Rolling Stones / Oakland 1989 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Oakland 1989 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

Translated text:
Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA. USA 4th November 1989

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Beginning in 1969, which produced the first bootleg “LIVER THAN” in the history of Stones, until now they are doing live in Oakland many times during the US tour. It is 1989 that there are no items in such a success in Auckland. In this year, we used the same Alameda County Coliseum as in 1969 (as well as the date near miss), and twice performances are held twice. Of course, audience recording was left for both performances. Nevertheless, there are reasons why items did not appear at all. First of all, neither was the quality of the excellent class, and there was also a defect in the recording of either day. Nevertheless there is no doubt that it is a missing link in the 89 year tour.
Therefore, as a result of scrutinizing these sound sources at the press release of this limited press release, the first day of November 4 was adopted. As mentioned earlier, this sound source is not a quality that you can never say as excellent. However, there are many things at this level that sound sources that have not yet been released in the 89 year tour. In other words, it was difficult to secure a favorable position where taper was suitable for recording by not only using big halls but also calling a big topic by saying the restoration tour of Stones.
Regarding this, it is a problem that we touched every time we released the sound source of the 89 year tour, but compared to the 89 year tour item from our shop such as the past share · stadium and recent Foxboro and Atlanta It is true that it is a sound quality that falls a notch. In such circumstances, the sound source collector “Krw_co” of safety is based on the version released on the net at the latest transfer.

As a weak point on audiences recording on this day, first of all, microphone fricatives have been included in several places. It is unfortunate that I was not in such a state as hitting Bokoboko, but it is a minus point just because I can not call it originally an honor student’s sound quality. In this release we relax this problem as much as possible. Of course it is impossible to eliminate everything, but it still evolves to a state of calm much more. Another minus is cut by cassette change which occurred during the performance of “Dead Flowers” and “Brown Sugar”. Moreover, the former will enter the fricative sound of the microphone there. Regarding such a cut part, there was no separate sound source, so we relaxed it somehow by editing where the cut part became inconspicuous.
And around the taper all the time it is noisy, the sound image of the performance has a slight distance feeling, but that is the big appeal of this sound source. Anyway, this day is a spectacular excitement. It is a bit different from the realistic feeling of just being noisy, which tends to be recorded in concerts in the USA. The enthusiasm of the audience who was waiting for Stones’ America tour since 1981, rather than listening to it, is rather listening and bringing excitement. In addition to that, the opening venue announcement before flowing “Continental Drift”, which is the opening BGM, is caught again invites excitement. Originally released in masterpiece Auckland 94 Year box was also caught a different excitement in the same place, but this day it will also exceed that.

Even from this point, I think that you could understand that this sound source is a sound source that is quite listening and responding, even if you can never call it excelled. However, becoming even more fun was the chorus that happened with “Mixed Emotions” that became the Stones revival song at the time. No matter how much you escaped the crisis of dissolution, the scene that shows such excitement in the new song released by Stones in 1989 is also rare in the United States.
This song triggered the escalation of the big chorus with “Honky Tonk Women” and “You Can not Always Get What You Want” afterwards. Among them, in the latter, rather than the chorus part that Mick encourages the choir, a tremendous big choir from the beginning. Still it’s not a balance that will block the performance, so listening on headphones will really be overwhelmed by the presence.
And above all, Stones’ performances which received so much excitement are also very high in voltage. Since the East Troy performance which will be released at the same time this time is the early part of the tour, the difference is obvious when compared. The live final stage repertoire after “Brown Sugar” shows the excitement that such interaction between the audience and the band has increased to the limit. It is commonplace for the chorus of the same song “Yahoo! Ahoo!”, And after reaching “Satisfaction”, Mick also met with extremely high-tension shouts so much that he entered the best three in the US tour He was promoted to such an extraordinary performance as to be sure.
Certainly sound quality may not be said to be an excellent audience recording of clearness and sound pressure. However, there are no other nineties such as the 1989 US tour that showed intense burning up to this point. If it becomes such a document of a spectacular overnight, this is not to say not to release on a limited press CD. By all means listen with headphones, please try and taste the excitement of the first day of Oakland in 1989!

ストーンズ史上初のブートレグ「LIVER THAN」を生み出した1969年を始めとして、現在に至るまで彼らはアメリカ・ツアーの際に何度もオークランドでライブを行っています。そんな歴代オークランド公演の中で一切のアイテムが存在しないのが1989年。この年は69年と同じアラメダ・カウンティ・コロシアムを使い(おまけに日付もニアミス)、都合二回の公演が行われています。もちろんどちらの公演に関してもオーディエンス録音が残されました。にもかかわらず、これまでアイテムが一切登場しなかったのには理由があります。まずどちらもエクセレント・クラスのクオリティではなく、さらにどちらの日の録音にも欠損があった。それでも89年ツアーにおけるミッシング・リンクであることは間違いない。

この日のオーディエンス録音に関するウィーク・ポイントとしてはまず、数か所でマイクの摩擦音が入ってしまったこと。さすがにボコボコと当たるような状態でなかったのが不幸中の幸いではありますが、元々が優等生クラスの音質だと呼べないだけにマイナスポイントでしょう。今回のリリースではこの問題を可能な限り緩和。もちろんすべてを解消することは不可能ですが、それでも格段に落ち着いた状態へと進化。もうひとつのマイナスは「Dead Flowers」と「Brown Sugar」の演奏中に生じてしまったカセット・チェンジによるカット。しかも前者にはそこにマイクの摩擦音まで入ってしまいます。そうしたカット箇所に関しては別音源が存在しない以上、カット箇所が目立たなくなる編集で何とか緩和させました。
そして終始テーパーの周りが騒がしく、演奏の音像にはやや距離感があるのですが、それこそがこの音源の大きな魅力なのです。何しろこの日は壮絶な盛り上がり。アメリカのコンサート録音にありがちな、ただ騒がしいだけの臨場感とはちょっと違う。1981年以来となるストーンズのアメリカ・ツアーを待ちわびていたオーディエンスの熱狂は、耳障りというよりも、むしろ聴いていて興奮を呼び起こすほど。それに加え、オープニングBGMである「Continental Drift」が流れる前の会場アナウンスが捉えられていることがまた興奮を誘います。そもそも当店がリリースした名作オークランド94年ボックスにおいても同地での別格な盛り上がりが捉えられていたものですが、この日はそれをも上回ってしまう。

ここまでからでも、今回の音源が決してエクセレントとは呼べなくとも、相当に聴き応えてのある音源であることが理解していただけたかと思います。しかしながら、さらに楽しくなるのが当時のストーンズ復活ソングとなった「Mixed Emotions」で起きた大合唱。いくら解散の危機を逃れたとはいえ、89年以降にストーンズがリリースした新曲でこれほどまでの盛り上がりを見せる場面もアメリカではレアなもの。
この曲がきっかけとなって、その後は「Honky Tonk Women」や「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」などで大合唱がエスカレートの一途を辿ります。中でも後者ではミックが合唱を促すコーラス部分どころか、最初からすさまじい大合唱。それでいて演奏を遮ってしまうほどのバランスではないのだから、ヘッドフォンで聞くと本当に臨場感に圧倒されてしまうでしょう。
そして何よりも、これほどまでの盛り上がりを受けたストーンズの演奏も非常にボルテージが高い。今回同時リリースとなるイースト・トロイ公演がツアー序盤ですので聞き比べるとその違いは歴然としている。そうした観客とバンドの相互作用が極限にまで高まった盛り上がりを見せるのが「Brown Sugar」以降のライブ終盤レパートリー。同曲の「イエーイエーフー!」の大合唱など当たり前ですし、「Satisfaction」に至っては、あまりの盛り上がりからミックも極度にハイ・テンションなシャウトで立ち向かい、アメリカ・ツアーの中でもベスト・スリーに入ることは間違いないほどの名演にまで昇格したのです。

Disc 1 (74:43)
1. Announcements 2. Intro. / Continental Drift ★0:00 繋ぎを滑らかにしました。
3. Start Me Up 4. Bitch 5. Sad Sad Sad 6. Undercover Of The Night
7. Harlem Shuffle 8. Tumbling Dice 9. Miss You 10. Ruby Tuesday
11. Angie 12. Dead Flowers ★2:06 欠落 13. Rock And A Hard Place
14. Mixed Emotions 15. Honky Tonk Women 16. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (74:07)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 2. Before They Make Me Run
3. Happy ★4:33 欠落 クロスフェードで多少滑らかに。4. Paint It Black
5. 2000 Light Years From Home 6. Sympathy For The Devil 7. Gimme Shelter
8. Band Introductions 9. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 10. Brown Sugar
11. Satisfaction 12. Jumping Jack Flash 13. Outro.

(Regarding sound processing)

★ Fixed 30 to 40% higher pitch.

★ Relaxing the hard parts of treble. Left and right balance adjustment. It becomes easy to listen to the original sound.




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