオーディエンスの相乗効果は初日ならではのもの。あの歴史的な一夜からの新たなドキュメントとして楽しめる一枚の登場です!


Disc 1 (63:51)
1. Continental Drift
2. Start Me Up
3. Bitch
4. Sad Sad Sad
5. Harlem Shuffle
6. Tumbling Dice
7. Miss You
8. Ruby Tuesday
9. Play With Fire
10. Rock And A Hard Place
11. Mixed Emotions
12. Honky Tonk Women
13. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (73:08)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2. Can’t Be Seen
3. Happy
4. Paint It Black
5. 2000 Light Years From Home
6. Sympathy For The Devil
7. Gimme Shelter
8. Band Introductions
9. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
10. Brown Sugar
11. Satisfaction
12. Jumping Jack Flash



Rolling Stones / TV Documentary 14th February 1990 / 1DVDR / Non label
The First Concert In Japan, Broadcast Date: 15th February 1990 (from 12:00 PM)

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The main press 2CD is a live album where you can experience the unique “February 14, 1990” on site with new sounds. It’s a document that truly witnesses history. For that bonus, we have prepared a pro-shot video that makes “that day” vibrant.
Included in this work is a commercial program “Lunch My TV” broadcast the day after the show. This is a special corner documenting the first day, “Middle-aged Enthusiast! Rolling Stones First Performance”. It is often the case that outside sauce performances are reported on information programs during tea at noon, but Stones’ first visit to Japan is an incident. This day was featured on an unusual 11-minute scale. In this work, the special corner is made into a DVD from the best master recorded by a recording mania in Japan.
Such master quality is also great, but the contents are more concentrated around the ring. Like a tea program, the scene reports of the entertainment industry Nori and the studio scene that is completely blurred are mixed. However, that’s why the resentment at that time drifts deeply (I’m nostalgic to Mr. Miyao, who is now dead!).
Of course, the main point of such a program is the scene of “that day”. One hour before the performance, the stage installation and “Satisfaction” “Jumping Jack Flash” backed the fans asking “where is it?” “I waited for 20 years,” “I was able to give Stones the top priority over work!” And “It’s all, everything,” my heart became hot just with excited voices. You can see the appearance of the car, and the plate numbers of the cars gathered from all over the country are reflected. At the goods department, the impression of “it was rainy” blows out in the line of long umbrellas. In a bubble-full fashion (a pretty cute) girl’s words “I can’t buy a ticket because I don’t have money,” and a couple dancing with a leaking sound while holding an umbrella after the performance … Anyway, the atmosphere of that hot night is real and outstanding. The telop has also been skipped, and “Dafya is a big success! The 10,000-yen ticket has increased more than 10 times” was a shock. It also shows that you are actually buying and selling tickets, and now you can’t think about it … Do you say “Is it all right at that time?”
And the spectacle of the show is wonderful. “Start Me Up” runs fast with a telop that says “6:49 pm: The first track of history has begun”, Mick is nervous “We will wait for us to come to Japan… waiting” “Sad Sad Sad” starting from MC! Such a program, such a precious pro shot was broadcast easily at such a time. It ’s a video that reminds me of warfare because it ’s been 29 years.
After the main set was finished at 8:50 pm, outside of the venue before the encore, Enka ’s Imperial Palace, Koko Kobayashi appeared. “I have a meeting and I haven’t seen it until the end, but it ’s so great! I recommend Enka’s small Sachiko! It ’s great! The audience is shown off with the telop “9:04 pm, the historic performance is over”, but the excitement and frenzy. The announcer was out of the frame with so much enthusiasm, anyway, it was real and the resentment at that time.
When the on-site report is over, it will be a talk in the studio, but this is also amazing. Reporter bought a pamphlet with one hand, “This pamphlet is 2000 yen, but there are people who have bought this much. Why do you buy so much?” It must be 200,000 yen in the future. ”The pamphlet that I bought when a person named Led Zeppelin (!) Came before was actually about 10 years old? “It seems to be 200,000 yen,” commented. If you don’t know where to start with Tsukkon, and the comments themselves are amazing, you can still tickle the reality of a little 1,000 yen at a secondhand bookstore.
And the topic of Paul McCartney coming to Japan to be introduced to the last is super real. It will also be featured in the main “My TV at noon”, but this work also includes the morning program “Yajiuma Wide” on “February 19th” as a bonus video. Here, a few weeks before the performance, it is reported as news that Paul’s schedule for the Japanese performance has suddenly changed. “The organizer said that the reason for the change was to bring Paul’s physical condition to the best, but a performance relationship that points out Paul’s consciousness against Stones that his pride height is the true reason for the change. There is also a voice of the person, “the chairman said,” Stones is very well-received, so if your performance is not very well-reputed, Iyada! I can’t lose! ” “It seems.” Because it is a news video, the feeling of the fuss just before that comes directly.
Although it is a short video with a recording time of 12 minutes, it is a masterpiece video that smells the air of “that day” and “that era” 29 years ago. A must-see and must-have piece that is nostalgic but smiling, sometimes intensely funny. Please enjoy “February 14, 1990” together with the main press 2CD!

そんな本作に収められているのは、ショウの翌日に放送された民放番組“お昼のマイテレビ”。初日をドキュメントした特別コーナー「中年熱狂! ローリングストーンズ初公演」です。お昼のお茶の間情報番組に外タレ公演がレポートされる事はよくありますが、ストーンズの初来日は事件。この日は異例となる11分もの尺を取って特集されました。本作は、その特設コーナーを国内の記録マニアが録画した極上マスターからDVD化したものです。
そんな番組の要は、もちろん“あの日”の現場。開演1時間前からステージ設置の様子や「Satisfaction」「Jumping Jack Flash」をバックに会場外のファン達に「どこが良いですか?」と訊きまくる。「20年待ったもんね」「仕事よりストーンズ最優先できました!」「すべてだよ、すべて」など、興奮しきった声色だけで胸が熱くなりますが、中にはまだ若かった有名人・芸能人の姿もちらほらと見え、全国から集結した車のプレートナンバーが映り、グッズ売り場では長蛇の傘の列に「そういや雨だったよな」の感慨が吹き出す。バブル全開なファッションで(まずまずかわいい)少女の「お金無いからチケット買えなくて、入れない」という言葉、開演後も傘を差しながら漏れてくる音で踊るカップルの姿……。とにかくあの熱い夜の雰囲気がリアルでバツグンなのです。テロップも飛ばしており、「ダフ屋も大活躍! 1万円の券が10倍以上にもなった」は衝撃。実際にチケットを売買している様子も映しており、今では考えられない……と言いますか「当時でも大丈夫かよ?」と29年前の筋違いな心配までしてしまいます。
そして、ショウの光景も素晴らしい。「午後6時49分:歴史的な1曲目が始まった」というテロップと共に快走する「Start Me Up」、ミックが緊張気味に「私たちは日本に来るのをながろう……待ちました」というMCからスタートする「Sad Sad Sad」! こんな番組、こんな時間に、こんな貴重なプロショットがあっさりと放送されていた。29年の時間を経た今だからこそ、戦慄を覚える映像です。
午後8時50分にメインセットが終わった後、アンコール前の会場の外ででは、演歌の大御所、小林○子が登場。「これから打ち合わせがあるんで最後まで観てこれなかったんですけど、すっごくいい! 演歌の小○幸子もお薦めするくらいだから! 最高です!」と親指を立てる。そして、「午後9時4分 歴史的な公演が終わった」のテロップと共に退場する観客の様子が映されますが、その興奮ぶりと狂乱。あまりの熱狂にアナウンサーもフレームアウトしてしまい、とにかくリアルで当時の薫りムンムンなのです。
そして、ラストに紹介されるポール・マッカートニー来日の話題も超リアル。メインの“お昼のマイテレビ”でも取り上げられますが、本作ではさらにボーナス映像として「2月19日」の朝番組“やじうまワイド”も収録。ここでは公演の数週間前にして、ポールの日本公演の日程が突如変更になった事がニュースとして報じられる(懐かしの梨○氏も登場します)。「主催側からは変更の理由をポールの体調をベストに持っていくためとしているのですが、ストーンズに対するポールの対抗意識を彼のプライドの高さが、変更の真の理由と指摘する公演関係者の声もあります」と説明され、司会者も「ストーンズが非常に評判が良いので、これに対して、自分の公演もかなり評判が良くなければイヤダ! 負けられない!というポールの本音があるようだ」とコメントする(ホンマかいな)。ニュース映像だからこそ、あの直前の大騒ぎ感がダイレクトに伝わってくるのです。

“Ohiruno My TV”
Broadcast Date: 15th February 1990 (from 12:00 PM)

1. Start Me Up(Tokyo Dome, 14th February 1990) 2. Programme Intro & MC
3. Tokyo Dome on 5:30PM 4. Satisfaction (BGM) 5. Jumping Jack Flash(BGM) 6. Interviews
7. Start Me Up (Live), The show started on 6:49PM 8. Outside Tokyo Dome
9. Sad Sad Sad(Live) 10. Main Set Ended, 8:50PM 11. Concert Ended on 9:04PM & After The Show
12. Studio Talks 13. Studio Talks (Paul McCartney)

Bonus Track
“Yajiuma Wide”
Broadcast Date: 19th February 1990 (from 8:14AM)

14. Paul McCartney re-scheduled the concert dates


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