Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 2005 1st Night / 2CD+DVD

Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 2005 1st Night / 2CD+DVD / Non Label

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Live at Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA. USA 10th October 2005

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‘It’s Only Satisfaction’. If you are a mania, is not it just when you see this strange song title and you will understand when you are live? . That is Philadelphia’s performance on October 10, 2005. It is a famous show for mania and it has become a legendary day in the history of the US tour in 2005. That was because Keith suffered a big misunderstanding at the end of the show. Now I just searched for “It’s Only Satisfaction” but the video of that happening hits.
Although it is on October 10, 2005, which focuses on this happening, it is actually happening that foresee it from the opening. In “Start Me Up”, despite Mick mistakenly mistakenly singing songs, the dangerous performance was confusingly messed up due to continued forcing. In a sense it seems that it was foreseeing the happening that you will visit last. Furthermore, a lot of mistakes occurred at the stage of the early stage of the show, as Ronnie lost sight of the slide guitar at the ending of “You Got Me Rocking”. And as the case of “It’s Only Satisfaction” happened like a stop, there was a feeling that only this mistake was made in this show.
The “A BIGGER BANG” tour in 2005 seemed to be a slow starter at the beginning of the tour, and the mistakes that were scattered on this day were also seen as having lost such a tone. However, what about it, now that more than 10 years have elapsed, now when it comes to listening again, the performance throughout the live shows is hot. Rather it might have been a mistake that the result of the momentuming Stones tension sometimes got overhauled. In addition, this time it is a set that not only sound sources but also the audience shot images of the same day have been coupled, so that you can experience the performance of Stones that is more powerful.

Regarding this image, it was also widely circulated in real time, and based on that, there was a version that mixed one-angle version with the images of the two cameras, but this time we adopted the former. Just since this era multiple editing of the audience shot popularized due to the development of equipment, but since the sense side has not caught up yet, it is an era when two angles from a distance appear alternately and it is rather to appreciate I feel stressed. In that respect, the picture on the first day of Philadelphia is a preeminent image with stability even with a one camera, so now it is rather easy to see this one.
The angle that captured the stage from the front is outstanding stability anyway anyway. What is surprisingly the most here is the stage action with keire that made Keikyu too exciting. It was commonplace at the time, but it is surprisingly fresh to watch it now. Spurred on that, on this day the fact that Keith ‘s daughter was visiting the venue for live appreciation. The tension of Keith is high as it is, and it is a translation that the chestnut was moving right after the start of the show.
On the other hand, this is a topic that was also called at the time, but it is also worth seeing as the show moves to the B stage, it evolves into a close-up like a pro shot. As a bonus, if Mick and Keith are caught up in a happy scenario, it is natural to release this in a press board as well as a sound source. Actually, even in real time there was a press platen release, but now it is hard to get. More than that, it was a famous audience shot that was widely available on DVD-R at that time. There are not a few people who have become unable to play DVD – R made in 2005 now. Even in that respect, I think you can call this time press image as a long-awaited mania.
What’s more, the legendary “It’s Only Satisfaction” happening is so attractive to see at a stable angle. It certainly was said that Keith was misunderstood because it was often played as a finale during this period as well. Mick does not stare at Keith here even for slapstick here, so he can trust “Satisfaction” and correct it, so he is reliable. Keith, on the other hand, seems to be unable to hide embarrassment, and it seems that Darryl Jones is being heard by Darryl Jones while playing. He will finish in Keith today with “Satisfaction”! Was it reported?

It is an audience recording contained in the main press CD, which is the same source as the sound source which was released by “VINY RIDE FALL DOWN” of VGP in 2005 and “JAMIN ‘SIDE BY SIDE” by GODFATHER respectively. However the sound quality is completely different! It seems that they are released in 2005 and it was like a release in 2005, but this time it was amazing to be surprised and made CD in a natural and natural condition. In fact, we did not apply any equalization at the time of this release. When you listen to where the whistle enters in “Introducing” You Can not Always Get What You Want “, I think that it will be understood that it is the same sound source as those, but it is an extremely different upper feeling at all even though it is.
The sound source itself is not a close image similar to “sound board”, and it is the same that the sound image moves to the right in the stage B. I am deducting them, but the outstanding clearness is still faded out now. Rather, all the releases at that time were due to equalization and it seemed like it was ruining the precision of clearance.
And the Wachovia Center (currently Wells Fargo Center), which was the stage of the day, was also the successor venue built from the fact that Philadelphia Spectrum, the stage of the 1972 “PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL”, became obsolete It is. It recorded in the upper version that wakes up the show “It’s Only Satisfaction” of the nomination and the mystery which was unfolded there. Please try to experience not only such mistakes, but also the performance full of force over the whole with excellent sound source and excellent clearance sound source. This is suitable for calling “2005 PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL” already!

「It’s Only Satisfaction」。マニアであれば、このおかしな曲名を見ただけでいつのライブだか解ってしまうのではないでしょうか。。それが2005年10月10日のフィラデルフィア公演。マニアには有名なショーですし、2005年のアメリカ・ツアー史上における伝説的な一日と化しています。それは一重にキースがショーの締めくくりで大きな勘違いを冒してしまったことが原因だった。今では「It’s Only Satisfaction」と検索しただけでもあのハプニングの動画がヒットしてしまうほど。
このハプニングにばかり焦点が当てられる2005年10月10日ではありますが、実はオープニングからそれを予見するようなハプニングが起きています。「Start Me Up」ではミックが歌を派手に間違えたにもかかわらず、それでもなお強引に続けたせいで危う演奏がぐちゃぐちゃに混乱しかけていたのです。ある意味では最後に訪れるハプニングを予見していたのではと思えるほど。さらには「You Got Me Rocking」のエンディングでロニーがスライドギターのタイミングを見失いかけたりと、ショー序盤の段階でもかなりのミスが起きていたのです。そして「It’s Only Satisfaction」事件がとどめのごとく起きてしまったことで、このショーはミスばかりが取り沙汰されていた感がありました。
2005年の「A BIGGER BANG」ツアーは開始当初スロースターター気味で、この日に散見されたミスもそうした調子を引きずっていた故とみられていたものです。ところがどうでしょう、10年以上の歳月が経過した今になって聞き返してみればライブ全体を通しての演奏は激アツ。むしろ勢いに溢れたストーンズのテンションが時として空回りした結果がああしたミスだったのではないか。さらに今回は音源だけでなく、同日のオーディエンスショット映像までもカップリングしたことで、なおさら力のこもったストーンズの演奏を体感できるセットになっています。

何より伝説の「It’s Only Satisfaction」ハプニングが安定のアングルで観られるというのがあまりに魅力的。確かにこの時期は同曲がフィナーレとして演奏されることも多かったことから、キースが勘違いしてしまったのもやむなしと言った感じではあります。ここでのドタバタに対してもミックはキースの方を睨むこともなく、しれっと「Satisfaction」を歌い出して軌道修正してみせるのだから頼もしい。反対にキースは照れを隠しきれない様子であり、演奏中にダリル・ジョーンズに耳打ちされている様子まで捉えられています。彼がキースに今日は「Satisfaction」で終わるよ!と伝えていたのでしょう。

メインとなるプレスCDに収められたオーディエンス録音ですが、これは2005年当時VGPの「RAIN FALL DOWN」、GODFATHERが「JAMIN’ SIDE BY SIDE」でそれぞれがリリースしていた音源と同じソース。ところが音質がまるで違う!それらがいかにも2005年のリリースらしく、かなりのイコライズを施していたのに対し、今回はビックリするくらいクリアーでナチュラルな状態でのCD化。実際に今回のリリースに際しては、一切のイコライズを施していないのです。「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」のイントロで口笛が入るところなどを聞くと、それらと同じ音源であることが解ってもらえるかと思いますが、それにしてもあまりに別次元なアッパー感。
そしてこの日の舞台となったワコビア・センター(現ウェルズ・ファーゴ・センター)はあの1972年「PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL」の舞台となったフィラデルフィア・スペクトラムが老朽化したことから建てられた後継会場でもあったのです。そこで繰り広げられた名演と迷演の「It’s Only Satisfaction」ショーを目の覚める様なアッパー版にて収録。そうしたミスだけでなく、全体に力が溢れた演奏ぶりを安定感抜群の映像とクリアネスが素晴らしい音源で追体験してください。これはもう2005年の「PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL」と呼ぶに相応しい!


Disc 1 (58:39)
1. Intro 2. Start Me Up 3. You Got Me Rocking 4. She’s So Cold 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Oh No, Not You Again 7. Angie 8. Rain Fall Down 9. Rocks Off 10. Get Up Stand Up
11. Band Introductions 12. The Worst 13. Infamy

Disc 2 (65:48)
1. Miss You 2. Rough Justice 3. Get Off Of My Cloud 4. Honky Tonk Women 5. Out Of Control
6. Sympathy For The Devil 7. Brown Sugar 8. Jumping Jack Flash
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. Satisfaction

1. Intro 2. Start Me Up 3. You Got Me Rocking 4. She’s So Cold 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Oh No, Not You Again 7. Angie 8. Rain Fall Down 9. Rocks Off 10. Get Up Stand Up
11. Band Introductions 12. The Worst 13. Infamy 14. Miss You 15. Rough Justice
16. Get Off Of My Cloud 17. Honky Tonk Women 18. Out Of Control 19. Sympathy For The Devil
20. Brown Sugar 21. Jumping Jack Flash 22. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
23. Satisfaction

COLOUR NTSC Approx.120min.

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