Rolling Stones, The / Hamburg 2017 / 2CD

Rolling Stones, The / Hamburg 2017 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany 9th September 2017 .

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Finally started rolling stones 2017 live tour “NO FILTER”. The staging which changed the composition of the live for the first time since the live activity resumed in 2012 is attracting attention of maniacs all over the world. First of all, the opening was “Sympathy For The Devil”, a pattern that was not likely to be ever. Since 2012, since the music which was reminiscent of the same song was flowed in the opening SE, although this pattern is innovative, it still appears in a very natural flow. Besides, from being treated as a repertoire for the beginning of live, it is fresh again that it is being played on a shorter length compared to the version that was played in the latter half of the show until then. However, since the current Stones is a structure that easily changes the selection of opening, it has been thought that this pattern also changes to another song while the tour progresses. When thinking about it, the rare and innovative opening is more outstanding.
Nonetheless, the Hamburg performance to be released this time is the first day of the live tour in 2017, the stage since the dessert trip about a year ago. Stones is now an aged rock and roll group, and when it comes to the second song “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll”, it is being played at a slow tempo that seems to be heard as “Dokkoisho”. This neighborhood is a sight that seems to be the first day tour. On the other hand, “Out Of Control” is a polite performance filled with the first day of the tour, but it is also fresh that it is a finish that can be likable rather than it.
Two songs from the blues cover album collection album released last year playing the role of unraveling Stones’ tension or strengthening the accelerator in the first half of such live. Both of them are the music that Stones is most proud of, while the first day of the tour, plenty of plays are plentiful in their eyes. In addition, the utility given to them on the stage that being played in the first half of the live is immeasurable. On the contrary, we have created such a wonderful collection of blues and covers, so we can not stop thinking that we would like to introduce more songs from the album into the repertoire.

In the acoustic corner visited after the blues cover appeared unprecedented number of surprises. What is it “Play With Fire”. As recently released by our release, the 1989 “STEEL WHELLS” America tour was played regularly (even in the 60’s), but the tour took place in the 1990 Japanese performance And moved to Tokyo Dome on 23rd February at the end and disappeared from the seat of the live repertoire. In other words, the first performance in 27 years was realized on the first day of the tour.
“STEEL WHELLS” In the performance during the tour, the synth sound was added on the way, and arrangements that seemed to be of the time were given indeed. On the contrary, this time I will return to an arrangement that is more acoustic and reminiscent of the studio version … or something, this time it is a mysterious development that the sound which “kicks” periodically enters. Although this “kiru”, we are familiar with “work” as a vibrator wrap instrument that strikes. It is a finish that you want to call even as a so-called “play with fire” version of “Play With Fire”. There is no doubt that this will make you laugh!

“Dancing With Mr. D” that will be amazed just by the resurrection of “Ryo” with a taste “Play With Fire”, but also made the maniacs all over the world say after the European tour in 1973 . It is one of the songs of the 70’s golden age, but the former is a relaxed tempo and the feeling that the current group can play naturally also is very good. As soon as I started this live performance has been performed twice in three performances so far, but I want you to be a repertoire representing 2017 after being played.
And another surprise is “Under My Thumb”. Although this song has the impression that it has been played live sporadically until relatively recently, it is still rare because it is a revival to the live repertoire that is the November 2006 LA, the Dodger Stadium. In addition, there are things reminiscent of Stones in around 1966 where the “Paint It Black” is played in succession from here. However, if you play the same song, the tempo will be delayed again, again, the tempo late performance is noticeable throughout the show on this day. Even if you set it to “Midnight Rambler” it will be the beginning of the slowest tempo, but even if Charlie changes the rhythm, the performance is suddenly incandescent. The future direction of Stones live may be hidden in this performance.

As a result, “Miss You” and “Gimme Shelter” move to the latter half of the live is also interesting. The Hamburg show on the first day of such a tour got a superb quality audience recording immediately. This sound source recorded by the taper “wb”, the sound image which is on at all and clearness are wonderful, boasting the quality which can be enjoyed from beginner to maniac on the first day of tour. Regarding the cut that occurred in “Sympathy for the Devil”, I adjusted it with the sound of YouTube video on the same day, and I finished it so that I can listen to it without any discomfort.

And it includes the rehearsal pattern in Hamburg two days ago as a bonus track. The one that became the basis was published on YouTube. This is what the drones took a recorder and took a snatch from near the venue. As much as that, the sound is as quality as an AM radio, but still you can hear the performance firmly. Audience recording also enters into a new era to use drones for recording outdoor rehearsals. “Play With Fire” still can not feel the “creation” taste (laugh). It has become a luxurious content that can enjoy both real and rehearsal with this. “Dancing With Mr. D” which I made a mistake in the production has been played without any problems in the rehearsal. Stones’ latest “NO FILTER” tour will also run by our press press CD limited only this time!

遂に始まったローリング・ストーンズ2017年のライブ・ツアー「NO FILTER」。2012年にライブ活動を再開して以来、初めてライブの構成を大幅に変えたステージングが世界中のマニアの注目を集めています。まずはオープニングが「Sympathy For The Devil」という、今までありそうでなかったパターン。2012年からオープニングのSEには同曲を彷彿とさせる音楽が流されていたのだから、今回のパターンは斬新でありながら、それでいてとても自然な流れに映ります。それにライブの幕開け用レパートリーとしての扱いからか、それまでショーの後半で演奏されていたバージョンと比べて短めな尺で演奏されているのがまた新鮮。しかし現在のストーンズはオープニングの選曲を簡単に変えてしまう構成が長年続いていますので、このパターンもツアーが進行するうちに他の曲へと変わってしまうことも考えられます。それを思うとなおさらレアで斬新なオープニングが効果抜群。
とはいえ今回リリースされるハンブルク公演は2017年におけるライブ・ツアーの初日であり、約一年前のデザート・トリップ以来のステージ。今やストーンズも高齢ロックンローラー集団であり、二曲目の「It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll」になると、まるで「どっこいしょ」とでも聞こえてきそうな遅めのテンポで演奏されています。この辺りはツアー初日らしい光景でしょう。一方で「Out Of Control」もツアー初日らしさに溢れた丁寧な演奏なのですが、それがかえって好感を持てる仕上がりとなっているのも新鮮かと。

ブルース・カバーの後に訪れたアコースティック・コーナーではかつてない驚きのナンバーが登場。それは何と「Play With Fire」。最近の当店リリースが証明しているように、1989年の「STEEL WHELLS」アメリカ・ツアーにおいてはレギュラーに演奏されて(さらには60年代にも)いた曲ですが、ツアーが1990年の日本公演へと移り、2月23日の東京ドームを最後にライブ・レパートリーの座から姿を消してしまった曲。つまり27年ぶりとなるライブ演奏が今回のツアー初日に実現したのです。
「STEEL WHELLS」ツアー時の演奏は途中でシンセの音が加わるという、いかにも当時らしいアレンジメントが施されていました。それに対し今回はよりアコースティックでスタジオ・バージョンを彷彿とさせるアレンジへと回帰…かと思いきや、今度は「カーッ」と鳴る音が周期的に入る不思議な展開。この「カーッ」ですが、我々には「与作」でおなじみヴィブラスラップという楽器が打ち鳴らすもの。いわば「Play With Fire」の「与作」バージョンとでも呼びたくなる仕上がり。これには笑わされてしまうこと間違いなし!

「与作」テイストな「Play With Fire」の復活だけでも十分に驚かされますが、さらに世界中のマニアをアッと言わせたのが1973年ヨーロッパ・ツアー以来となる「Dancing With Mr. D」。70年代黄金期の楽曲の一つではありますが、元がゆったりとしたテンポであり、現在のグループにも自然に演奏できている感じがとてもいい。この日を皮切りとして今のところ三公演中で二回ライブ披露されていますが、これからも演奏されて2017年を代表するレパートリーとなってほしいもの。
そしてもう一つの驚きなのが「Under My Thumb」。この曲は比較的最近まで散発的にライブ演奏されてきた印象がありますが、それでも2006年11月のLA、ドジャー・スタジアム以来となるライブ・レパートリーへの復活なのだからレアというもの。おまけにここから「Paint It Black」が立て続けに演奏される辺りは1966年頃のストーンズを彷彿とさせるものがあります。ただし同曲の演奏になるとまたしてもテンポが遅く、やはりこの日はショー全編を通してテンポ遅めな演奏が目立ちます。「Midnight Rambler」にしてもいつになくテンポ遅めな幕開けとなっていますが、それでもチャーリーがリズムを変えれば演奏は俄然白熱。これからのストーンズ・ライブの方向性はこの演奏に隠されているかもしれません。

結果として「Miss You」や「Gimme Shelter」がライブの後半に移るという構成も面白い。そんなツアー初日のハンブルク公演はさっそく極上クオリティのオーディエンス録音が現れてくれました。「wb」というテーパーによって録音されたこの音源、何しろオンな音像とクリアネスが素晴らしく、ツアー初日にして初心者からマニアまで楽しめるクオリティを誇ります。「Sympathy for the Devil」において生じてしまったカットに関しては、同日のYouTube動画の音声にてアジャストしており、違和感なく聴き通せるように仕上げています。

そしてボーナストラックとして二日前に行われたハンブルクでのリハーサルの模様を収録。元になったのはYouTubeで公開されていたもの。これは何とドローンにレコーダーを付けて会場近くから盗み撮りしたというもの。それだけに音声はまるでAMラジオのようなクオリティですが、それでも演奏はしっかりと聞き取れます。野外リハの録音にドローンを使うだなんてオーディエンス録音も新時代に突入ですね。「Play With Fire」ではまだ「与作」テイストが感じられません(笑)。これで本番とリハの両方を楽しめる贅沢な内容となりました。本番でミスった「Dancing With Mr. D」もリハでは問題なく演奏されています。今回もストーンズの最新「NO FILTER」ツアーは当店が限定のプレスCDにて独走します!
Disc 1 (78:46)
1. Intro.
2. Sympathy for the Devil 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Out of Control
6. Just Your Fool 7. Ride ‘Em on Down 8. Play With Fire 9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Dancing With Mr. D 11. Under My Thumb 12. Paint It Black 13. Honky Tonk Women
14. Band Introductions 15. Slipping Away 16. Happy

Disc 2(75:36)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Street Fighting Man 4. Start Me Up 5. Brown Sugar
6. Satisfaction 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Jumping Jack Flash

Rehearsals at Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany 7th September 2017

9. Play With Fire 10. Dancing With Mr. D 11. Under My Thumb

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