Rolling Stones / Tokyo 2014 Second Night / 2CD


Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 4th March 2014 TRULY PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters)  high-quality sound recordings special caused reputation, a blink The releases at once two days rest this time following the first day that Tokyo was recorded in Sold Out! Use audience recording of the best sound quality by the same taper as “TOKYO 2014 FIRST NIGHT” this time of course. It is the second day of performances March 4 first, but recording that has been ventured from the position of a prime block A7 front of the arena overwhelms other clearness phenomenal this time. It is sure that vividly guitar and vocals of Keith Mick also lose the words to sound on a particular. I also distinguished the clearness of the sound of the drum of Charlie to sew between them, but the overall sound quality is only mild. I’m sure I can reproduce realistically the stage on the second day this time with a natural sound quality and an unrelated freshness prone to these days of the Internet and digital age, the thorn and young sound superficial.  Demodulation of the first time significant Keith became the topic from the very beginning that the curtain was opened live this day. Will it not be said that was the manifestation also be opening a excellent condition, such as if the support that it was “Start Me Up”. It was this song that when you have cheered the Stones 24 years ago, we have Genwa the figure for the first time in Tokyo Dome from now, it was played for the first time. Should fans choked on tears of gratitude just opening selection of music that can not help but recall when that was small. Is not without its rough guitar of Keith after this, but it is what everyone was Nadeoroshi the chest figure to play as a different person than the first day. It even if I listen to the appearance of Keith in the sound source that boasts of exceptional clearness, it was a completely different dimension “disappear guitar afloat” of the state as of the first day.  However Contrary to the demodulation of Keith, tone of Mick is disturbed by “Doom And Groom”. It is a tune ending was Ayauka~tsu in the first day, chaos is not a Soredokoro When you come with this day. tone of Iamoni I think this is one of the was funny if you guess from the fact that the state has also been captured in very real, because Mick sing. There is a feeling that has become annual event is Iamoni trouble of Mick in Stones live longer, but the trouble that happened here is a pattern that happens to a considerable upset him. Mick himself wrong structure of a song, it was the had plunged into chaos the band accidentally anyway.  But chaos in the new song will be resolved beautifully by surprise the next. On this day, had been raised as a candidate of the request song much of this year “14 ON FIRE” tour since the beginning of “Silver Train” has made ​​a comeback by the results of an avid fan of the vote at last. Performance after a long time as it is referred to as “a long time ago not much remember the first time one day” in MC, performance of 1973 European Tour since its beginning I was shown off here also Mick. Well, glue has become a can feel that the possibility of sufficiently even by subtracting the state and Ronnie Taylor would play the slide both of whom surprisingly in spite of such a performance. I’m sure I can catch in the sound quality of the best moment of Old exactly tears of gratitude! In addition, it seems to soak deep emotion than listening and playing at the time in ’73 our store has released the “BROWN SUGAR & WHITE SNOW / 100 Years Ago” also do fun.  This performance would of had fun beyond expectation for Keith. Flying happening that started playing the intro before the cowbell Lisa strikes continue in the “Honkey Tonk Women” is heartwarming will occur. It would be no mean that the chain reaction, correct LOL happening has occurred Mick hastily as “Darryl Jones No chuck …” the wrong name of the support member for many years a member introduction, but its a big blurring realism of venue to get the giggles yellowtail would scene you listen all the more fun as long as people who have witnessed the day. Band was lost sight of the timing of the ending by Keith it reacts in the wrong side dish of Charlie has gone singing chorus again after this “Happy”, Chuck Libert is gone Sakibashi~tsu where returning from choir and audience It is also the the 1st scene was hilarious and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in many cases. And recording who is expected to have had’m sure I can continue to record that you (laughs) stability without being distracted by “Keith ran the runway at the Sympathy For The Devil,” which impressed more than anything the demodulation of Keith. And there was a wonderful thing also enthusiastically the first time live the end you have, including this song. Do not miss limited press to reproduce CD sound quality the best day was the most tears of gratitude by the mania kept secrets of “Silver Train”, sold out early, so it is expected this time! ★ 200 limited edition, will be released in the sticker numbering into. Disc 1 (55:27) 1. BGM 2. Opening SE 3. Start Me Up 4. You Got Me Rocking 5. It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll 6. Tumbling Dice 7. 8 Angie. Doom And Gloom 9. Silver Train ( with Mick Taylor) 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. Slipping Away (with Mick Taylor) 13. Happy Disc 2 (71:42) 1. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) 2. Miss You 3. Paint It Black . 4 Gimme Shelter … 5 Jumping Jack Flash 6 Sympathy For The Devil 7 Brown Sugar .. 8 You Can not Always Get What You Want 9 Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor) Mick Jagger – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Keith Richards – Guitars , Vocals Charlie Watts – Drums Ronnie Wood – Guitars Mick Taylor-Guitars, Backing Vocal Darryl Jones – Bass, Vocal Bobby Keys – Tenor Saxophone Chuck Leavell – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Lisa Fischer – Backing Vocals, Percussion Bernard Fowler – Backing Vocals, Percussion Tim Ries – Horns, Organ Matt Clifford – French Horn 14 days

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