Rolling Stones / South African Lounge Johannesburg 1995 2nd Night / 1DVD

Rolling Stones / South African Lounge Johannesburg 1995 2nd Night / 1DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live At Ellis Park Stadium. Johannesburg, South Africa 25th February 1995. Pro-Shot


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“VOODOO LOUNGE” release tour from is good at our shop after a long time of! Of this time February 25, 1995 which took place just before Japan tour South Africa, is a professional shot video after a long time of appearance of Johannesburg performances. It can be said with live video of nostalgia video was circulated widely as a professional shot video of the Japan tour just before the ’95 time. But Roughness and monaural sound quality of image quality should be called South America quality of the time there is something a little harsh at the time of the level, you might was positioned as the video that had been overlooked in fan Speaking At present, either. Moreover, mean that there is a tremendous professional shot that Japan tour and the video after this, I think than has been even more neglected this Johannesburg video.
It and enters the 21st century is the age of the DVD will not be finally item release, It is no exaggeration to say that had fallen to the position of the minor live video that will not climb to the topic between mania. Was it that a stir in such a situation, it is the shop was “SOUTH AFRICAN LOUNGE” DVD-R that was released a decade ago.

Upper a condition of about video age is not an incomparable is what it was well received among That’s mania. That Johannesburg 95 To think it easier to see up here … but at the time, “VOODOO LOUNGE” low level of awareness of the fan for the tour, combined, I had never exceed the long-awaited upgrade version also DVDR handling. But in that Hakusu the “VOODOO LOUNGE” Any tour of the item is popular for our shop has released in the past few years, due to limited release press DVD of Johannesburg image was achieved by di finally the full!

Of course the current level of the Stones live pro shot video, or Japan tour video and if What still rough state compared to after this fact. But When this release I was subjected to again re-master processing on the video. Although this came to be able to watch even without stress the video was originally Miyasuka~tsu by is, of course, more than anything is a bad video footage that has been around in ’95 at that time also let me entertain image quality is slowly and carefully boasts a completely different dimension clearness No give me that mistake.
On the other hand, I think it is the voice is monaural same is true this time, not forgotten that lurking is also actually a big attraction to the voice that makes you feel even the Furumekashi is in. It “balance of the sound of Keith guitar”. Is good sound quality, such as ’99 Anaheim was released from our shop recently, but there was a problem Ikansen Keith of sound is too low. In that respect the voice of this video is reverse to a powerful plenty of presence of Keith guitar, will ensure that you will especially enjoy it from the “It’s All Over Now” to the “Satisfaction”.

And although Speaking of “Satisfaction” of this tour is that he used a Les Paul had become a major attraction, here I enjoy plenty Les Paul sound of the powerful! And straight camera work that us over the wheel in this force that is not too stiff of this day. It has had intro Keith and eyes with anything exquisite timing in “Satisfaction”, I best moment is seen to begin playing the riff from that literally hear approaching expression. Then also has caught even the appearance of Keith spree playing enough solo yell at Les Paul, and enjoy to your heart’s content the sound and together video of angle of Gorigori that also different from the finished Japan tour of the video as a video work give me!
Atmosphere, such as those by suspense other like and even now a different person (rude) pheromone full throttle of Lisa Fischer “Miss You” performance, and from early in the play, and the wrong timing that Mick is finally back to the song interlude Fitr such as to cause “Street Fighting Man” it is also a video of attractions packed. However, here in the happening also our previous release was Giants Stadium at the time and compared When cute things or and (laughs). And from it in this release was a recording of only the end of the play, was also not deviate from the menu and credit of older movies “Rock And A Hard Place”, it is now possible to select. The Why not try a taste of this attractive ’95 live video of plenty carefully after a long time?

「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーが得意な当店から久々のリリース!今回は来日公演直前に行われた1995年2月25日の南ア、ヨハネスブルグ公演のプロショット映像が久々の登場です。95年当時に来日公演直前のプロショット映像としてビデオが広く出回った懐かしのライブ映像と言えるでしょう。しかし当時の南米クオリティとも言うべき画質の荒さとモノラル音質は当時のレベルでもやや厳しいものがあり、現在ではどちらかと言えばファンに見過ごされてしまった映像という位置づけにあったかもしれません。しかもこの後の日本公演とその映像という絶大なるプロショットがある訳で、なおさらこのヨハネスブルグ映像が軽視されてきたのではないでしょうか。
それがDVDの時代である21世紀に入るといよいよアイテムがリリースされなくなり、マニアの間でも話題に上ることのないマイナーライブ映像の位置まで堕ちてしまったと言っても過言ではありません。そんな状況に一石を投じたのは、今から十年前に当店がリリースしていた「SOUTH AFRICAN LOUNGE」DVD-Rだったのです。

ビデオ時代が比べ物にならないほどのアッパーなコンディションはそれこそマニアの間で好評を博したものです。あのヨハネスブルグ95がここまで見やすくなるだなんて…しかし当時の「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーに対するファンの認知度の低さが相まって、せっかくのアップグレード・バージョンもDVDRの扱いを超えることがなかったのです。しかしここ数年に当店がリリースした「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーのアイテムがどれも好評を博す中、遂に満を持してヨハネスブルグ映像の限定プレスDVDによるリリースが実現しました!

一方で音声がモノラルなのは今回も同様ですが、その古めかしさすら感じさせる音声にも実は大きな魅力が潜んでいることお忘れではないでしょうか。それは「キースのギターの音のバランス」。先頃当店からリリースされた99年アナハイムなど音質は良いのですが、いかんせんキースの音が低すぎるという問題がありました。その点この映像の音声は逆にキースのギターの存在感が迫力たっぷりであり、それが「It’s All Over Now」から「Satisfaction」のまでは特に楽しめるであろうことを保証します。

他にも今とはまるで別人(失礼)なリサ・フィッシャーのフェロモン全開「Miss You」パフォーマンス、そして演奏の序盤からハラハラさせられるような雰囲気の中、遂にミックが間奏明けで歌に戻るタイミングを間違えてしまう「Street Fighting Man」といった見どころ満載の映像でもあります。もっとも、ここでのハプニングも当店が以前リリースしたジャイアンツ・スタジアムの時と比べたら可愛いものかと(笑)。そして今回のリリースでは演奏の終盤のみの録画だったことから、旧作のメニューやクレジットから外れていた「Rock And A Hard Place」も、セレクトできるようにしました。久々にこの魅力たっぷりな95年ライブ映像をじっくりと味わってみてはいかがでしょうか?

1. Introduction 2. Not Fade Away 3.Tumbling Dice 4. You Got Me Rocking 5. It’s All Over Now
6. Live With Me 7. Sparks Will Fly 8. Satisfaction 9. Out Of Tears 10. Angie
11. Rock And A Hard Place 12. Midnight Rambler 13. I Go Wild 14. Miss You
15. Band Introductions 16. Honky Tonk Women 17. Happy 18. Slipping Away 19. B-Stage SE
20. Sympathy For The Devil 21. Monkey Man 22. Street Fighting Man 23.Start Me Up
24.It’s Only Rock’n’Roll 25. Brown Sugar 26. Jumping Jack Flash


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