Rolling Stones / Sucking In The Seventies / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / Sucking In The Seventies / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Taken From The UK Test Pressing LP 1981.


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Please refrain from the hope of more than one of the same title.It is this work to have been launched in the title Danmitsuchikku that “you’re Under PacPac 70s” made ​​prior to the “Tattoo You” in ’81. Rather than content with the best board that summarizes the 70’s, it had become a bit of rare track collection. It consists in the selection of music core, such as the approximate departure song has been edited for this album B-side song of single-only and Wedeitto-Ba~a John 7 inch promo, and live recordings, from the ’78 tour. Now remastered CD of this work has become the time you dive past 21 century-delayed. There is also that it was released in packages that do not say or launched in the medium in which the form is added copy protection function, and the good of can also compliment, what sound quality very short period of time is not the topic in it seems to have become obsolete. And you use the UK test press of “forbidden” at last, We are pleased to introduce “is this sucking-in-the-Seven Teens”. Disc condition is the best course. Will it not be said to be the finest as this album is for sound quality. It may be said that media of this album is also difficult in the current single box has been released. I also think you get the test press is also impossible to easy.


1. Shattered
2. Everything Is Turning To Gold (B-side to “Shattered”) 3. Hot Stuff (Edited version)*
4. Time Waits For No One (Edited version)* 5. Fool To Cry (Edited version)*
6. Mannish Boy (Edited version)*
7. When The Whip Comes Down (Live version, recorded live in Detroit on 6 July 1978)
8. If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2) (from the Emotional Rescue sessions)*
9. Crazy Mama (Edited version)* 10. Beast Of Burden (Edited version)*


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