Rolling Stones / Return To The Hyde Park 2013 Second Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Return To The Hyde Park 2013 Second Night / 2CD / Mayflower

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Hyde Park London UK July 13, 2013. Digitally Remastered



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2013 50th anniversary tour of the Rolling Stones, was chosen as the tour last place in the latest, it was Hyde Park for the first time since 1969. Brian Jones memorial concert and 44 years ago it became begins from poetry readings, but has the concert itself has become the now positioned as something special for the Stones and fans, and that the concert in the same place, Many of the fans were packed from all over the world. The handling of the media is large, because the news is delivered all over the world, the situation is I drew attention even not rock fans. This work, we have complete recording of a two-day concert in Hyde Park that took place two days.

First, is the sound source. This Similarly the first day, it has been recorded in the close location unbelievably and outdoor event stage, making it the great audience recording. Compared to the relatively around the recording of the first day was quiet, this second day of the sound source has picked up moderately also the audience of voice, it has remained to the extent it is not harsh to say whether, enthusiasm of the day is been transmitted to the direct you. One song “Start Me Up” also regardless of Keith is remove the sound from the intro of, there is a tremendous thing to climax the audience. “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” in away Mick from the microphone, the part state in which to sing to the audience, I will see to take in hand.

The set list also differs from the first day, in Europe will be the first showcase “Emotional Rescue”, and in it and again listen to this Hyde Park, was chosen in the request by the fan “Street Fighting Man” is a touching thing. And that too beautiful sentimental “Ruby Tuesday”, Keith’s first day was “Before They Make Me Run” is, this day has been replaced pointing to “Happy”. And of course, Mick Taylor in “Midnight Rambler” and “Satisfaction” has to jump in. Newest guitarist that has been unveiled here Hyde Park If think is, when you participate again as support through the years of ’44.

Final performance with the final performance areas of Stones latest tour. Hyde Park concert last day of the legend by Revive, and high-quality full inclusion. Among this year’s concert of the Rolling Stones, which came after a long time of the tour, two nights at this Hyde Park would become something monumental to bring a special irrigation for the fans. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specification. Please be aligned with the first day and set


まず音源です。これまた初日同様、屋外のイベントステージとは思えないほど近い場所で録音されており、素晴らしいオーディエンス録音となっています。比較的まわりが静かだった初日の録音に比べ、この二日目の音源は、程よく客席の声も拾っており、かといって耳障りではない程度にとどまっており、当日の熱狂がダイレクトに伝わってきます。一曲目「Start Me Up」のイントロからキースが音を外しているのも関係なく、聴衆の盛り上がりにはものすごいものがあります。「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」ではミックがマイクから離れ、その部分を聴衆に歌わせている様子が、手にとるようにわかります。

またセットリストも初日と異なり、欧州では初披露となる「Emotional Rescue」、そしてハイドパークで再びこれを聴けるとは、ファンによるリクエストで選ばれた「Street Fighting Man」は感動モノです。そしてあまりに美しいセンチメンタルな「Ruby Tuesday」、キースは初日が「Before They Make Me Run」だったのが、この日は「Happy」に差し替わっています。そしてもちろん、「Midnight Rambler」と「Satisfaction」にはミックテイラーが飛び入りしています。思えばここハイドパークでお披露目された新加入ギタリストが、44年の年月を経てサポートとして再び参加するとは。


01. Introduction
02. Start Me Up
03. It’s Only Rock’n Roll
04. Tumbling Dice
05. Emotional Rescue
06. Street Fighting Man
07. Ruby Tuesday
08. Doom And Gloom
09. Paint It Black
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Band Introductions
12. You Got The Silver
13. Happy
14. Miss You

01 Midnight Rambler with Mick Taylor
02. Gimme Shelter
03. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
04. Sympathy For The Devil
05. Brown Sugar
06. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
07. Satisfaction with Mick Taylor
Mayflower. MF-31/32

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