Rolling Stones / Seattle 1981 2nd Night / 2 CDR

Rolling Stones / Seattle 1981 2nd Night /2 CDR / Non Label

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Live At Kingdome, Seattle, WA, USA 15th October 1981.


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Live at Kingdome, Seattle, WA USA 15th October 1981 TRULY AMAZING / PERFECT SOUNDThe first appearance last year, of JEMS announcement sparked quite a conversation in mania between 1981 10 The remastered record a high-quality audience recording sound source on the second day of Seattle on the 15th month. 2013 latest digital transfer by JEMS. Feel some distance, but from beginning to end, the sound itself is caught firmly, Gotae listen to the entire electrode. Video of the screen for even though present, all the way, some that JEMS is only has released audience take, it is a high quality sound of the fan must listen. It has been digitized directly cassette recording’s famous name as taper (. About no problem at all in the press release) of (MS), freshness of the sound is also excellent. Is subjected to a process of Comp slightly from the original sound source, we have to adjust the volume. EQ processing has also been slightly further, I have to lift the extent that they do not overdo the low frequency range.I think some, thick, low-pass was originally lean is or became easy listening. Under My Thumb of the first track to cut-in. There the last minute, cut out the ending of She’s So Cold, where I gave a cross-fade processing. Person of the performance, is also engaged in the performance of high tension and Jumping Jack Flash to accelerate the second half of the previous day or more, All Down The Line, etc., than the day before, the performance of this time, the album was recorded concert tour since the mid especially I think compared to the performance or movie “Still Life” in the “Let’s Spend The Night Together”, because it is singing a wild singing Mick, do not pay attention to the throat as yet and we felt at different levels also force. ( is a quote from the “bootleg encyclopedia”.) as audience recording of 1981, in the first appearance, and are ranked in the top suddenly, sentence later “even better performance,” It is the appearance of the excellent sound of the fan must listen. 


昨年初登場し、マニア間でも大きな話題を呼んだJEMS発表の、1981年10月15日のシアトル2日目の高音質オーディエンス録音音源をリマスター収録。JEMSによる2013年最新デジタル・トランスファー。若干の距離を感じさせるものの、音自体は終始、しっかりと捉えられており、全体の聴きごたえは極上。スクリーン用のビデオが存在しているのに、わざわざ、JEMSがオーディエンステイクをリリースしてきただけのことはある、ファン必聴の高品質音源です。(プレスでのリリースも全く問題ないほど。)名テーパーとして名高い録音者(MS)のカセットをダイレクトにデジタル化しており、音の鮮度も抜群。元音源から若干のコンプ処理を施し、音量を調整しました。EQ処理も若干しており、更に、低音域をやりすぎない程度で持ち上げています。元々スカスカだった低域が若干、太く、聴きやすくなったかと思います。一曲目のUnder My Thumb はカットイン。She’s So Coldのエンディングでギリギリ、カットアウトがあり、ここはクロスフェード処理を施しました。演奏の方も、前日以上に後半加速するJumping Jack Flashや、All Down The Line等、前日よりもテンションの高い演奏を繰り広げており、特にこの時期の演奏は、ツアー中盤以降の公演を収録したアルバム「Still Life」や映画「Let’s Spend The Night Together』での演奏と比べ、ミックの歌い方が、まだ喉に注意をはらっていないワイルドな歌い方なので、迫力も段違いに感じられると思います。(「演奏の方も」以降の文章は「海賊盤事典」からの引用です。)1981年のオーディエンス録音としては、初登場にして、いきなり上位にランクされる、ファン必聴の優良音源の登場です。

Disc 1(60:13)
1. Under My Thumb 2. When The Whip Comes Down 3. Let’s Spend The Night Together 4. Shattered
5. Neighbours 6. Black Limousine 7. Just My Imagination 8. Twenty Flight Rock 9. Let Me Go
10. Time Is On My Side 11. Beast Of Burden 12. Waiting On A Friend 13. Let It Bleed

Disc 2(63:58)
1. MC 2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 3. Little T&A 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Band Introductions
6. She’s So Cold 7. All Down The Line 8. Hang Fire 9. Star Star 10. Miss You 11. Start Me Up
12. Honky Tonk Women 13. Brown Sugar 14. Jumping Jack Flash 15. Satisfaction

Mick Jagger – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Keith Richards – Guitars, Vocals
Charlie Watts – Drums Ronnie Wood – Guitars Bill Wyman – Bass

Ian McLagen – Keyboards, Vocals Ian Stewart – Piano Ernie Watts – Saxophone

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