Rolling Stones / Stuttgart 2018 The Video / 1DVDR

Rolling Stones / Stuttgart 2018 The Video / 1DVDR / Non label

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Live At Mercedes Benz Arena, Stuttgart, Germany 30th June 2018. NTSC

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A superb picture representing “NO FILTER TOUR 2018” appeared. It is an emergency gift · release decision.
The masterpiece film was filmed “June 30, 2018: Stuttgart Performance”. The video of Warsaw performance which will be the last of “NO FILTER TOUR” will also appear this week, but the Stuttgart performance of this work is almost half a month ago. First of all, let’s check the position of the show on a schedule.

· May 17 – June 19: UK (9 shows)
· June 22: Berlin Concert
· June 26: Marseille Performance
· June 30: Stuttgart performance 【this work】
· July 4: Prague performance
· July 8: Warsaw performance

It seems like it is a bit off the time, and the scene of Stuttgart performance itself has been introduced in a set of three sets “STUTTGART 2018 (Uxbridge 860)”. Still, the reason for the emergency release is nothing less than the superb quality. Actually, this image, which appeared only recently, of course is completely different from Uxbridge version “STUTTGART 2018”. Whereas it was the type that you could see in a distant view, this work is a very close approaching video.
When it comes close to its approach and beauty, it is not a hump. I was shooting from the nearby right-hand side of the stage, Mick came closer and west-up → bust-up → looking up and looking big. Finally the facial expressions that sing out are coming out from the screen. To be honest, it is a large close-up shot so far that you do not know the shooting position because the surrounding audience is not reflected. Besides, it is furiously active. I put down the stage narrowing and moving moving Mick in the middle of the screen, and even if I change direction around here, I am holding down with chitin. Perhaps the real shot is a little pull, and it is trimming to the center of the mick by digital processing. Otherwise, even if you shake the camera too far to the left or right, you can not explain the sense of stability that will not shake.
Beautiful image beauty by far the more overwhelming is fantastic. The field stage is illuminated with colorful lights, but its vividness is unusual. Even in the high time of the day at the time of the show, the hidden shadows are beautiful and gradually become darker and it is finally becoming apart. This is not a story of a light show. Mick, Keith, Ronnie are beautiful in appearance with bright lights. Perhaps this is also a work of making delicate visual adjustments. It is obvious that digital processing is done also from the fact that the periphery of the screen is dark, and it has been finished with aesthetics in both freshness and highlights. It was because the time was taken for this polite image processing to be open to the public from the show. It is image beauty that is built to such a certain extent.
It is exactly the “NO FILTER TOUR 2018” number 1, but the show drawn with its visual beauty is also the stylish of 2018. There is no surprise in set, but in reverse it’s a number that can be said to be “the classic of 2018”. The opening is the most “Street Fighting Man”, Keith Corner was also fixed in the second half “Before They Make Me Run” & “You Got the Silver”. Daily songs also have “Like A Rolling Stone”, “Ride ‘Em on Down” and “Let’s Spend The Night Together” with many performances. Throughout the whole schedule there is no other set of iron walls so far, it is like a symbol of “Stones’ 2018”. Of course, the performance is also stylish. Although this year, there were many good trends in general, especially up from Marseille upgrading · up. The peak of the Stuttgart performance of the subsequent work is also continuing, it is a very nice performance to call “2018 symbol”.
While everything seems to be a perfect press class, unfortunately there are drawbacks. Shooting trouble occurred in the middle of “Before They Make Me Run”, the latter half of the song was cut as it was. In addition, “Midnight Rambler” also causes a momentary sound break. Although it is a small disadvantage to the overall super quality, it is impossible to permanently save it even if it is extremely scratched. It is regrettable, too lazy masterpiece.

Quality, performance, set …… It is a masterpiece picture suitable for all calling it the masterpiece of 2018. In our shop, I have reported almost all the shows of “NO FILTER TOUR 2018” as images, but this work is completely different dimension. Even if all of the past images are bundled, it does not exceed this one. One shock of this shock, I want to touch many people even one person is a gift release decision.

★ At the moment, “No Filter” tour is the best picture.

“NO FILTER TOUR 2018”を代表する極上映像が登場。緊急ギフト・リリース決定です。
その傑作映像が撮影されたのは「2018年6月30日:シュトゥットガルト公演」。今週は“NO FILTER TOUR”のラストとなるワルシャワ公演の映像も登場しますが、本作のシュトゥットガルト公演は、ほぼ半月前。まずは、日程でショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・6月30日:シュトゥットガルト公演 【本作】

少々時期外れのようにも思えますし、シュトゥットガルト公演の光景自体は3枚組セット『STUTTGART 2018(Uxbridge 860)』で紹介済み。それでも緊急リリースとなった理由は、超極上のクオリティに他なりません。実はこの映像、つい最近になって登場したもので、もちろんUxbridge版『STUTTGART 2018』とはまったく別。あちらが遠景で眺めるタイプだったのに対し、本作は猛烈に間近な超接近映像なのです。
まさに“NO FILTER TOUR 2018”ナンバー1となるクオリティですが、その映像美で描かれるショウもまた、2018年の粋となるもの。セット的にサプライズはありませんが、逆に言えば「2018年の定番」と言えるナンバーがずらり。オープニングは最多の「Street Fighting Man」ですし、キース・コーナーも後半に固定された「Before They Make Me Run」&「You Got the Silver」。日替わり曲も演奏回数の多い「Like A Rolling Stone」「Ride ‘Em on Down」「Let’s Spend The Night Together」が揃っている。全日程を通してもここまで鉄壁のセットは他になく、“ストーンズの2018年”を象徴するようなショウなのです。もちろん、演奏も粋。今年は総じて調子の良いショウが多かったわけですが、特にマルセイユからはワンランク・アップ。その次となる本作のシュトゥットガルト公演もピークが持続しており、まさに“2018年の象徴”と呼ぶに相応しい名演なのです。
すべてが完璧なプレス級のようでありながら、残念ながら欠点もあります。「Before They Make Me Run」中盤で撮影トラブルが起こり、そのまま曲後半がカット。さらに「Midnight Rambler」でも一瞬の音切れが発生してしまう。全体的な超クオリティに対してあまりにもささやかな欠点ではありますが、極わずかでもキズがあっては永久保存化はできない。何とも惜しい、惜しすぎる大傑作なのです。

クオリティ、演奏、セット……すべてが2018年の代表作と呼ぶに相応しい傑作映像です。当店では“NO FILTER TOUR 2018”のほとんどのショウを映像でレポートしてきましたが、本作はまったくの別次元。これまでの映像が全部束になっても本作1本には到底及ばない。この衝撃の1枚、1人でも多くの方に触れていただきたくギフト・リリース決定です。

★現時点、「No Filter」ツアーではベストの映像です。

1. Intro 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Ride ‘Em on Down
6. Under My Thumb 7. Like a Rolling Stone 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Paint It Black 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. You Got The Silver
13. Before They Make Me Run 14. Sympathy For The Devil 15. Miss You 16. Midnight Rambler
17. Start Me Up 18. Jumping Jack Flash 19. Brown Sugar 20. Gimme Shelter 21. Satisfaction

COLOUR NTSC Approx.113min.

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