Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990 Zui- Kaku / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990 Zui- Kaku / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Mayflower

Translated text:
Live At Tokyo Dome February 20, 1990.


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The complete recording of the February 20, 1990!
■ high-quality audience recording of first appearance!

Than Stones specialty label mayflower, Tokyo Dome concert February 20, 1990 will be the release. Become a Japan tour is discontinued in the past, from the past of members each, to only visit to Japan of aligned all was said and whether not impossible, first Japan tour of the Rolling Stones, the lock and far away people usually it was a large Fever involving the interest. It also becomes already that 25 years ago, even people who know the state of the time enthusiasm, will that you are already beyond the 40s. Concert in the unprecedented scale of Tokyo Dome 10 consecutive performances, tickets and ¥ 10,000, expensive unprecedented for its time. Meanwhile, it is as you know that many fans rushed.

This work, the fifth day of the 10 consecutive performances, fully recorded concert of February 20. This day has a special song, you’re playing the only “Little Red Rooster” in 10 days. And raised “heartless world” without a break from, that is played in a row, director of surprise. It is not why is uncertain here suddenly “Little Red Rooster” whether appeared, but it was a happy special song for the fans. In addition, “Angie” is also, out of the total 10 days, only four times, including this performance was played.

This work is a high quality audience recording that becomes the first appearance, closeness of performance that does not also as the acoustic of the evil of the Tokyo Dome, will be surprised if you could listen to the sample. What recording who had been carefully kept by copying what was recorded on DAT tape at that time cassette tape, we have borrowed this time. Especially popular February 20 performances Among Stones’s first Japan tour, you will be able to enjoy a great sound quality.

Stones latest work mayflower label, the Tokyo Dome concert February 20, 1990, complete recording at first appearance high-quality audience sound source. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese band.



本作は、その10連続公演の5日目、2月20日のコンサートを完全収録しています。この日は特別な曲があり、10日間で唯一「Little Red Rooster」を演奏しているのです。しかも盛り上がった「無情の世界」から切れ目なく、続けて演奏されるという、驚きの演出。なぜここで突然「Little Red Rooster」が登場したかは定かではありませんが、ファンにとっては嬉しい特別曲となりました。また「悲しみのアンジー」も、全10日間のうち、演奏されたのは本公演を含めて4回のみ。




01. Continental Drift
02. Start Me Up
03. Bitch
04. Sad Sad Sad
05. Harlem Shuffle
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Miss You
08. Angie
09. Rock And A Hard Place
10. Mixed Emotions
11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Midnight Rambler
13. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
14. Little Red Rooster

01. Can’t Be Seen
02. Happy
03. Paint It Black
04. 2,000 Light Years From Home
05. Sympathy For The Devil
06. Gimme Shelter
07. band introduction
08. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
09. Brown Sugar
10. Satisfaction
11. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Mayflower. MF – 74/75

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