Rolling Stones / The Studio Joint 1979-1985 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Rolling Stones / The Studio Joint 1979-1985 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Hot Lips CD

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Stereo Soundboard Recordings Incl. Unreleased Songs, Outtakes And Sessions In Various Studios.


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1979-1985 years high-quality studio recording a collection of at Compass Point and Pathe Marconi other!
Unreleased songs, another MIX, studio sessions, etc. to 30 tracks were recorded in the unprecedented quality of the
A total of 31 tracks plus the Early Long version of EMOTIONAL RESCUE,
Compiled in 2CD along the time series to each recording group! Bliss studio joint of total 154 minutes and 24 seconds!

2015 Spring, three boxes that suddenly appeared. 30 tracks that are contained in them surpassing the quality of until now,
Also it was the content of astonishment that also includes the unreleased songs see for the first time of day and even put in collector circles.
From 1979 of Compass Point to Pathe Marconi in 1985, recording in the world each place,
Studio session, another take, another MIX of treasure chests. Members spree swell united “Neighbours”
Jump number, such as “Where The Boys Go,” “She Was Hot”. Stones unique
Drifting sadness “I Think I’m Going Mad,” “No Use In Crying” soul ballad, such as.
Drifting mysteriously in the dark world, Ya major feature sessions that conceals the terrible of the unique “Keep It Cool”
By back sense of Keith unique reggae, blues, and so many of the slow ballad,
Sound world rich in variety full of ideas, it will be said that the high-quality sound, coupled with just listening stations covered.
A total of 31 tracks plus the Early Long version of this further EMOTIONAL RESCUE,
Are classified along the time series for each recording session, we have compiled the entire contents to 2CD.

Come one after another jumped in quick succession from the speaker, somewhere disturbing and realistic and sound to is uncertain.
Induced in it, it does not taste at why official work “that” feeling.
Korezo exactly studio out Takes the real thrill, yet without to say anymore if me with this sound quality.
With 3 code or + α only, How dare you and something that so much you Bubbly sound is put out birth one after another,
The underlying strength of the Stones also would be allowed to admire again, bliss of 154 minutes 24 seconds. Repeat please enjoy.

Emotional Rescue (Early Long Version) is a modest surprise bonus from the label.

————————————————– ———-

1979~1985年、Compass PointやPathe Marconi他での高音質スタジオ・レコーディング集!
EMOTIONAL RESCUEのアーリー・ロング・バージョンを加えた合計31トラックを、

1979年のCompass Pointから1985年のPathe Marconiまで、世界各所でのレコーディング、
「Where The Boys Go」「She Was Hot」などのジャンプ・ナンバー。ストーンズ独特の
切なさ漂う「I Think I’m Going Mad」「No Use In Crying」などのソウル・バラッド。
ダークな世界で妖しく漂う、異色の凄みを秘めた一大長編セッション「Keep It Cool」や
今回さらにEMOTIONAL RESCUEのアーリー・ロング・バージョンを加えた合計31トラックを、


Emotional Rescue (Early Long Version)は、レーベルからのささやかなサプライズ・ボーナスです。


01. Let’s Go Steady Again
02. I Think I’m Going Mad
<Compass Point Studios 1979>
03. Neighbors
04. No Use In Crying
05. Emotional Rescue (Early Long Version)
06. Indian Girl
07. Where The Boys Go (Long Version)
08. Summer Romance
09. We Had It All
10. Emotional Rescue
<Pathe Marconi Studios & E.Lady Studios 1979>
11. All I Have To Do Is Dream (FS)
12. All I Have To Do Is Dream
13. Piano Fragment
<Keef in Long View Farm 1981>
14. Keep It Cool (Long Version)
15. Keep It Cool
<Pathe Marconi Studios 1982>

Soundboard Studio Recordings 1979-1982

01. She Was Hot
02. Tried To Talk Her Into It
03. Can’t Find Love (1)
04. Can’t Find Love (2)
05. Eliza
06. High School Girl
07. Stop That
<Pathe Marconi Studios & Others 1982>
08. Undercover Of The Night
<The Hit Factory or Somewhere 1983>
09. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
10. Talk Is Cheap
11. What Am I Supposed To Do
12. Stick It Where It Hurts
13. You Can’t Cut The Mustard (1)
14. You Can’t Cut The Mustard (2)
15. You Can’t Cut The Mustard (Frag.)
16. Victor Hugo
<Pathe Marconi Studios 1985>

Soundboard Studio Recordings 1982-1985

Hot Lips CD. HLCD-5001

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