Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1989 First Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1989 First Night / 2CD / Non Label

Live at Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA 31st August 1989

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The Rolling Stones’ resurrection signal, the 1989 Steel Wheels Tour, kicked off on August 31st in Philadelphia. The group, which had been reported to be “dissolved?” At one point, restarted and started live activities since 1982, which attracted worldwide attention on this day. The songs played on that day had been reported since that time, but it was difficult to make them into vinyl records, and rather, the video of the audience shots taken from the audience seats of the stadium was on the market first. On the contrary, the item “ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE” containing the sound source was released 10 years after the show. The label Dirty Work Production, which had released the Stones maniac sound source, was not widely distributed and was quietly popular among enthusiasts. However, it is clear that “ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE” (hereinafter referred to as “already-released board”) was based on a copy that has an undeniable feeling of being missed, and although it released a historic day, this is not the case. Even enthusiasts have high hurdles, and the items themselves have been forgotten. It’s surprising that no other sound source of such historical value has been released so far, but it seems that the condition of the sound source was also a factor. This time, while recording the same audience as the existing version, I got a rogene copy in a much better condition. Of course, the original was an audience recording with a cassette, and there is a feeling of roughness, but it is a level that can no longer be compared with the existing board. Not only did the graininess of the matter become stronger due to the drop of the gene, but it was also very jarring that hiss noise was riding loudly. This time it fits in quite well, and the slightly higher pitch has become more accurate, making it easier to hear. On the other hand, the cut that occurred from the end of “Play With Fire” to the beginning of “Dead Flowes” was due to the original recording condition, and the audio of the audience shot video that was first touched was patched there. For the above reason, this version has a big upper feeling compared to the existing version, but on the other hand, digital noise that seems to have occurred during branching copy occurred in the first half of “Midnight Rambler”. At first, I tried to patch using the existing board, but since the difference in sound quality becomes more apparent, I made it easier to hear by suppressing digital noise as much as possible. It is true that this version is still a sound source for enthusiasts, but there is no doubt that the hurdles to listen to have been greatly reduced compared to the loud hiss noise and the rough feeling of the existing board. On the contrary, the sound image is close and it feels like a powerful recording. In front of the upper version, which became easier to hear in this way, the overwhelmingly high-tension performance of Stones on that day was really impressive. In the first place, returning to the stage after a long time conveys the excitement of the entire group to the extent that it is vivid. There were a lot of things, but I can’t help but feel the joy of returning to the stage as Stones. It is also vivid that the audience gathered in Philadelphia in front of them is very excited. This is the true essence of audience recording, which is very realistic. The legendary happening of the day that happened in such a situation was a trouble that the sound of the venue disappeared when the performance of “Shattered” was approaching the final stage. This one was reported at the time, and only this one song was released as a bonus member for some items. It has come to be heard with the highest sound quality ever. If you look at the example audience shot video here, you can see that the sound output at the venue just disappeared, and the stage did not go out of power. However, this happening is very interesting even if you listen only to the voice. There was no booing, even though there was no sound towards the end of the performance, but rather it was strangely exciting. Rather, the person who was present on the day may have thought that this was also a production. Apart from such happenings, the tension of Stones was unusually high, and the performance was actually running. Atlantic City was officially released at the end of the tour last year, but it’s like a different band compared to that majestic performance. Speaking of the sound source at the beginning of the tour, Toronto has become a standard since the beginning of September, but even compared to that, it seems that you will laugh at the high tension and speedy performance. By the way, the ending of “Rock And A Hard Place” is finished by a cappella harmony by Mick and the chorus, but this arrangement was tried only on this day. Although it was such a historic day, Philadelphia on the first day of the Steel Wheels Tour, where only the existing board with a rough sound source existed until now. The upper version, whose roughness has been surprisingly relaxed, has been revived to the present day from the moment of returning to the stage surrounded by messy momentum and enthusiasm, and even the whole story of the legendary happening!

ローリング・ストーンズが復活の狼煙を上げた1989年のスティール・ホイールズ・ツアーは8月31日のフィラデルフィアから幕を開けました。一時は「解散か?」とまで報じられていたグループが再始動し、82年以来のライブ活動を始めるとあってこの日は世界中の注目を集めたものです。この日の演奏曲目などは当時から報じられていましたが、音盤化はなかなか実現せず、むしろ先にスタジアムの客席から撮影されたオーディエンスショットのビデオが先に出回っていました。それどころか音源を収めたアイテム「ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE」がリリースされたのは何とショーから10年後のこと。  ストーンズのマニアックな音源をリリースしていたダーティ・ワーク・プロダクションというレーベルはあまり広く流通せず、マニアの間で静かな人気を呼んでいました。ところが「ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE」(以下、既発盤と称します)がジェネ落ち感が否めないコピーを元にしていたのは明らかで、せっかく歴史的な一日をリリースしてはくれたものの、これではマニアにすらハードルが高く、またアイテム自体も忘れ去られてしまったという。それほど歴史的な価値のある音源が今まで他にリリースされてこなかったとは驚きですが、それもまた音源の状態が一因であったように思えます。  今回は既発盤と同じオーディエンス録音ながら、はるかに状態の良いロージェネ・コピーを入手。もちろん元がカセットによるオーディエンス録音であり、ざらつき感も漂っていますが、もはや既発盤とは比べ物にならないレベル。そこではジェネ落ちによって件のざらつき感が強まっていただけでなく、ヒスノイズが盛大に乗っていたことが非常に耳障りでした。それが今回は随分と収まり、さらには若干高めだったピッチが正確になっていよいよ聞きやすく。  一方「Play With Fire」終演後から「Dead Flowes」冒頭にかけて生じていたカット、これは元の録音状態に起因するもので、そこには最初の触れたオーディエンスショット・ビデオの音声をパッチ。先の理由から今回のバージョンは既発盤と比べて大幅なアッパー感を伴っているのですが、一方で枝分かれコピーの際に生じたと思われるデジタル・ノイズが「Midnight Rambler」の前半に生じており、当初は既発盤を用いたパッチを試みたものの、むしろ音質の差が浮き彫りになってしまうことから、ここはデジノイズを可能な限り抑えることで聞きやすくさせました。 確かに今回のバージョンでもまだマニア向けな音源であることは事実ですが、既発盤の盛大なヒスノイズとざらついた荒れくれ感に比べれば、聞きこむハードルが大幅に下がったことは間違いありません。それどころか音像が近くて迫力のある録音状態に感じられることかと。  こうして聞きやすくなったアッパー版を前にすると、この日のストーンズの圧倒的にハイテンションな演奏ぶりが本当に印象的。そもそも久々のステージ復帰ということでグループ全体のエキサイトぶりが生々しいほどに伝わってきます。色々あったけど、またストーンズとしてステージに戻れた喜びを噛みしめないはずなない。そんな彼らを前にフィラデルフィアへ集まったオーディエンスが大興奮している様子もまた生々しい。これこそ臨場感に長けたオーディエンス録音の本領発揮。  そんな中で起きたこの日の伝説的なハプニングが「Shattered」の演奏が終盤に向かったところで会場の音が出なくなってしまったというトラブル。この件に関しては当時報じられたこともあり、この一曲だけがいくつかのアイテムのボーナス要員としてリリースされてきたもの。それが過去最高の音質で聞かれるようになりました。  ここは例のオーディエンスショット映像を見ると、あくまで会場の出音が消えてしまっただけで、ステージが停電するまでには至らなかったことが解ります。しかし音声だけで聞いてもこのハプニングは非常に面白い。演奏が終わりに向かったところで音が出なくなってしまったにもかかわらずブーイングは皆無、むしろ異様なほど盛り上がっているのです。むしろ当日居合わせた人はこれも演出だと思っていたのかもしれません。  そんなハプニングを別にしてもストーンズのテンションは異様に高く、実際に演奏も走り気味。昨年オフィシャルでツアー終盤のアトランティック・シティがリリースされましたが、あの堂々とした演奏ぶりと比べるとまるで別のバンドのよう。ツアー序盤の音源と言えば9月に入ってからのトロントが定番と化していますが、それと比べてもハイテンションでスピーディな演奏には笑ってしまいそうなほど。  ちなみに「Rock And A Hard Place」のエンディングはミックとコーラス隊によるアカペラ・ハーモニーが締めくくっていますが、このアレンジがステージ本番で試みられたのはこの日だけ。  そうした歴史的な一日であったにもかかわらず、今まで音源の粗い既発盤しか存在しなかったスティール・ホイールズ・ツアー初日のフィラデルフィア。その粗さが驚くほど緩和されたアッパー版がハチャメチャな勢いと熱狂に包まれたステージ復帰の瞬間、さらに伝説的なハプニングの一部始終まで現代に蘇らせました!

Disc 1 (73:38)

1. Continental Drift 2. Start Me Up 3. Bitch 4. Shattered (aborted due to power failure) 電源が落ちて途中で中断。ミックがMCで繋ぐ 5. Sad Sad Sad  6. Undercover Of The Night 7. Harlem Shuffle 8. Tumbling Dice 9. Miss You 10. Ruby Tuesday 11. Play With Fire ★3:06 – 最後まで別音声補填 12. Dead Flowers ★0:00 – 0:12 別音声補填 13. One Hit (To the Body) ★0:08 – 0:12 別音声補填 14. Mixed Emotions 15. Honky Tonk Women 16. Rock And A Hard Place

Disc 2 (79:55)

1. Midnight Rambler 2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 3. Little Red Rooster 4. Before They Make Me Run 5. Happy 6. Paint It Black 7. 2000 Light Years From Home 8. Sympathy for the Devil 9. Gimme Shelter 10. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 11. Brown Sugar。 12. Satisfaction 13. Jumping Jack Flash 14. Carmen / The ride of the Valkyries

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