Rolling Stones, The / Madison Square Garden 1975 1st Night: Joe Maloney Master / 2CD

Rolling Stones, The / Madison Square Garden 1975 1st Night: Joe Maloney Master / 2CD / Non Label

Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA 22nd June 1975 PERFECT SOUND

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The Rolling Stones Madison Square Garden in 1975, held for six consecutive nights. Among them, the performance on June 22 has been famous for a long time as Eric Clapton jumped in. There are two types of audience recordings that capture the pattern, but “recorder 2” appeared ten years ago. It was recorded by such a master, Joe Maloney, and was a famous sound source that produced many items due to the sound quality with its clear mono clearness. This summer, however, a new version of Krw_co, a digital tape transfer made by familiar Krw_co, appeared with the enthusiast borrowing a master tape directly from Maloney.
よ う As I mentioned first, Maloney sound source appeared 10 years ago. However, the new version, which is carefully transferred from the master using the latest technology of 2019, has a wonderful upper feeling. The sound’s freshness and clarity have clearly increased compared to the 10-year-old version, as if the thin skin that was wrapped around at the end was finally removed. It is really refreshing, yet natural and clear. Older items released ten years ago were slightly more or less equalized, and some even had low-pitched sounds. However, as a result of Krw_co bringing out the original characteristics of the sound source to the utmost extent, it was reborn as a stunning upper version.

So, to make use of the new version that appeared this summer, we have not changed the sound quality at all this time. This is a matter of course. What do we do without taking advantage of the natural and freshness that has been improved?
Rather, the focus of this limited press CD release was to focus only on fine pitch adjustments that are typical of vintage audiences, starting with the crazy pitch adjustment. That version was so good.
音源 The biggest drawback of this sound source is the cut that occurred during some performances. Regarding the reputation part of the most famous “You Gotta Move”, we adjusted the sound quality of “recorder 1” and connected it with smooth editing without discomfort of another sound source that tends to be compensated. This is also an adjustment method that is natural from the past items, but it seems lucky that the sound quality tendency was similar to “recorder 2”.
This applies to the introduction of “Brown Sugar”, but it’s exactly the same. The weak cut that occurred at the end of “Midnight Rambler” has been cross-fade to make it completely uninteresting.

Although it is an overnight that tends to attract attention as Clapton jumps in, it is the first day of the MSG performance held for 6 consecutive nights, and it is also a stage where the Stones dilemma that gets excited when it becomes a big city was fully demonstrated . Among them, “All Down The Line” captures Keith’s guitar sound in a considerably on balance, and Mick screams in his cuttings in 1975. In this tour, it is a natural sight that hyper performances are played mainly around Mick at the beginning of the show, but on this day even songs such as “ Ain’t Too Proud To Beg ” are quite popular I heard that the skipped performance seems to be a stage at MSG.
Also, on this day, Mick’s voice was not heard due to the beginning of “ Brown Sugar ”, or the intro of “ It’s Only Rock’n Roll ” played by Keith sounded with a flaring sound, the first day of the continuous performance The typical PA upset is also captured, so the sound is surprising when Clapton begins to play the lead at Angkor’s “Sympathy For The Devil”. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to hear the slow-handed playing full-fledged phrase from the 5 minute range of the performance.
However, “Sympathy ~” itself suffered from the PA problem of the day itself, and the irregular formation that Keith turned to the base as much as he played Clapton backfired and the performance started with a sloppy tone Now, respect. Joe Maloney has recorded a case where the band would be disturbed if Keith’s rhythm guitar, which requires Stones Sound, disappears.
Such a turbulence seems to be 75 years, but still the excellent Odins album that you can enjoy the state of the Stones that rushes wildly. Anyway, the natural and clear listening feeling is outstanding. And as Maloney himself has testified, the appearance of Clapton, a hyper-starred ant such as “Star Star” of the day, is the new definitive version of the legendary ant!

都合6夜連続にて行われたローリング・ストーンズ1975年のマディソン・スクエア・ガーデン。その中でも6月22日の公演はエリック・クラプトンが飛び入りした日として昔から有名です。その模様を捉えたオーディエンス録音は二種類存在しますが、今から十年前に登場したのが「recorder 2」。それはかの名手、ジョー・マロニーによって録音されたものであり、彼らしいモノラルのクリアネスが冴え渡った音質ゆえに多くのアイテムを輩出した名音源でした。ところがこの夏、マロニーから直接マスターテープを借り受けてマニアにはおなじみKrw_coが最新の技術にてデジタルにトランスファーさせた新たなバージョンが登場したのです。

本音源、最大の欠点と言えばいくつかの演奏中に生じてしまったカットでしょう。一番有名な「You Gotta Move」のリプライズ箇所に関しては、「recorder 1」を音質調整した上で補填にありがちな別音源の違和感のないなめらかな編集でつなげました。これも過去のアイテムの時点から当たり前なアジャスト手法ですが、何より「recorder 2」と音質の傾向が似ていたことがラッキーだったように思えます。
これは「Brown Sugar」のイントロにも当てはまることですが、その部分に関してもきっちりアジャスト。そして「Midnight Rambler」の終盤に生じた微弱なカットに関してはクロスフェイド処理にてまったく気にならない状態へと仕上げました。

何かとクラプトン飛び入りに注目の集まりがちな一夜ではありますが、この日は6夜連続で行われたMSG公演の初日であり、大都市になると気合の入るストーンズのジレンマが遺憾なく発揮されたステージでもあります。中でも「All Down The Line」はキースのギターの音が相当にオンなバランスで捉えられており、彼のカッティングが冴えまくる中でミックが絶叫する様はこれぞ1975年。このように本ツアーではショー序盤でミックを中心としてハイパーな演奏が繰り広げられるのは当たり前の光景となっていますが、この日は「Ain’t Too Proud To Beg」のような曲でも相当にぶっ飛んだ演奏が聞かれるのがMSGでのステージらしいところかと。
またこの日は「Brown Sugar」の出だしでミックの声が出なかったり、あるいはキースの弾いた「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」のイントロがペラペラな音で鳴ってしまったりと、連続公演の初日にありがちなPAの乱調ぶりも捉えられており、それ故に目玉であるアンコールの「Sympathy For The Devil」でクラプトンがリードを弾き始めた際にも音が思いのほかペラペラ。それでもなおスローハンド奏法全開なフレーズを演奏の5分台から聞かせてくれるのがお見事。
そうした乱れもまた75年らしいところであり、それでもなおワイルドに突き進んでしまうストーンズの様子も最高に楽しめてしまう優良オーディンス・アルバム。とにかくナチュラルでクリアーな聞き心地は抜群。そしてマロニー自身も証言しているように、この日の「Star Star」のようなハイパーな名演アリのクラプトン登場もアリという伝説の一日の新たな決定版!

Disc 1 (71:17)
01. Fanfare For The Common Man
02. Honky Tonk Women
03. All Down The Line
04. If You Can’t Rock Me
05. Get Off Of My Cloud
06. Star Star
07. Gimme Shelter
08. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
09. You Gotta Move★エンディング付近曲中カット補填
10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
11. Band Introductions
12. Happy
13. Tumbling Dice
14. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
15 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Disc 2 (73:11)

01. Fingerprint File
02. Angie
03. Wild Horses
04. That’s Life
05. Outa Space
06. Brown Sugar★出だしカット補填
07. Midnight Rambler★終盤曲中カットをクロスフェード処理
08. Rip This Joint
09. Street Fighting Man
10. Jumping Jack Flash
11. Sympathy For The Devil (★with Eric Clapton)
12. Closing

Mick Jagger – lead vocals, harmonica
Keith Richards – guitar, lead & backing vocals
Charlie Watts – drums
Ronnie Wood – guitar, backing vocals
Bill Wyman – bass guitar
Billy Preston – keyboards, backing vocals
Ollie E. Brown – percussion, backing vocals

Special Guest: Eric Clapton – guitar


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