Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Toronto 1989 / 2CD+1DVD

Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Toronto 1989 / 2CD+1DVD / Goldplate

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Soundboard Recorded Live At C.N.E, Stadium, Toronto, Canada September 3rd 1989 & DVD Live At C.N.E Stadium , Toronto Canada September 3rd 1989. NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo time aprox. total 86min.



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COMPLETE LIVE AT CNESTADIUM, TORONTO, CANADA 9.03.1989 GOLDPLATE GP-1306CD1/2DVD1 89年スティール・ホイールズ・ツアーの新定番マスト・アイテム登場!

ツアー序盤ならではのレア・ナンバー含むカナダ・ トロント初日公演を初登場サウンドボード音源の完全収録2CDとプロショット・ハイライト収録DVD によるスペシャル・エディションでお届けします!

89年スティール・ホイールズ北米ツアー序盤に行われたカナダ・トロント初日の9月3日公演をステレオ・ サウンドボード音源で完全収録した2CDと不完全ながら同公演をプロショット映像で収録したDVDをカップリングしたコレクターズ・スペシャル・エディションが登場!






New standard mast item appearance of GP-1306 CD1/2DVD1 89 年 Steel Wheels tour COMPLETE LIVE AT CNE STADIUM, TORONTO, CANADA 9.03.1989 GOLDPLATE! I send it in the Special Edition by pro-shot highlights DVD recording and full inclusion 2CD first appearance of the sound board sound the Toronto opening night, including rare number of unique tour early! Latest definitive title of the attention that has been upgraded in both video and sound! !

The coupling a DVD with a professional shot video the same performance while incomplete and 2CD that completely recorded in stereo sound board sound three days performances in September of Toronto, Canada, the first day that took place in 1989 Steel Wheels North American tour early Collector’s Special Edition that you have come up! CD sound source is recorded complete versions reborn in best quality in the Restore the cut compensation, such as left and right inverted pitch correction sound quality balance was a problem in the original source in stereo sound board sound source will be the first appearance. Performance is a rare attention from the tour and “Undercover of the Night” this “one-hit”, etc.. I record a professional shot video of the performance to the existing DVD. Concert midpoint incomplete version of the non-collecting, but this place has become a significant upgrade in the video sound changes made by the new sound board sound source in addition to the image correction in the best quality of the record by the latest remastering. This is the ’89 Toronto performances latest definitive edition that became a must-items that do not miss the Steel Wheels tour


1. Continental Drift 2. Start Me Up 3. Bitch 4. Sad Sad Sad 5. Undercover Of The Night 6. Harlem Shuffle 7. Tumbling Dice 8. Miss You 9. Ruby Tuesday 10. Play With Fire 11. Dead Flowers 12 . One Hit (To The Body) 13. Mixed Emotions 14. Honky Tonk Women 15. Rock And A Hard Place


1. Midnight Rambler 2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 3. Little Red Rooster 4. Before They Make Me Run 5. Happy 6. Paint It Black 7. 2000 Light Years From Home 8. Sympathy For The Devil 9. Gimme Shelter 10. It’s Only Rock’N’Roll (But I Like It) 11. Brown Sugar 12. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 13. Jumpin ‘Jack Flash

Soundboard Recorded Live At CNE Stadium, Toronto, Canada September 3rd 1989

DVD Continental Drift Start Me Up Bitch Sad Sad Sad Undercover Of The Night Harlem Shuffle Tumbling Dice Miss You Ruby Tuesday Play With Fire Dead Flowers One Hit (To The Body) Mixed Emotions Honky Tonk Women? partial Gimme Shelter It’s Only Rock’N’Roll (But I Like It) Brown Sugar (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Jumpin ‘Jack Flash

Live At CNE Stadium, Toronto, Canada September 3rd 1989 NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo time aprox. total 86min.

Goldplate. GP1306CD1/2DVD1

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