Rolling Stones / The Pleasure Of Pain / 2CDR

Rolling Stones / The Pleasure Of Pain / 2CDR / Non Label
Taken from the ultra rare Japanese promo only 2CD “The Pleasure Of Pain”(XDDP93082~3)

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In the bubble heyday of 1990, Stones, who performed the US tour for the first time in eight years in the previous year and achieved great success, has finally finally performed in Japan. Not only all the rock fans but also people who have nothing to do with the rock enjoyed the first visit to Japan. Stones’s first visit to Japan may be one of the symbolic events of that bubble era.

By the way, it is “THE PLEASURE OF PAIN” to be introduced this time only to the people concerned as if celebrating the visit to Japan. After all, the attraction of this “THE PLEASURE OF PAIN” was in the selection too bitter. Stones mania who knew the existence of this “THE PLEASURE OF PAIN” is said to have consumed a tremendous price to get “THE PLEASURE OF PAIN”. If you compare the current monetary value to a 3D high-end TV and you have set a price that will bring you fishing, the shop will have disappeared in a blink of an eye.
By the way, it is the contents of “THE PLEASURE OF PAIN” which is the heart, but it is divided into two discs entitled “A-TRAIN” and “SPANGLE BANNER”. You can see if you look at the tracking list, but the song selection is too ‘chepid, too bitter! ! ! It is exhausted to one word. In particular, Keith’s ball-doing on the side of SPANGLE BANNER is a thing of an era. We can not deny the fact that sound quality is inferior to the present after more than 20 years, but please enjoy this present item which reproduced the figure of those days to the last last song as much as possible. And please taste the wonderfulness of the music selection of “THE PLEASURE OF PAIN” and the love of Stones of the music selection person in charge.
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さて、その来日を祝うかのように、関係者にのみ配布されたのが今回ご紹介する『THE PLEASURE OF PAIN』です。何と言ってもこの『THE PLEASURE OF PAIN』の魅力は渋すぎる選曲にありました。この『THE PLEASURE OF PAIN』の存在を知ったストーンズ・マニアは『THE PLEASURE OF PAIN』をゲットする為にとんでもない対価を消費をしてしまったと言われてます。現在の貨幣価値に例えると3Dの高級テレビを買ってもお釣りがくるよな対価が設定されたにもか関わらずショップからは瞬く間に姿を消してしまったとか・・・。
さて肝心の『THE PLEASURE OF PAIN』内容ですが『A-TRAIN』と『SPANGLE BANNER』と題された2枚のデイスクに分けられています。トラッキングリストをご覧になればお分かるになると思いますが、その選曲はあまりにも『渋い、渋すぎる!!!』の一言に尽きます。特にSPANGLE BANNERサイドにおけるキースのバラード尽くしは悶絶モノです。20年以上の歳月を経た現在に置いては音質的には劣る事実は否めませんが、可能な限り当時の姿を再現したこのプレゼントアイテムを最後の最後の一曲までお楽しみください。そしてこの『THE PLEASURE OF PAIN』の選曲の素晴らしさと選曲担当者氏のストーンズ愛を味わってください。

1. Take The A Train 2. Under My Thumb 3. Happy 4. Winning Ugly 5. Crazy Mama 6. Rocks Off
7. Undercover Of The Night 8. Star Star 9. Terrifying 10. Tumbling Dice 11. Rip This Joint
12. Too Tough 13, Brown Sugar 14. Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 15. All Down The Line
16. If You Can’t Rock Me 17. Respectable 18. Start Me Up

Spangled Banner
1. Star Spangled Banner 2. Almost Hear You Sigh 3. Fool To Cry 4. I Got The Blues
5. Beast Of Burden 6. Let It Loose 7. Slipping Away 8. Waiting On A Friend 9. Time Waits For No One
10. Wild Horses 11. All About You 12. Till The Next Goodbye 13. Coming Down Again
14. Memory Motel 15. Sleep Tonight

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