Rolling Stones, The / Seattle 1975 Revisited / 2CD

Rolling Stones, The / Seattle 1975 Revisited / 2CD /Non Label

Live at Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA 18th July 1975

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The Rolling Stones’ monaural audience recordings of the July 18th Seattle performance have been released sporadically since the 90’s, but in 2009 JEMS unearthed a master version for sound quality. Is up at once. All the items released in the 90’s were based on the Gene drop cassette, so not only the sound quality but also the pitch was out of order, but the stability was also outstanding, so from the DAC “ALIVE IN SEATTLE” , “SEATTLE 1975” was released from our shop.
If more than 10 years have passed since then, the former is clear but his noisy, and the latter is mokomoko, and each sounds like a quirky sound quality. However, the goodness of the sound source released by JEMS has not faded yet, and this release is the reason why we tried to overhaul again with the technology of 2020, that is why “REVISITED”.

The dilemma that even a sound source recorded in monaural causes a phase shift due to aging and compatibility with playback equipment is a phenomenon that is common in vintage sound sources, and recently the sound source has been re-monoized with “SAM HOUSTON COLISEUM 1965 UP GRADE” by The Beatles. I was allowed to revive the original texture of the sound source. Therefore, the Seattle 75 audience of Stones was thoroughly restored from the turbulence caused by the aging of the left and right sides. By making things on top of that, we succeeded in creating a depth that was not available in the release 10 years ago.
The difference in sound quality is clear compared to the releases of the past two titles, and you will be able to experience the upper sound quality that is very moist, natural and clear. There are also problems with the equipment that would have been used when the JEMS sound source was released, so it was even more rewarding to overhaul. And because this process reduced hiss noise in a natural way, it’s called two birds with one stone.
Compared to the LA Forum recorded by Mike Millard and the definitive cow palace “IT’S ONLY ROCK’N ROLL” sound source that couples two days, the sound image is monaural and a little distant, but there are customers who make noise around I can listen to it enough. The sound quality, which has greatly increased the natural feeling of this time, makes it even easier to hear.

If you listen to the performance of the day again, this is really wonderful. The 1975 tour clearly went on in a crisp, cocaine-fueled tone, especially for Mick in the first half of the tour. However, from the second day of Cow Palace, such a runaway atmosphere gradually begins to hide. Speaking of 1975, it is undeniable that the impact of the performance in the latter half of the tour was weakened because that jumping Mick was the biggest attraction.
However, despite Seattle being the next performance site for Cow Palace, it runs through with hyper tension as if Mick in the first half of the tour was revived. From the opening to “Star Star”, it has already flown like a runaway locomotive, and the scenes of 75 years have continued. It may be that he was in good shape, but even so, Mick flies so much that it feels good to hear. It is the true value of 1975 that the band also plays intensely in a way that is fueled by it. Until the first day of Cow Palace, such a runaway was commonplace, so it’s easy to see how he exploded in Seattle, when the tour was approaching the second half.
The ultimate is “Midnight Rambler” of the day. Not only did Mick pull the band with high tension from the beginning, but Charlie’s drumming that was fueled by him exploded. The performance was so exciting that it reached the climax twice, which was another sharp development. This is the best take in the second half of the tour without any price. On the other hand, “It’s Only Rock’n Roll’s performance is disturbed, which has been a hot topic among enthusiasts for 10 years, but it’s too much momentum.
The 2020 version revives the original charm of this sound source, such as the depth and naturalness of monaural recording, through a precise restoration that makes full use of the latest technology. Compared to the previous two titles mentioned above, it is a finish that can be clearly declared to be the upper version. Please enjoy the hot and hyper performance of Seattle 75 to your heart’s content with such a reborn version!

(Remaster memo)

★ Although the sound quality is very high, it is close to the low range and has another bad texture, so EQ processing is performed to improve the omission in a direction that does not cause discomfort.

The high range is corrected after cutting a little around the mid range, which has a strong habit, but since it is a master with high potential from the beginning, accurate mastering is done without any harmful effects such as an increase in hiss due to EQ correction.

★ Although the original sound source is monaural, there is a phase shift between the left and right channels, and there are problems with band difference and volume difference, so after thoroughly repairing the shaking and sound interruption of one channel, the repair channel is completely distributed to the left and right. As a mono master. The original sound source is monaural recording, so this is ok.

ローリング・ストーンズ7月18日のシアトル公演を捉えたモノラル・オーディエンス録音は90年代から散発的にリリースされてきましたが、2009年になってJEMSがマスター・バージョンを発掘してくれたことから音質が一気にアップ。90年代にリリースされていたアイテムがどれもジェネ落ちカセットを元にしていたせいで音質はもとよりピッチの狂いまで生じていたのに対し、安定性も抜群だったことからDACから「ALIVE IN SEATTLE」、当店からは「SEATTLE 1975」がリリースされてたものです。

モノラル録音された音源でも経年や再生機材との相性によって相位のずれなどが生じてしまうジレンマはビンテージ音源にありがちな現象であり、最近ではビートルズの「SAM HOUSTON COLISEUM 1965 UPGRADE」で音源を改めてモノ化させて音源本来の質感を蘇らせていました。そこでストーンズのシアトル75オーディエンスに関しても左右それぞれの経年から生じる乱れを徹底的にレストア。その上でモノ化させたことで、10年前のリリースにはなかった深みを生み出すことに成功したのです。
マイク・ミラードが録音したLAフォーラムや二日間をカップリングしたカウパレスの決定版「IT’S ONLY ROCK’N ROLL」音源などと比べてモノラルでやや距離感のある音像ではありますが、周囲で騒ぐ客などおらず十分に聞きこめる。それが今回のナチュラル感が大幅に増した音質によってさらに聞きやすくなったのです。

ところがシアトルはカウパレスの次の公演地だったにもかかわらず、まるでツアー前半のミックが蘇ったかの如くハイパーなテンションで駆け抜けます。もうオープニングから「Star Star」までは暴走機関車のように飛ばしまくっており、これぞ75年という場面が続出。いい具合にキマッていたということなのかもしれませんが、それにしても聞いていて気持ちがいいほどミックが飛ばしまくる。それに煽られる形でバンドも激しい演奏を聞かせてくれるのが75年の真骨頂というものですよね。カウパレス初日まではそうした暴走が当たり前だっただけに、ツアーが後半に差し掛かったシアトルで例外的に彼が炸裂してくれた様子がよく解ります。
極めつけはこの日の「Midnight Rambler」。冒頭からミックがハイテンションにバンドを引っぱってみせたのはもちろん、彼に煽られたチャーリーのドラミングが大爆発。その演奏はあまりにもテンションが高く、何と二回もクライマックスを迎えるという、これまたキレッキレな展開を見せてくれました。これはもう掛け値なしにツアー後半のベストテイク。一方で「It’s Only Rock’n Rollの演奏が乱れる場面は10年前からマニアの間で話題となりましたが、それも勢い余ってのこと。





Disc 1 (63:15)
01. Introduction
02. Honky Tonk Women
03. All Down The Line
04. If You Can’t Rock Me
05. Get Off Of My Cloud
06. Star Star
07. Gimme Shelter
08. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
09. You Gotta Move
10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
11. Happy
12. Tumbling Dice
13. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
Disc 2 (54:27)
01. Band Introductions
02. Fingerprint File
03. Wild Horses
04. That’s Life
05. Outa Space
06. Brown Sugar
07. Midnight Rambler
08. Rip This Joint
09. Street Fighting Man
10. Jumping Jack Flash

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