Rolling Stones / TCF Bank Stadium / 2CD

Rolling Stones / TCF Bank Stadium / 2CD /Non Label

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Live at TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN. USA 3rd June 2015.


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Live at TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN USA 3rd June 2015 TRULY PERFECT SOUND  It is safely Zip Code tour of the Rolling Stones that entire process has been completed, but with respect to a sound source has now Definitibu citrus and Indianapolis shop has released the place of a two large giant. They just tour the middle, and there is also interesting that it was divided into so on the second half, but Sonaruto to want become what I enjoy at the same about superb sound quality and they are also in the tour early. Of course before but our shop there was a release to tour the first half of stunning sound quality title that was recorded live, these two not to say until the outperform large giant, also a taste of this time with high quality, such as next to them things like that.  Introducing the new sound source gave me a Minneapolis concert audience recording of the June 3 in such. Although sound source itself of this day was not me appear quite originally, There is only the appearance of have passed more than one month from the end of the live, this sound quality is great! Involuntarily want to “wait had been! Is” the cry ringing would such a brilliant clearness. Spread, of course, even remember such freshness preeminent recording state transparency, yet if me and on a sound image to force a lot, there is no complain of with use.  The advent of sound, which boasts a sound quality unparalleled in the tour early There are things that dance chest, but as a point that is missed in this audience recording only, and got failed to record the opening and the first half of the one song “Jumping Jack Flash” that it will include it was. There recording who has realized the full inclusion be to patch the voice of the same day of YouTube videos, but this edit that unexpectedly sloppy was I have trouble. So our staff has become the adjustment, the original state finish completely different dimension and in the combination of again the same sound source this part.  Indeed YouTube voice is rough recording state as compared with the stunning sound quality of the body, but because the sound image in the split is pretty on balance, it is particularly think whether there is surprisingly uncomfortable feeling when listen sounded from the speakers . But rather by re-editing this, let’s guarantee that you listen with confidence from opening.  Although this tour was highly rated among the world of mania that fine performance from immediately after the start has been barrage, playing the first time in this day full of also speedy rock-solid. The song selection basis not deny the feeling that became a day there is no surprise, but the “Bitch” from the “STICKY FINGERS”, which was unveiled in which it was ahead of the release of the Deluxe Edition at hand is at a speed of about phenomenal We ran through is, will prove exactly that the Stones of the day was a whole group top condition.  Exactly top form, such their peak will visit the “Midnight Rambler”. It’s a it is a clearly upper tone immediately after the performance started, faster again tempo always if the tempo is falling where it toward the intact following deployment, the place where once again playing as if tantalize like the show the excitement and ’73 Europe – also not inspired tour just the pace of freely. It is Mick shout also wonderful from settled down!  And’m sure I can duet with Mick “Gimme Shelter” in and appeared Grace Potter of this day, but in it is not how happy that it was able to participate in the live of the Stones! Was she really heartwarming scene of a state such as. Just as pleasing for the introduction members of this day. Since this day that we live immediately after Charlie and Ronnie has celebrated the birthday, where Mick and although I Miseru singing “Happy Birthday” at the same time to introduce two people, this is also it is indescribably of pleasing loosely. Stones unique even Zip Code tour to be bitten by such a margin, will be released at that from tour new best source of early is limited press CD!

無事に全行程が終了したローリング・ストーンズのZip Codeツアーですが、音源に関しては今のところ当店がリリースしたデフィニティブ・シトラスとインディアナポリスが二大巨頭となっています。それらがちょうどツアー中盤、そして後半といった具合に分かれていたことも興味深いものがありますが、そうなるとツアー序盤でもそれらと同じぐらい極上な音質で楽しんでみたくなるもの。もちろん以前当店がリリースしたツアー前半のライブを収録したタイトルも見事な音質ではありましたが、これら二大巨頭を凌ぐとまで言わないまでも、やはりそれらに次ぐような高音質でこの時期を味わってみたいもの。

ツアー序盤で群を抜いた音質を誇る音源の登場には胸躍るものがありますが、このオーディエンス録音唯一の惜しまれる点として、オープニングと一曲目「Jumping Jack Flash」の前半部分を録音し損ねてしまったことが挙げられます。そこに録音者は同日のYouTube動画の音声をパッチさせることで完全収録を実現していますが、この編集が思いのほか雑なのは困ってしまいました。そこで当店スタッフがこの部分を改めて同じ音源のコンビネーションでアジャスト、元の状態とは全く別次元の仕上がりとなっています。

今回のツアーは開始直後から上質な演奏が連発されたことは世界中のマニアの間で高い評価を受けましたが、この日も疾走感溢れる盤石の演奏ぶり。選曲的にはサプライズのない日となった感が否めませんが、デラックス・エディションのリリースを目前に控えた中で披露された「STICKY FINGERS」からの「Bitch」は驚異的なほどのスピードで駆け抜けており、正にこの日のストーンズがグループ全体トップ・コンディションであったことを証明してくれます。
正に絶好調、そんな彼らのピークは「Midnight Rambler」で訪れます。演奏開始直後から明らかにアッパーな調子なのですが、いつもならテンポが落ちてそのまま次の展開へと向かうところで再びテンポが速くなり、まるでじらすかのようにもう一度演奏が盛り上がりを見せるところは73年ヨーロッパ・ツアーをも彷彿させんばかりの緩急自在さ。それが一段落してからミックのシャウトも素晴らしい!
そしてこの日の「Gimme Shelter」ではグレイス・ポッターが登場してミックとデュエットしてみせますが、ストーンズのライブに参加できたことがうれしくて仕方ない!といった様子の彼女が実に微笑ましい場面でした。同じように微笑ましいのがこの日のメンバー紹介。この日はチャーリーとロニーが誕生日を迎えた直後のライブということから、そこでミックが二人を紹介すると同時に「Happy Birthday」を歌ってみせるのですが、これがまた何ともユルくて微笑ましいのです。そんな余裕をかますのもZip Codeツアーのストーンズならでは、そのツアーから序盤の新たな極上音源が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます!

Disc 1 (62:39)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. All Down The Line 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Doom and Gloom 7. Bitch 8. Moonlight Mile 9. Out of Control 10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Band Introductions 12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Happy

Disc 2 (67:25)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter (with Grace Potter) 4. Start Me Up
5. Sympathy for the Devil 6. Brown Sugar
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Vocal Essence choir)
8. Satisfaction


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