Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1989 Second Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1989 Second Night / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA 1st September 1989

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The 1989 Steel Wheels Tour, this time not only on the first day in Philadelphia, but also on the second day, where no items existed until now, will be released on a limited press CD for the first time. Audience recordings for the day have traditionally been available among traders, but for some reason they didn’t have the opportunity to release them. It is certain that this is also a sound source for enthusiasts, but I think it is easier to hear than the one without the rough feeling of the previous day. On the other hand, it has a lighter texture than the previous day, as if it was recorded using a cassette walkman, but it is still powerful enough.
In that case, the qualification for release on the limited press CD is sufficient, and the sound source has been finely adjusted. After all, it is thoroughly restored due to the problem that the basic pitch is slow. This alone made it easier to hear than the version between traders. Also, because of the opening number, the level up and down in “Start Me Up” where the taper adjusted the volume, and the distortion caused by level over from “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” to “Gimme Shelter” are alleviated. This guarantees that it will be easier to hear.
Regrettably, the conversation of the surrounding audience was jarring at the end of “One Hit (To The Body)”, which was a rare repertoire unique to the beginning of the tour. However, I was fortunate that it was unfortunate that it was settled in an instant.

No, but it’s really interesting to be calm down on the second day, even after the first day after returning to the live stage, which had been a long time ago. Even in the history of Stones’ live sound sources, it is rare that the atmosphere of the performance has changed so much if the day is different. The sense of accomplishment that successfully completed the first day, which attracted attention from all over the world and in a sense the pressure was considerable, must have been considerable. In addition, the audience’s fever was considerable the day before, so the difference from the dignified atmosphere that comes from the performance on the second day is interesting.
Of course, the performance is still a bit more running than it was in Atlantic City, and the early stages of the tour are captured everywhere. First of all, “Shattered”, which had a problem that no sound was produced the day before, was already set off. In addition, Mick was in high tension, boosted by the loud cheers of the previous day, and although he was in great shape on this day, he made a mistake in the lyrics of “Harlem Shuffle”.
Speaking of mistakes, the song order of Keith Corner has been changed from the previous day, which is a masterpiece scene where he tries to play “Before They Make Me Run” with the “Happy” key (= 4 capos). Also. Perhaps Roadie mistakenly handed over the 4 Capo Telecaster. After all, because of this, from the next day, I returned to the same order as the first day.

In addition to such mistakes, there are attempts to arrange things that are unique to the tour. That was the a cappella ending of “Rock And A Hard Place” the day before, but this day is the intro of “Paint It Black”. It’s a surprising pattern that Matt Clifford’s synth plays the intro only on this day, where it usually starts with Keith’s guitar. Eighties bare with a synth-like tone. However, the day before, Keith started playing normally, so it’s really strange why the synth intro was tried only on this day. At the same time, this is a really interesting moment that you can’t miss.
The good news for enthusiasts is that the live version of “One Hit (To The Body)”, which I mentioned earlier, has been made into a new two-take record with this release.
And after the end of “Rock And ~”, Mick introduced Uptown Horns, but at the beginning of the tour they couldn’t accompany all the schedules, and in fact the next performance site Toronto was absent. For that reason, it seems to be the beginning of the tour that their play seems to be unfamiliar with the performance in the same song. A rare sound source full of highlights on the second day of the tour, where you can see that while the dignified atmosphere has sprung up from the first day of messy momentum and enthusiasm, on the other hand, it is understood that various attempts were made by trial and error. Please compare it with the first day!

となれば限定プレスCDにてリリースの資格も十分な訳で、音源には緻密なアジャストを施しました。何といっても基本ピッチが遅いという問題からして徹底的にレストア。これだけでもトレーダー間のバージョンと比べて一気に聞きやすくなったのです。またオープニング・ナンバー故にテーパーが音量調整をした「Start Me Up」でのレベル上下、「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」から「Gimme Shelter」にかけてレベルオーバーで生じた歪も緩和。これによってさらに聞きこみ易くなったことを保証します。
惜しむらくはツアー序盤ならではのレア・レパートリーだった「One Hit (To The Body)」の終盤で周囲の観客の会話が耳障りなこと。とはいえ一瞬で収まってくれるのが不幸中の幸いでした。

もちろん、それでもアトランティック・シティの頃と比べばまだまだ走り気味な演奏でありツアー序盤らしさが随所に捉えられている。まず前日に音が出なくなるというトラブルに見舞われた「Shattered」は早くもセット落ち。さらに前日の大歓声に後押しされてハイテンションだったミック、この日も絶好調ではあるものの「Harlem Shuffle」では勢い余って歌詞を間違えてしまう。
間違いと言えばキース・コーナーの曲順が前日と入れ替えられており、そのせいで彼が「Happy」のキー(=4カポ)で「Before They Make Me Run」を弾きだそうとしてしまう傑作な場面も。もしかしたらローディーが間違えて4カポ・テレキャスを渡してしまったのかもしれません。結局このせいで翌日からは初日と同じ順番に戻りました。

そうしたミス以外にもツアー開始直後ならではなアレンジの試みがあります。それが前日は「Rock And A Hard Place」のアカペラ・エンディングでしたが、この日は「Paint It Black」のイントロ。通常でしたらキースのギターから始まるところ、この日に限って何とマット・クリフォードのシンセがイントロを弾くという驚きのパターン。いかにもシンセ・チックな音色がエイティーズ丸出し。ところが前日は普通にキースが弾き始めていただけに、何故この日だけシンセ・イントロが試みられたのが本当に不思議です。それと同時に、これは実に面白い一瞬、聞き逃せません。
それに先にも触れた「One Hit (To The Body)」のライブバージョンが今回のリリースによって新たに二テイク音盤化されたこともマニアにとって朗報では。
そして「Rock And~」終了後にミックがアップタウン・ホーンズを紹介していますが、ツアー開始当初の彼らはすべてのスケジュールに帯同できず、実際に次の公演地トロントは欠場していました。それだけに同曲などで彼らのプレイがまだ演奏になじめていない風に映るのもツアー序盤らしいところ。ハチャメチャな勢いや熱狂の初日から一転、堂々たる雰囲気が芽生えつつも、一方でいろいろな試みを試行錯誤していたことが解るツアー二日目もまた聞きどころ満載のレア音源。ぜひ初日との聞き比べを!


Disc 1 (76:52)
1. Continental Drift
2. Start Me Up
3. Bitch
4. Sad Sad Sad
5. Undercover Of The Night
6. Harlem Shuffle
7. Tumbling Dice
8. Miss You
9. Ruby Tuesday
10. Play With Fire
11. Dead Flowers
12. One Hit (To The Body)
13. Mixed Emotions
14. Honky Tonk Women
15. Rock and a Hard Place
16. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (70:42)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2. Little Red Rooster
3. Before They Make Me Run
4. Happy
5. Paint It Black
6. 2000 Light Years From Home
7. Sympathy for the Devil
8. Gimme Shelter
9. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
10. Brown Sugar
11. Satisfaction
12. Jumping Jack Flash
13. Carmen

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